if i hard wire it ...do i really have to use the add a circuit ?? What's the max of the fuse that i can use ?

asked on September 8, 2014

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You don't have to use add a fuse, it just makes it easier. You can just find the fuse for the cigarette lighter, pull it, stick the positive wire in the slot and then reinsert the fuse. Secure the ground wire on a grounded screw and you are set. The input for the radar detector is 12v(same as the cigarette lighter adapter). The fuse in my vehicle is 20 amps.
Matt May
· September 8, 2014
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I'm confused by your question a bit... For my setup, my detector has never pulled more power than the default fuse could handle... I simply just took the positive and sandwiched it between one of my other fuses (Raw power side) that turns my radio on when the key is turned at any point but off... For the ground side, I just wedged the cable in between a small part where some of the dashboard framing comes together next to the fuse box. For my car, I have a fusebox under the driver's side of the dashboard.
Kory Kinnett
· September 8, 2014
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Whatever you do, don't follow Kory's advice. I just passed him on my way home. He was in the car painted bonfire on the shoulder of the freeway.
Ringo is a terrible drummer
· December 2, 2016
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Use 2 Amps only.
Paul Vu
· September 1, 2018
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