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Frequently asked questions


The more you know about Alexa, the better experience you’ll have. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions.

Light indicators

What do the light indicators on my Echo device mean?

Your Echo device will communicate its status to you with visual indicators located on the device. You can also configure certain Amazon devices to play a short audible tone to signal the beginning and end of your request.

Thumbnail In the Alexa app, select Settings and choose your device.

Thumbnail Select Sounds and scroll to the Request Sounds section.

Thumbnail Press the toggle to turn on/off start and end of request sounds.


Blue indicator
This is the color you’ll see most often when interacting with Alexa. When Alexa detects the wake word, the indicator will turn solid blue with light blue pointing in the direction of the person speaking. These colors will begin alternating as Alexa responds. Blue indicators can also mean that your device is trying to pair or connect with other devices.


Purple indicator
A single flash of purple after an interaction with Alexa indicates that Do Not Disturb is enabled. For Echo devices with a screen, a small purple moon appears in the lower right hand corner. Your device can still respond to the wake word but will not allow incoming calls, messages, or Drop In. To turn on ‘Do Not Disturb,’ just ask: “Alexa, turn on ‘Do Not Disturb.’”


Red indicator
You have turned off the microphone and/or camera and your device will not respond to the wake word. Press the microphone button on your device to turn on the microphone and/or camera.


Green indicator
This color notifies you of active calls or drop ins. Learn more about Alexa Communication.


Yellow indicator
You have a message or notification. Just ask: “Alexa, what are my notifications?” or “Alexa, play my messages.”


Orange indicator
User-initiated changes or WiFi connectivity issues are taking place. Examples include: wake word change, WiFi configuration, set-up mode, and factory reset.


White indicator
On Echo devices without a screen, this color indicates that you’re adjusting the volume level of your device.


No indicator
If your device is on and connected to WiFi, your device is ready and waiting for your request.


Alexa communication

How do I link my phone number with my Amazon account?

To register for Alexa Communication, go to the Communication tab in the Alexa app. You must register a mobile phone number to call and message your Alexa contacts. Your mobile phone number can only be registered to a single account at a time. If during set up, you’re told that your mobile phone number may be associated with another account, please contact customer service.

How do I manage my contacts?

When you sign up for Alexa Communication, you can sync all of your contacts to Alexa so that you can simply contact them by name – just say, “Alexa, call Mary” to reach Mary. You can add contacts to Alexa by updating your address book on your phone or tablet and then opening the Alexa app. You can also edit or block your Alexa contacts on your device through the Alexa app – select the menu icon and click on Contacts.

What is Drop In and what are Announcements?

How do I use my device as an intercom? Drop In is like a two-way intercom. It’s an optional feature that lets you instantly connect between rooms with your supported Alexa-enabled devices. Just say, “Alexa, drop in” to get started. You can enable Drop In on your supported Alexa-enabled devices and grant permissions for other close family to drop in in the Alexa app.

Announcements let you broadcast a message to your supported devices to help keep your household in sync. Just say, “Alexa, announce dinner is ready” and “Dinner is ready” will be played in your voice on supported devices. You can also use the Alexa app to drop in or make an Announcement to your device to let your family know when you’re on your way home.

To learn more about Alexa Communication, click here.

Amazon Music Unlimited

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited is an on-demand music streaming service. Through a monthly subscription, Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can listen to tens of millions of songs including new releases from today’s most popular artists. To learn more about pricing and subscription plans, click here. For additional Amazon Music Unlimited support, click here.

How do I cancel my Amazon Music Unlimited subscription?

To learn how to cancel your subscription from the Amazon Music app on non-iOS devices or to cancel an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription purchased through Apple iTunes, click here. To cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription on Amazon’s website:

Thumbnail Go to the Amazon Music Unlimited section of Your Amazon Music Settings.

Thumbnail Select the Cancel option in your “Subscription Renewal” details.

Thumbnail Confirm the cancellation.

How can I view or change my Amazon Music Unlimited subscription?

You can view and manage your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription—including changing your payment method, subscription type, or renewal frequency—from Your Amazon Music Settings.


How do I use and manage skills?

Skills are like apps that help you do more with Alexa. Learn more about Skills here. Use them to play games like Jeopardy!, relax with Thunderstorm sounds, catch up on the news, and that’s just the beginning. Check out top skills in the Alexa app or visit the skill store. When you find a skill you want to use, ask Alexa to open the skill (“Alexa, open Jeopardy!”). To view and manage your skills from the Alexa app:

Thumbnail Select Skills from the drop down menu.

Thumbnail Select Your Skills at the top of the screen.

Thumbnail Select a skill to access available options including: disable, manage permissions, notifications, and parental permission.

How do I connect smart home devices to my Echo or Alexa-enabled device via a skill?

You can connect compatible smart home devices, like lights and plugs, to Alexa with smart home skills. Before you begin, make sure you’ve completed the following steps:

Thumbnail Make sure your smart home device is compatible with Alexa

Thumbnail Complete set up for the device using the manufacturer’s companion app or website.

Thumbnail Connect the device to the same WiFi network as your Echo or Alexa-enabled device and download and install the latest software updates for your device.

Once you’ve completed these steps, discover smart home devices using the Alexa app:

Thumbnail Select Skills from the drop down menu.

Thumbnail Find the skill for your device, select Enable and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the linking process.

Thumbnail Select Add Device in the Smart Home section of the Alexa app or just ask Alexa: “Alexa, discover my devices.” Learn more right here.

Smart Home

What smart home devices are right for me?

From lights and plugs to thermostats and cameras, Alexa can help make your home smarter and more automated by simplifying your day-to-day through voice control. Learn more about smart home product options including recommended essentials to get started.

How do I set up and manage smart home devices?

For assistance with setting up or installing your compatible smart home device with Alexa or how to use smart home devices, visit our Alexa Smart Home help page.

Other music service providers

How do I link a third-party music service to Alexa?

Alexa can also play music from other streaming services which can be set as the default preference for your device. Connect the supported music service of your choice by following these easy steps:

Thumbnail In the Alexa app, select Settings. Scroll to the Alexa Preferences section and select Music & Media.

Thumbnail Select Choose default music services.

Thumbnail After you choose a preferred service, select Done.

If you’re still having trouble, try these quick fix suggestions.

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