what is the difference between gold cork and gold/cork?

asked on June 14, 2020

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I have been wearing Vionic so long that I’ve torn up several of this style bc the Velcro rips. It could mean this—the sandal has a cork bottom and the straps are cork-like. The style with a thin strap and 3 gold medallions has cork-look straps and a beige leather bottom. The one with a wide V shape upper is gold on top but a standard leather bottom. I watch for sales and buy quickly before the shoe is sold out. My issue with Vionic is that the Velcro straps tear up. I’ve had to sew them back on by hand! The uppers and bottoms are fine.
Avid reader
· June 14, 2020
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good question but I think the seller or Amazon has to answer it. I do Not think there is any difference in the shoes. I don't know why they have them in 3 separate pictures and color labels.
S. Clinton
· June 14, 2020
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