100 Children's Books

So many children's books remain close to our hearts long after we first read them. But which ones are the can't-miss favorites, those that will last a lifetime? The Amazon Book editors set out to compile a list of 100 Children's Books to Read in a Lifetime that included classics from years gone by, classics in the making, the serious, the silly, the surreal--children's literature has it all. We chose the books based on the idea of selecting the 100 that cover the years from birth (those first well-worn titles) up to age 12. Of course, the age at which people read these may vary wildly, but we tried to pick books that would feel significant in the years leading up to becoming a teenager, and be warmly remembered all their lives. And, naturally, we didn't want the list to feel like homework. We talked and argued and reminisced about the books we read when we were kids, the ones we've read to our own children, and the ones we've discovered since. The result is our list of 100 favorites. What do you think? How did we do?