Does any type of mouse can i use with this keyboard? I bought a wireless mouse but it has a usb plug that tablet does not have.

asked on December 29, 2019

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I was wondering the same thing when I bought my first keyboard case, and then wanted a mouse. After about 2 days of trying to figure it out, I went with a Bluetooth mouse, not wireless. It seems like some mouses are only compatible with laptops/computers, & that's the purpose of the USB plug to plug into laptop in order to make it wireless. I bought a Rose gold pink Bluetooth mouse to go with my rose gold case and it works great! No issues. But keep an eye out when searching because some Bluetooth mouses are only compatible with apple phone's, etc. I'm using Android phone and tablet. Good luck!
· February 13, 2020
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I think you can hook the USB to your computer but use the bluetooth on tablet but not positive
Rick H.
· December 30, 2019
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Unfortunately not.
Seller · December 30, 2019
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