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Frequently Asked Questions:


Am I eligible to purchase a wireless plan, presented by Amazon?

These plans are only available to Amazon Prime members, including customers on trial memberships.

Can I use my existing phone?

You can bring your own device is if it is unlocked and compatible with the carrier network of your new service plan. To check device compatibility, refer to instructions on service plan detail pages.

How soon after I purchase my plan will I have access to service?

Once you insert your new SIM card into your phone and activate service by following the activation instructions on the screen, you will have access to service. Your billing cycle will begin once you activate service.

Can I port-in my existing phone number?

Yes, you can easily keep your phone number following the instructions on your phone screen when you activate. Your prior carrier may require you to pay off any outstanding account balance (service or device installments) before they release your phone number. Before cancelling your service with your prior carrier, ensure you have successfully ported to your new plan and have active service. Your old service should be automatically canceled once you port your phone number into your new plan. However, we recommend that you call your prior carrier to confirm the cancellation. If you are porting a phone number from a family plan, it should not affect the service on the rest of the lines. If you are not porting your phone number, you should call and cancel your prior service as soon as the new service is active.

My current carrier is offering a plan with your program. How can I switch plans?

To enroll in a plan as part of our program, customers need to purchase the new plan on amazon.com. Once you receive your new SIM card, you can follow the same instructions on your phone screen to port-in your phone number.

What if I accidentally order a SIM card but never activate it?

Customers with an un-activated SIM card can cancel with no penalty within 60 days of purchase. If the SIM card is not activated within 60 days (i.e. service was never used), a full refund will be issued to the customer's original form of payment. Once a customer has activated their SIM card, they can cancel the subscription anytime in Your Memberships & Subscriptions. Service already paid for will remain active until the end of that service cycle.

I live outside of the US. Can I sign up for a cell phone service plan?

Plans are currently only available to customers residing in the United States and with an active Prime membership.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you may cancel at any time by ending your subscription in Your Membership & Subscriptions. If you have already activated service and you cancel your subscription, you will be able to use the wireless service through to the end of the paid service cycle. Once you cancel the subscription, you will not be billed for any more monthly charges. You will also cease receiving the 10% gift card credit benefit. If you change your mind after cancelling, you can restart your service within 60 days of cancellation and keep your existing number. If you want to resume the service after the 60-day period, you will need to purchase a new subscription and receive a new SIM kit resulting in a new phone number.

What will happen to my cell phone service if I choose not to renew my Prime membership?

Customers can continue to enjoy the cell phone service plan even if they are no longer Prime members; however, they will no longer be eligible to receive their 10% credit benefit (in the form of an Amazon gift card). Customers will keep any unused Amazon.com gift card balance credit already accrued if they cancel their Prime membership.

Can I purchase a family plan or add lines to my plan after purchase?

We do not currently offer family plans. We are working hard to get you even more savings, so when family plans become available, you will have access to add your existing line to a family plan, or add additional family lines to your plan.

What is a stored value card and how do I redeem it? How do I pay for this monthly stored value card subscription?

A stored value card can be used to purchase cell phone service with your selected carrier. The carrier will automatically redeem this value when you activate a SIM Card with them. We, Amazon, will charge your preferred payment method the same amount each month for the stored value card subscription which will be automatically applied by your carrier to your wireless account to cover the next month’s cellphone service charges. You do not need to do anything more!

Do I have to purchase a wireless subscription to qualify for the 10% credit benefit?

Yes. A wireless carrier stored value card subscription is required in order to receive the 10% credit benefit (in the form of Amazon.com gift card balance).

What will I see in my cart when I add this product to cart?

You will see 2 items in your cart: a SIM kit and a stored value card subscription. The SIM kit is provided free-of-charge by the carrier to facilitate activation.


How much will I pay when I sign up for the plan?

At checkout, you will have purchased a stored value card subscription that gives you access to the first month of cell phone service. You will be charged for this amount once the SIM kit is shipped. Your service and billing cycle will begin when you activate the SIM card following the instructions on your phone screen.

Is my monthly bill inclusive of all taxes?

You will be charged the same amount each month for the stored value card subscription. The stored value card is similar to a gift card, the amount of which will be automatically applied to your wireless carrier account to cover the next month’s cell phone service charges inclusive of all taxes. The stored value card is not taxable, and all sales and telecommunication taxes are assessed by the wireless carrier when it is applied to your account.

Are the wireless subscriptions for prepaid or postpaid services?

They are for prepaid cell phone service. Carriers apply the stored value card for the prepaid service each month. The stored value card subscription will automatically renew monthly until cancelled.

How do I pay for my cell phone service bill?

Carriers apply the stored value card to the prepaid cell phone service each month. Amazon will charge your preferred payment method on file the same amount each month for the subscription. Customers can view the service plan details and their payment history by logging into their Amazon.com account. If a customer wishes to change their payment method, they can do so by modifying their preferred payment method in their Amazon.com account.

Customer Service

Whom do I call if I have a customer service inquiry?

Carriers provide support and customer service related to the cell phone service, such as activation walk-through, porting services, device compatibility on the carrier network, and data/minutes usage. If you have any question about your cell phone service or activation, please contact the wireless carrier who will be able to provide all the necessary steps to troubleshoot your problem.

How do I manage my monthly stored value card subscription?

You can manage your monthly subscription on amazon.com under Your Membership & Subscriptions. There, you will be able to update your payment method, cancel the subscription, or resume a previously cancelled subscription (if applicable).

How do I manage my cellphone service and billing?

You can manage your billing on Amazon.com under Your Memberships & Subscriptions. You can manage your cellphone service usage and plan features in your wireless account through the carrier’s customer portal that you create at account activation.