The instructions are to measure two different points (knee cap and four inches above it). Which measurement are the sizes based on?

asked on July 25, 2018

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I don't know which measurement is the primary one relied on. I provided both and the UFlex Athletics Knee Brace fit perfectly. This brace stabilized my knee as well as a custom brace my insurance paid for costing hundreds of dollars. That brace chafed my leg when adjusted snug enough to stabilize my knee. I had to cut off the long sleeves of a long sleeve t-shirt to put on under it to prevent the chafing. That combo contributed to sweating. The UFlex Athletics Knee Brace does not contribute to sweating. I guess it breathes better. I'm 165 pounds of medium build and use a large.
Mr. Write
· July 26, 2018
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They should be close to the same size, however I chose four inches above the knee cap. Hope this helps.
· July 25, 2018
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