Is the the Presonus E3.5 woofer speaker cone unprotected? It appears to have no fabric covering as many speakers would have.

asked on January 25, 2019

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Take a piece of t-shirt and bring it back and forth between your face and the monitors.. you will hear that even something like a tshirt of pantyhose, has a considerable effect on the sound projection. Also, having grills on the speaker looks cheap imo..
Heath Purser
· July 29, 2019
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Yes - Most modern monitor speakers are that way. Engineers like to see the speakers moving as they mix. I have three different sets of monitor speakers by different manufacturers in my studio, and they are all uncovered.
John M. Marsden
· January 25, 2019
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Engineers prefer not to have any added obstruction between them and the monitors they mix on. Even the sheerest of grill cloths have a measurable effect on a monitors performance. Not sure about seeing the speakers move as you mix, can’t say that I’ve done much of that myself.
· May 27, 2019
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