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A group of actors set out to make an adult film under the noses of an elderly couple. But when the couple catches their young guests in the act, the cast finds themselves in a desperate fight for their lives.
Ti West
Mia GothJenna OrtegaBrittany Snow
Science FictionSuspenseHorror
English [CC]
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Silver Screen VideosReviewed in the United States on April 22, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
X Marks the Spot for Horror Fans
The 1970s marked the coming-of-age of two distinct film genres: the slasher horror film and the modern adult film. Horror fans flocked to see “Halloween” while aficionados of more “mature” fare could see porn movies with an actual plot like “Deep Throat.” Writer/director Ti West pays homage to both genres in his throwback horror thriller, “X.” He delivers plenty of what you would expect from both genres in the year’s best horror film.

“X” follows a group of would-be adult filmmakers in 1979 who head to a secluded Texas farmhouse. Producer Wayne (Martin Henderson, eerily channeling a young Matthew McConaughey) has rented the nearby bunkhouse from the elderly couple who own the farm. The owners don’t know just what type of film Wayne’s crew is making, but the title, “The Farmer’s Daughter,” gives it away. The cast and crew believe they are making a genuinely artistic film, although the cast (Mia Goth, Kid Cudi, and Brittany Snow) display more skin than acting ability. Once night falls and the day’s filming stops, the killings start.

Director West is in no hurry to get to the violence. Instead, he spends an hour introducing viewers to the characters. Unlike many similar films, they aren’t simply victims in waiting. Instead, they have well-developed backstories and are all pretty likable characters. It’s a sign of the script’s depth that the obligatory final survivor isn’t apparent in the first five minutes. The first hour of “X” also showcases the septuagenarians who rented out their bunkhouse. They may look like the couple from “American Gothic,” but in this movie, the farmer wields his pitchfork and a lot of other implements as deadly weapons.

When the violence finally arrives, it includes enough blood and gore to satisfy genre fans. Cast members meet their demises in a variety of graphic ways. However, director West shows considerable inventiveness in staging the scenes to maximize suspense. He uses extensive but non-obvious foreshadowing to suggest details that become important later in the movie. And, taking a page out of Alfred Hitchcock’s playbook, he puts the camera and audience one step ahead of some of the doomed characters as they unknowingly walk into booby traps. The horror comes from the suspense and payoff, not cheap jump scares. The film also reverses some familiar genre tropes to excellent effect. At one point, a character hides under a bed to avoid detection. I won’t reveal what happens next, other than to say that it’s one of the most memorable and cringe-inducing scenes in the movie. (I would add for those curious that the film contains a good bit of nudity. However, “X” has no hardcore sex scenes.)

Although Ti West started his career directing horror films, “X” is the first theatrical horror film he’s made in a decade. That’s a pity. “X” is about as good a movie as you’ll find in a genre overrun with total garbage. This movie is well-acted, well-written, and exceptionally well crafted. Plus, it’s faithful to its predecessors, both horror and adult films. The production design and side details (like an evangelist’s TV program that shows up on several occasions) are carefully chosen for maximum creepy effect. Add a terrific period soundtrack and several bizarre plot twists, and you have one of the best horror movies in years. I rarely give five-star ratings to this type of movie, and “X” has some flaws intrinsic to the genre. But this one is at the head of the pack. Obviously, “X” is not a film for everyone because of its violence, nudity, and overall subject. But for horror fans or those who enjoy well-crafted suspense films, regardless of genre, “X” marks the spot.
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Matthew D'SouzaReviewed in the United States on July 3, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Filth That Gets Under Your Skin
Verified purchase
X is a filthy and disgusting slasher with an ungodly creepy premise clearly inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Director Ti West’s erotic slasher horror thriller X (2022) is a neat picture with a retro 1970’s appeal and plenty of bloody gore. West takes a lot of the vibes and story of teenage kids driving in a van to a near abandoned farm, only to be butchered one by one. It’s very reminiscent of Tobe Hooper’s iconic slasher The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. X is practically a modern Sexploitation film. I noticed West’s homages to Psycho with the ditched car in the murky swamp to even the risque porno shoot similar to Boogie Nights. Despite West’s obvious influences of old 70’s giallo films, skin flicks, and drive-in theater worthy slashers, X feels original in its own way. Who could predict elderly sex fiends?

From eerie ambient shots of farms that pan over to a covered bloody body, X has plenty of that sadistic viciousness. The disemboweled cow lets you know what you’re in for soon. West’s direction has that gritty older 70’s feel with a modern slick polish. He creates an eerie atmosphere by using the camera to make it look like these teenagers and sleazy adults are all being watched at all times. I do think West’s direction tows the line on how much nudity is necessary or tasteful, but like they say in X, “toast to the perverts,” I guess. X is quietly creepy and actually suspenseful. You never quite know where X is going until it’s too late and the blood flows. Ti West is certainly an intriguing director with an eye for raunchy and disturbing imagery. Having Sam Levinson, of Euphoria fame, as producer on X explains the gratuitous nudity though.

