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No matter what time of day it is, Alexa is here to keep you informed. From daily news updates and weather reports to local search, translations, sports reports, and more, just ask Alexa to stay in the know.

Daily News Updates

Personalized daily news updates

Access hours of news content from top newsrooms like NPR, Fox News, ABC, and more through your Echo device. You can listen to top headlines, popular news shows, interviews and more all from their favorite news outlets. Even better, since news is on-demand, so you always start at the beginning of a show and can skip to the stories that interest you most.

Just ask:

" Alexa, play the news"

Flash Briefing gets you the day's top headlines from your favorite sources like CNN, Bloomberg, and Reuters. If you’ve set up a voice profile, Alexa recognizes your voice and can catch you up on the latest without repeating old news.

Thumbnail In the Alexa app, select Settings icon and select Settings. Scroll to the Alexa Preferences section and select Flash Briefing.

Thumbnail To add additional news sources, tap the + icon next to Add Content.

Thumbnail Select the news source that you want to add to your Flash Briefing and tap Enable.

Just ask:

" Alexa, what's my flash briefing?"



Alexa can help you plan your day. Ask her how the weather’s looking or if you’ll need an umbrella. With Echo devices with a screen, you can see the extended forecast and alternative traffic routes.

Just ask:

“Alexa, will it rain today?”

“Alexa, what’s the forecast for tomorrow?”

“Alexa, what’s the weather in Tokyo?”



Ask for the latest sports information, including scores, schedules, standing, statistics, and more. Or set up a personalized Sports Update to follow all your teams with one command:

Thumbnail In the Alexa app select Settings.

Thumbnail Scroll to the Audio Groups section and select Sports Update.

Thumbnail Search for your favorite team or a team you would like to follow. Then, just ask:

Games, recaps, news, standings, and more:

“Alexa, what’s my sports update?”


“Alexa, when do the Seahawks play next?”


“Alexa, what’s the score of the Red Sox game?”

Alexa Translations

Alexa translations

Translate words and phrases into more than 50 languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Italian, Hindi, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, and Welsh. Fingers crossed for Pig Latin!

Just ask:

“Alexa, what languages can you translate?”

“Alexa, how do you say ‘I love you’ in French?”



Set your commute start and stop point, and Alexa can tell you how long your commute will take.

Thumbnail In the Alexa app, select Settings. Scroll to the Alexa Preferences section and select Traffic.

Thumbnail Enter a starting point and destination address, then select Save Changes.

Thumbnail Ask for a traffic update.

Just ask:

“Alexa, what’s my commute?”

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Get fast facts on all kinds of topics. Just ask:

General questions:

“Alexa, how many people live in Texas?”


“Alexa, what’s 62 times 12?”


“Alexa, how many kilometers are in a mile?”


“Alexa, define ‘lexicon.’”


“Alexa, how do you spell ‘accommodate?’”


“Alexa, Wikipedia ‘mid-century modern.’”

TV shows:

“Alexa, what’s on TV tonight?"

“Alexa, what time is Modern Family on?"

Trending News & Pop Culture

Trending news & pop culture

Alexa can be your secret to staying in the know with what’s trending, pop culture, and celebrity birthdays (the super important stuff).

Just ask:

“Alexa, what’s trending?

“Alexa, what’s the birthday roundup?”

“Alexa, tell me something weird.”

“Alexa, tell me three things to know.”

Local Search

Local search

Alexa taps into Yelp to provide you with info on local restaurants, shops, and other businesses. Alexa can also tell you movie showtimes at theaters near you.

Just ask:

“Alexa, what Chinese restaurants are nearby?”

“Alexa, find the hours for a nearby pharmacy.”

“Alexa, what movies are playing?”

“Alexa, when is Jurassic World playing?”