I have bone spurs in lnees and have to climb many stairs at work. Wondering if yhid brace would be ok wearing for long periods of time.

asked on March 10, 2019

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I would caution you in wearing it for long periods of time especially if your knee is going to be bent a lot during that time - like walking stairs. I found that, because of the neoprene, I would get perspiration on the back of my knee and then the strap would rub against that and cause irritation behind my knee - which became quite painful. So I would suggest that you remove it for as long as you can every few hours so you don't get a painful area behind your knee. Because that only adds to the pain you already have with the bone spurs. Give your knee a chance to breathe without the strap whenever you can.
Ann Lenger
· March 10, 2019
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Hi, long periods of wearing is likely that there will be a sweat build up, so we suggest you manage this by taking a rest from wearing for a while. But its less of an issue if you are able to wear your EzyFit over the top of clothing. Regards Jessica @ EzyFit
Jessica S.
· March 14, 2019
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