Writer Ti West teases the viewer with tantilizing nudity and playful jabs at America’s Evangelicals raving against sex and Satan on television. West sympathizes with his porn starlets that desire fame and want to love freely. I actually found the idea of sex lovers as a sin is a fascinating theme in the background of X as Ti West wholly rejects Christian guilting of the free lovers. I thought the idea about being too old to make love anymore was an interesting concept for the farmer’s horny wife Pearl and the jealous impotent farmer Howard. What a bizarre and scary concept. It’s like Ti West took the unforgettable old lady scene from Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic The Shining and made an entire film out of it.

Mia Goth proves her undeniable talent once more as the eager porn star Maxine Minx as well as the lustful old lady Pearl in a shocking dual role. She’s a compelling final girl as well as a freaky horror villainess. Goth has this uncanny otherworldliness to her dreamy approach as the spaced out Maxine. I was never quite sure where her character was heading, but whether Mia Goth is in A Cure for Wellness, Emma, or X, she shines in her daring role selections. Jenna Ortega is beautiful and likable as the sweet angelic girl Lorraine shoved into the middle of smut. Her shocked looks of judgment, disgust, or fear are gripping. Jenna Ortega blew my mind in Scream 5 and she’s similarly astounding in X. 2022 is the year of Jenna Ortega for sure!

Brittany Snow is hot and funny as the flirty porn star Bobby-Lynne. She’s ridiculously over the top in the most playful way with her absurd moaning and obvious lustfulness. Snow’s singing is honestly lovely when she performs Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.” Martin Henderson is sublimely sleazy and inconsiderate as porno producer Wayne Gilroy. He feels realistic for a gross 70’s producer of adult films.

Kid Cudi is charming and likable as male porn star Jackson Hole. His cautious portrayal of Jackson shows depth for his sex worker and Vietnam war veteran. He’s clearly here to be handsome, playing guitar, and possess a natural charisma. He’s the opposite of the pathetic director RJ Nichols as brilliantly portrayed by a wimpy Owen Campbell. He’s pretty fun as a pretentious director with delusions of grandeur about how astronomically he thinks his porno film will be received by the masses.

Stephen Ure is one sinister old man as the elderly farmer Howard. His snarls and looks of disgust are really scary. Every time Howard is on screen, I am impressed with how frightening Ure’s performance comes across. James Gayln’s cameo as the dumbfounded Sheriff Dentler is hilarious.

Editors Ti West and David Kashevaroff play around with experimental cuts to make it look like an arthouse European film from the 70’s. Cutting back and forth from Simon Prast’s televangelist to Mia Goth’s lonesome adult film actress hopeful sets up for the final reveal. X goes by pretty steadily and never overstays its welcome at a tight 106 minutes. Cinematographer Eliot Rockett captures nude bodies in artful angles and pans the camera slowly to reveal where the old people are next. I think the camera shots through the tall grass and by the water are my favorite shots as Rockett makes the camera a lurking presence. His slow movements are enthralling and get you in the mood for horror.

Thomas S. Hammock’s production design creates a rickety old farmhouse, barn, and guest cabin that are all worn and grotesque. Thomas Salpietro and Karijus Schlogl really make the buildings full of old antiques that this farming couple might keep there realistically. The basement has a real surprise in store for you.

Visual effects artist Frank Rueter makes stepping on nails to getting repeatedly stabbed by a knife look realistic in a blunt, matter of fact kind of way. Rueter creates stunningly natural scares. I’m sure Rueter helps the impression of the two old age make-up looks in post too. I think the alligator looked phenomenal.

Composers Tyler Bates and Chelsea Wolfe create a freaky sonic palette for X. Chelsea Wolfe’s song “Oui Oui Marie” is truly haunting. Wolfe’s ethereal voice sounds cool with her whispery tone. She sings disturbing melodies gently over disquieting soundscapes. Wolfe and Bates’ score has these eerie repeating rhythms. Wolfe provides these gasping vocals that echo over Bates’ eerie long held notes. I like X’s score tremendously. Sound designer Pascal Garneau gets really creative with these noises fading in and out abruptly. I adore Chelsea Wolfe. I’ve been a fan of her indie doom metal and neo-folk music for years, so it’s pretty cool she got to contribute to a real film score and soundtrack.

Costume designers Malgosia Turzanska and Cilla Leckie create vintage 70’s looks from the loose shirts to the bell bottom type pants for everyone. The plain farmer clothes appear simple, but that’s why they look so creepy and effective at unnerving. I have got to mention the incredible old age make-up on Mia Goth to make her into the old lady Pearl. Not to mention the elderly make-up to give the effect that actor Stephen Ure is older than he actually is now.

