What thickness door will these handle? I have 1 1/8" door

asked on June 21, 2017

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Since it mounts on the outside, I don't think it matters what the door thickness is, does it? It mounts outside and the door swings out. Make sense?
Yoga Girl from Kohler
· June 21, 2017
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I don't understand what you're looking for the door thickness would only affect the length of the screws and the total weight. If you're talking about weight, these should be fine. I have them on a pool deck gate that is made out of 2x4's and lattice. The gates weigh quite a bit and these handle it easily.
· June 21, 2017
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You don’t have to surface mount them. You can butt mount them to a wall/casing perpendicular to the door in which case the full dimensions would be useful. Unfortunately that’s also my question.
Ken Tyson
· July 28, 2019
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