How do I charge the camera?

asked on January 14, 2019

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We just purchased this for our dauighter for her 10th birthday (5/27/21) and we have the same issue. The camera doesn't charge because there is NO USB cable (even though the description says it does), the power button is on the top (not the back like the description) and there are NO LED lights. This must be the first generation. I will be rating this product as a one star and returning it immediately.
· June 3, 2021
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I just bought this for a Christmas present for my daughter. Fortunately I opened it before wrapping to make sure it would not disappoint her on Christmas morning. There is NO USB cable in the box. The instructions say it is there and this question says that the camera can be charged with the “USB cable that arrives with it inside the box” but it isn’t there. Such a disappointment.
· December 3, 2020
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I order this camera as a 2020 Christmas present for my daughter and it DID NOT come with a charging USB cord! The camera looks different than the one in the photo. The power button is on top and not on the side. WHO do we need to contact to let this company know this camera is defective & misrepresented? If enough people complain about the same problem maybe just maybe their is a problem...
· December 21, 2020
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Can someone provide the correct information to purchase a charging cord if it didin't come with one in the box? It appears that many didn't receive a cord to charge . The cords I have at my house don't fit. Please advise the correct size so I can either order one or look at returning this and all the accessories I purchased with it. I've looked through all the information provided and can't locate the size other than being called a mini USB cord. What defines mini?
Amazon Customer
· December 27, 2020
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It looks like the manufacturer/vendor SHOULD be explaining to all the good folks WHY the USB Charging cord IS NOT COMING WITH THE CAMERA as Promised!! Get with it!
J. Adams
· December 17, 2020
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Yup! My daughter opened the yellow camera for Xmas yesterday and no charging cable. Came here to see what’s going on. Also power button is on top and no extra button to change camera color modes. She is so disappointed!! Will be contacting amazon customer service!
Victoria M.
· December 26, 2020
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Evidently there are two versions of this camera and Amazon is seemingly unaware. The camera I received is only 5mp had no charging cord or black and white mode, despite being advertised to. Amazon refunded my purchase and allowed me to keep the camera.
William Henderson
· December 26, 2020
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I had the same problem - bought two and neither came with a cable. I just spoke to Amazon customer service and they refunded me $20 per camera so I could buy charging cables.
Amazon Customer
· December 26, 2020
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No charger with ours either. I have a bunch of USB chargers at home but none fit in this camera to charge. Either need to replace camera or get correct charger - anyone know what kind works???
E. Phillips
· December 25, 2020
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No charger with ours, very irritating, luckily my kindle USB is the same size so using that to charge the camera. Really upsetting that most people that purchased this can not even use it. Not ok!
· December 27, 2020
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