Do ends unscrew to change tips & is there 1 pin on both ends of each side when unscrewed (unscrew one end, turn it around for other tip and reinsert)?

asked on January 11, 2021

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hi, you can look into the image detaily, there is one side pin end, the other side fork end. and they are installed in the handle already.
Queen Supply Group
Seller · January 12, 2021
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Both ends unscrew if you happen to break a tip and need to replace. The ends are not double sided. On the other end of the push pin or strap removable side is just threads to secure them in the bar/handle. The push pin tip was fragile on mine and broke after first use. I went with a dedicated plastic removal push tool that you can lay your watch band/strap in.
Kyle R.
· January 11, 2021
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Yes, the tips are threaded and unscrew from either end. Each tip is threaded on one end; the other end is either a small fork or a pin. Replacement tips are available from the Amazon website.
· January 11, 2021
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