Does It Connect To windows 10?

asked on June 10, 2018

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Sure does, I use it on my editing PC. My motherboard was running Bluetooth 4.1 and that wouldn't connect, so I bought a 12-dollar USB BT adapter for 12 bucks and that works. I use a free utility called KeyTweak so I can changed Option and Command keys to Windows and Alt. The labelling isn't right of course but we all have Windows keys memorized so that works for me. I also assign things to the F13-F19 keys: F16 is Caculator, F17 & 18 is Volume up and down and F19 is Mute. Works great! I also use the wired keyboard at work, also remapped with KeyTweak. I love the feel of mac keyboards (used to use Macs back in the 90s).
PDTop Contributor: Guitars
· January 17, 2019
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Yes, it works perfectly...and its obvious why you would want it on Win-10.....
· July 31, 2018
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It's a Bluetooth keyboard so I would imagine it would work, but why connect an Apple keyboard to Windows?
Theodore W. Ball
· June 11, 2018
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