In short, X is a succinct scare fest that brings on visceral bloodletting amongst all of Ti West’s vivid horror imagery.
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The Mad Movie ManReviewed in the United States on April 20, 2022
1.0 out of 5 stars
Amateur looking garbage
Verified purchase
I love horror movies. I purchased a 85” 4k HDR TV due to the fact I appreciate special effects and beautifully filmed movies. This mess is none of those things. If they did not have the budget for a few more lights they could have asked me. 99.9% of this garbage was shot in the dark and was unwatchable. If the director was going for a cheap washed out unwatchable dark movie, mission accomplished. I adjusted my blacks in a vain attempt to make this trash look better and did not help much. Wonder why so many movies have to make people of faith to be dark and evil? The same preacher was on an old TV 24 hours a day. I do not like many new movies. Watched Cool Hand Luke a few days ago. They do not make them like they used to.
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SoissonReviewed in the United States on May 29, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
I bought this without seeing it and IT IS AWESOME!
Verified purchase
This is Ti West's best film to date and I'm not just saying that because it's his latest. I'm a legit fan of his and I loved The Innkeepers and The House Of The Devil and I thought those were good. This is his best. Despite a couple of unanswered questions but they're forgivable. I just finished watching this. I wanted to see it while it was in theaters but sadly I missed it because my theater had it for only one week. Yes, only one week! So, when I found out it would be coming out after 2 months, I ordered it. I just watched it tonight and it was such an awesome throw back. It feels like The (Original) Texas Chainsaw Massacre but brother it is NOT. It is way better. It's not a typical slasher. These are character who feel... Real-ish. They have their own ideals and own agendas and they're not the typical cookie cutter throw away characters. You like them. They're nice. They're caring. They're like the people you know. They're flawed but normal. when the @#&% hits the fan, you feel bad for them. Well... All but one but I'll let you decide who that is. Hahaha,
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Bryan YatesReviewed in the United States on April 30, 2022
1.0 out of 5 stars
This movie sucks. Not like anything I've seen before.
Verified purchase
This movie was hyped up hardcore and looked promising. We watched in 4k and let me tell you, the cinematography was great. But the movie doesn't really lean into anything, it's like it doesn't know what it wants to be. I've not disliked a movie in years, but this is easily least favorite movie. Turd is a more appropriate title than "film". Great cast though!
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helawrenceReviewed in the United States on April 16, 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Ti West is One of the Best
Verified purchase
I've been a fan of West since watching House of the Devil but my favorite of his work is, without a doubt, The Innkeepers. He really knows how to write characters and make them likeable and relatable. He is one of the masters of the slow burn horror movie. I understand if some people aren't a fan of the slow burn but I love them. They give you time to get to know and understand the characters before all hell breaks loose. X would fall at about number 3 on my Ti West meter behind House of the Devil and Innkeepers. Though it may not be as good as those other two, it is still very good. It knows how to be creepy and make you feel very uncomfortable at times. I've seen it twice now after watching it here and in the theater and I can honestly say it is in my top five of movies that have come out this year.
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Larry R. Bowers Jr.Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Movie, Creepy AF!
Verified purchase
This gave me "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" type vibes. The concept is original. 6 people, 3 women & 3 men in ages 20 to 35 from the year 1979 rent a farmhouse to film a porn without telling the owners of the main house. It is a slow burn but the payoff is pretty good. Solid acting and the cinematography is well done.
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TwinpossibleReviewed in the United States on September 27, 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Oml… watched it twice in two days! Saw Pearl 1st (NO SPOILERS 👍.)
Verified purchase
I will NOT spoil Pearl for anybody, all I will say is that you DEFINITELY must see it if you saw X, even though it is completely and utterly different. I did it backwards. Saw Pearl yesterday, and X last night, but I was interrupted a bunch of times (got kids, and it’s not appropriate, so I barely could see the entire picture, hide as I might, lol), but I got up at 5, and watched it in the dark all alone. AMAZING film!!

Most horror movies just start the blood bath early, and they lack in plot.. but you get a good, almost hour of real movie first, and that’s not at all a bad thing in this film. I got into the characters and the plot so much, I was kind of hoping it would go on even longer. It just flew by. That’s a huge compliment to any film.

Most horror films aren’t this intricate, and I’ve seen most. This one is ‘special.’ If you love thrillers and horror movies.. rent this film now. Keep kids away 🤫, and watch it alone or with your partner or friends. It doesn’t matter which movie you see first in all honesty. They can easily be understood (flip flop) either way. Now my 17 yo wants to see Pearl, so I may go see that one again. Such an amazing duo of films. Ti West is a genious. The movies are so different, but totally understandable.

Wow! I absolutely loved it!! Not sure I’ll ever look at my granny the same way again 😂. Get this film on, but again.. no young kids around, and in the dark? Even better.. he he!

Excellent! So few are anymore, so that makes me all the more impressed 👍. It’s nothing like anything else 👌🏻.

5 stars!

** I hope my review was helpful 😃. **
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