Does this work with and protect POE+ devices?

asked on October 6, 2013

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Yes. The IEEE let-through rating for this device is 60 volts and the PoE voltage is 48 volts so there will be no problem.
Pete Moss
· May 8, 2018
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On the packaging it states VoIP and POE applications but it seems a little light for many POE applications - you decide:
Peak surge current: 250 A max with 8x20 usec waveform
Peak Voltage: +/- 6000 V with 1.2x50 usec waveform
Breakover Voltage: 60 VDC (nominal)
Operating Temp: 0-40°C
Relative Humidity: 95% Non-Condensing
Pins 1-8 protected
IEEE 802.3, 802.5, and 802.12 Ethernet Standard Cat 5, 6
My inclination is to use this for in home network Ethernet protection and a more beefy device for any POE needs.

· October 7, 2013
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Yes. As it happens that's what I use it for, and it certainly gives every appearance of doing so. It hasn't been tested to date, and hopefully never will be. It DOES create quite a jumble of devices in one spot making it difficult to hide them. I use a wicker basket to mask their presence.
Snow on the Roof
· October 6, 2013
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