Keep learning with Alexa

Alexa Education Skills
Alexa has many skills to help you or your children learn while at home. From spelling quizzes to math trivia, check out the recommended skills below.

Create your own
Help your at-home student study and stay organized by creating your own Alexa skill with Blueprints. You can create customized flashcards and quizzes.

Set up a routine
Alexa can help you create reminders through Alexa Routines to structure the day. See our setup guide for more information.

Stay connected with Alexa

Use Alexa to stay connected to school. Enable a Blackboard, Canvas, Coursera, Parent Square, Infinite Campus or Kickboard skill with the Alexa Mobile App, then ask "Alexa, are there any updates from school?"

Canvas Alexa Skill


Blackboard Alexa skill


Infinite Campus Alexa skill

Infinite Campus

Coursera Alexa skill


ParentSquare Alexa skill


Kickboard Alexa skill