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Half the items sold on Amazon come from small and medium sized businesses. When you shop from small businesses like these on Amazon, you’re supporting small businesses doing great things for their communities.
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Ann Arbor T-shirt Company
Ann Arbor, MI
"Our sustained Amazon sales have given us the financial footing to trust that we would be okay, and thus focus on what we could do to help our neighbors. We instituted handwashing stations, provided masks, built plexiglass work barriers, and other best practices to keep our team safe. With that in place, we shifted our production focus to producing 25,000 medical face shields and donated them to our community's medical workers, first responders, and high-risk individuals."
- Jerry Kozak, Owner
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Palouse Brands
Pullman, WA
"We have always been involved quietly in our community; the pandemic has helped us show that even more. We hire single moms and others who are in need of work. Because we use Fulfillment by Amazon services, we are able to offer them the ability to walk off a shift at any time to care for a child, and to still thrive at work. In May, we were also able to partner with farmers to donate 56,000 lbs of potatoes in only one week."
- Sara Mader, Owner

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Germantown, TN
"While I am the founder of a lifestyle brand, I still work as a wound care surgeon/physician providing care to elderly, vulnerable patients in nursing and rehabilitation centers in the Tennessee area. I was also heavily involved in COVID-19 testing staff and patients to help track the spread of the disease in TN. As you can imagine, I would not have been able to help these patients without the wonderful help of nurses and nurse’s assistants, and so gifted all nurses at a local facility with Leovard products."
- Dr. Sheg Aranmolate, Founder
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footnanny owner image
Los Angeles, CA
"After learning about the shortage of essential care products in my family and my community, I was inspired to get involved by expanding my product line to essential care products like hand and body sanitizer, soaps, masks, face shields, gloves, tissue paper, etc. I donated 25% of my stock to nursing homes, first responders and anyone I saw without noticeable protective wear."
- Gloria Williams, Founder and CEO

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Sheets & Giggles
Denver, CO
"The sheets are a vehicle to do good in the world. We decided early on in mid-March that we would align our success with community assistance – e.g., if we made a sale, 20% of it would go to COVID–19 relief in Colorado. We've been able to donate $40,000 in cash to COVID-19 emergency relief in Colorado. Plus, we've donated tens of thousands more worth of sheet sets and comforters to homeless shelters, emergency shelters, and healthcare workers."
- Colin McIntosh, Founder and CEO

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Sara Sews
Bremen, GA
"Our company was started by Sara, now 13, and she wanted to do something to help. The local ambulance service contacted us and asked us to produce cloth masks for their employees. Before long we had requests from firefighters, doctors, nurses, essential workers and many others. We have sewn and donated almost 5,000 fabric masks within our community. We also donated fabric and elastic to others who were willing to sew but did not have supplies."
- Sara and Susan Robinson, Co-founders and Co-owners
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Luna Sundara
Long Island City, NY
"My single mother immigrated to the U.S. to provide a better future for me and my sister. My mother’s courage and selflessness drives Luna’s mission to help communities throughout Peru by providing jobs and offering financial resources. Right now, we’re also helping local families in need by providing them with temp work at Luna to help ease the loss of their jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic and supplying groceries for high-risk individuals who aren’t able to do the shopping for themselves."
- Sandra Manay, Owner
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Wyze Labs
Seattle, WA
"Seeing many of our friends, family, and favorite local Seattle shops directly impacted by COVID-19 inspired us to give back where we can. We created an ongoing program where we ship small business owners located in Washington a free Wyze Cam camera so that as folks close their shops or work from home they can feel less vulnerable about leaving their place of work unattended."
- Yun Zhang, CEO

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Serenity Kids
Austin, TX
"We're in a good position to help and give back. To date, we have donated upwards of $5,000 worth of baby food to our local community and those on the frontlines of the pandemic. We've partnered with a few different organizations, like Giving Austin Labor Support, Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health, and Mama Sana Vibrant Women, to get our ethically sourced, nutrient dense baby foods into more and more bellies."
- Joe and Serenity Carr, Owners

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piper wei owner image
Brooklyn, NY
"Being based in Brooklyn, we experienced firsthand living in an area that was disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and wanted give back to the local community. Members of our own team couldn’t even get hand sanitizer. So we made our own. For every order, we donate a cleansing hand gel and a percent of profits to The Campaign Against Hunger in Brooklyn. We also donated several hundred bottles to a hard hit hospital in the Bronx."
- Sarah Ribner, Co-founder and CEO
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Habit Nest
Los Angeles, CA
"The heroes during these uncertain times are the health care workers holding down the front line, so we donated over 200 journals to health care workers. We were also asked by our customers to create a Home Workout Journal to use during quarantine. We developed two journals that could be used at home and offered the journal to our email subscribers completely for free. Our customers were super grateful and the feedback was overwhelming."
- Mikey Ahdoot, Ari Banayan & Amir Atighehchi, Co-founders
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New York, NY
"We donated personal care items to Glam4Good, a charity that gives self-care packages to people in need. We also donated COCOTIQUE boxes to nurses in different areas of the country and will be starting a bigger effort in the next few weeks. The frontline workers are risking their lives to save ours, so I thought it would be a great way to give back to the nurses on the frontlines."
- Dana Hill, Founder and CEO

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Back to the Roots
Oakland, CA
"Back to the Roots is on a mission to get every family in America to grow their own food! For every picture shared on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (tag @BacktotheRoots and #GrowOneGiveOne), we'll donate an organic grow kit + STEM curriculum to an elementary school classroom of your choice. Amazon has been a core partner to our growth - from being a founded brand on Amazon's Launchpad program, to representing Amazon small business sellers in Washington DC with congress - we simply would not be here without Amazon's support over the years."
- Nikhil Arora & Alejandro (Alex) Velez, Co-founders
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Sweetwater Decor
Pittsburgh, PA
"I designed our "Let's Stay Home" candle and my husband, Chris, came up with the idea to take all of our profits from sales of that candle and to give back to the World Health Organization, while reminding them to stay home at the same time. We're all in this together and we wanted to help - and this was the perfect candle to do just that! We have also been able to hire people in our community who need jobs and ask them to join our shipping team."
- Melissa Horvath, Founder and Designer

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Sentinel Supply
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
"We wanted to financially support our community as people were increasingly unable to work. So our “Social Distancing Expert” and “Social Distancing Champion” stickers, shirts, and buttons were born. We donate $1 for every product sold along with 15% of every wholesale purchase. The proceeds go to our local food bank at Community Action Partnership here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho."
- Casey Stoddard, Owner

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