Alexa features

Alexa makes your life easier, more meaningful, and more fun by letting your voice control your world. Alexa can help you get more out of the things you already love and discover new possibilities you've never imagined.
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Smart home
Simplify your life by automating and securing your home with smart devices.
Learn more about productivity
Alarms, timers, calendars, email Alexa helps with the details so you can stay focused.
Learn more about shopping
Use your voice to manage your shopping list, reorder household items, and track orders.
Learn more about Entertainment
Listen to music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks or watch movies, TV, and videos.
Learn more about the care hub
Care Hub
This free feature in the Alexa app gives you new ways to check in on loved ones.
Learn more about staying in touch
Communicate with friends and family with voice or video calling, Drop In and Announcements.
Learn more about news
Alexa can give you news when you need it from your favorite providers.
Learn more about routines
Set up custom shortcuts and make multiple things happen at the same time.
Learn more about fun and games
Fun and games
Download new Alexa game skills to play by yourself or with family and friends.
Learn more about multi-room audio
Multi-room audio
See how Alexa can bring music and entertainment to your entire home.
Learn more about family and kids devices
Kids and Family
Enable parental controls and discover features that help kids learn and grow.
Learn more about Information
Ask Alexa questions, get language translations, general knowledge and more.
Learn more about kitchen
Cook along with recipes, get unit conversions, set timers, and multitask with ease.
Learn more about the bedroom
Alexa helps you rest easy and always wake up on the right side of the bed.
Learn more about Amazon photos
Showcase your best photos, share favorites with your Alexa contacts, and even take pictures.

Top 10 Alexa Picks

From Top picks to seasonal suggestions, there's always something new to discover and learn with Alexa.
Top 10 Alexa Picks for Health and Wellness

Things to try

The Alexa channel on YouTube is filled with fun and information. How-to-videos, pro tips, Easter eggs—it's all here.

Explore more things to try with Alexa on YouTube

Getting started with Alexa

Alexa-enabled devices are simple to set up and use.
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Alexa app
Alexa app
The Amazon Alexa app is a quick, easy way to try Alexa on your phone, as well as set up and manage compatible devices.

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Setting up your device
Setting up your device
You can set up your Alexa-enabled device in a few simple steps through the Alexa app.

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Featured partners

Alexa Skills bring you great experiences from top partners you know and love, as well as tens of thousands more for you to discover. Play games, listen to podcasts, meditate, order food—there's something for everyone.
Spotify skill
“Alexa, play music on Spotify.”
Apple skill
“Alexa, play Today’s Hits on Apple Music”
ring skill
"Alexa, answer the front door."
npr skill
"Alexa, play NPR."
espn skill
“Alexa, open ESPN.”
food network kitchen skill
“Alexa, open Food Network Kitchen.”
headspace skill
"Alexa, open Headspace."
Disney stories skill
“Alexa, open Disney Stories.”


Q. What is a skill?
A. Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new skills. Skills are like apps that help you do more with Alexa. You can use them to play games, listen to podcasts, relax, meditate, order food, and more. There are tens of thousands of skills available in the Skills Store, many from popular providers you already know and love. Some are free while others require a purchase or subscription.
Q. What's the difference between a skill and a feature?
A. A feature is something Alexa is able to do from the moment you turn on your Alexa-enabled device. For example, Alexa can answer questions, give you the weather forecast, tell jokes, and so much more. Some features—like smart home control and voice/video calling—still require other compatible devices. A skill, on the other hand, is something you select from the Skills Store and enable on your device, just like adding apps to your smart phone or tablet.