16. meowbox

What’s Inside: meowbox is a monthly subscription box for cats full of unique toys, delicious treats and a fun new theme every month. All treats are sourced from North America and they work closely with producers to select toys that will stimulate your kitties.

Base Price: $23 Amazon Savings: 13% off first box

What’s Inside: Raddish is a monthly cooking kit for kids ages 4-14+, created with the mission to deliver culinary experiences that nurture kids' confidence in the kitchen and beyond. Raddish is a winning recipe for education, family-time and fun! Kids are encouraged to explore and experience new foods while they learn to chop, sauté, whisk, and measure!

Base Price: $24 Amazon Savings: 30% off first box

What’s Inside: Each month Simple Loose Leaf sends you 4 loose leaf teas. These teas will include black teas, green tea, herbal teas, and something seasonally fun. They select the teas based on use feedback from past tea boxes, what time of year it is, and the types of teas we feel our customers will enjoy.

Base Price: $11.99 Amazon Savings: 50% off first box

What’s Inside: Sock Fancy is a monthly subscription to the most comfortable, well-designed socks, and awesomely random socks in all the land. Their in-house team designs every funky pair of socks, manufactures them on a 200-needle knitting machine (think HD vs standard definition television), and get's them to your sock drawer every single month. It's time to step up your sock game and Sock Fancy is here to help.

Base Price: $12

**What’s Inside:**Introducing Playtime by Eimmie, a series of doll furniture and accessories created to amplify the bond between your child and your child's toy doll. Their girl doll accessories are custom made to fit your child’s doll and includes unique features to keep playtime fun and interactive!

Base Price: $20 Amazon Savings: 50% off first box