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Hooks up to IPhone to tv love this product

10 others also recommend for TVs

I’m not as technically capable of testing these cables as some reviewers but I can tell you my picture from XBox One X improved significantly. I am happy with the product.

10 others also recommend for TVs

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Handy to have for a bargain tv

Switches between my fire stick and my DVD player. Works great. Simple operation. Easy to install

Perfect for using multiple TV's

Perfect product for switching TV's and gaming system without having to move the equipment

TV saver!!!

…I needed it because a friend is sleeping on my couch and had my Plasma tv on 24/7, not good! Got this switch so when I go to bed the plazma goes off and switched to her smaller regular tv!!! So this switch has saved my plazma tv's life!!!

Imput choices on tv are hmdi and tv..how make both work?

The out going, single cable plugs into the TV. You can use either choice hdmi or TV. The incoming side plug into your cable/satellite and the component you want to switch between. The switch comes with great easy to use instructions. It took me less than 5 minutes to figure it out and I'm not tech savvy.

How do you hook this into your tv.? Theres no plug part to hook into your tv hdmi slot

You'll need a additional HDMI cable to connect the device to your TV. If you have a 4K TV, then it's best to buy a 4K HDMI cable for the best picture quality.

Works for gaming and 4k tv

Met my expectations. Would definitely recommend this product

No Need to Buy New TV

Needed a splitter when my old Visio Eco HD TV lost an HDMI port. This little splitter totally does the trick and I didn't have to buy a new TV. 5 stars for that alone!

My tv only has one hdmi port. Will this allow me to plug my tv in but also use my firestick?

Yes. You would plug the HDMI splitter to your TV (single port input side) and use 1 hdmi cable for your tv and plug your firestick in the 2nd hdmi port.

will it work with a direct tv cable box

Dear customer, Yes, this bi-directional HDMI switch support cable box. If your direct tv cable box has a HDMI port, then it can work with your cable box. Best regards Maggie

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iPhone to tv

Hooks up to IPhone to tv love this product

Videos To TV

I Love Hooking This To My IPhone And Watching Videos On My TV What Will They Think Of Next I Love The New Technology A+

iPad to TV

I use this to watch movies from iTunes on my TV, works perfectly.

how is sound carried to the TV?

The sound it on the tv is good.it's the same sound as the tv sound. You can control it with the tv remote control. However you can't control the from the ipad when you it to the tv.

will this work with any HD tv or does it have to be an apple tv?

Does not have to be Apple TV.

I pad to TV

connection works great in transferring pic / sound to TV

Cheaper than a Smart TV!

The nearly infinite uses of the adapter make it functional for basically any Apple user. I use it at home, at work, and will use it when I travel thanks largely to its extremely small size and light weight. The ability to use your normal charging cable to charge through the adapter while streaming from your device to a monitor is also extremely nice. Note: You will experience a VERY minor loss of visual quality while using this device, but it's nothing significant whatsoever and still very deserving of a 5 star rating.

Connect iPhone and watch on TV

Just what I was hoping for!

does work for phillips screen tv or any screen tv when connected?

It works with my Vizio TV.

Do i need an apple tv as well ? to use this cord or will it mirror off any tv ?

It will mirror off any TV there is no need for a Apple TV.

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Solid TV Mount

Quick and easy to install, works great. Very sturdy.

This TV mount is perfect!

Love everything about this TV mount.

Great tv wall mount

Easy to install, great price, I have ordered 3 already for great price, durability and looks. Highly recommend this item for easy walk mount. I love the tilt and swivel, and all around easy adjustability.

Will this wirkbwith an. LG 32” flat tv?

It says in the description it will. My tv is a 42 and it worked. Things seem adjustable.

Will this work for a 32" toshiba smart tv with tv vesa pattern 100x100 and tv weight 10.6 lb?

Dear Jay, Thanks for the interest and contacting our USX MOUNT Products. We are always here and glad to help. Our product XMM006 fits for most of 26-55inch TVs with VESA size 75*75mm to 400*400mm available, weight capacity up to 60lbs, so it is within the range of specification data you mentioned. . Generally speaking, this XMM006 TV mount would be able to work for your 32” Toshiba TV. Just a warm tips that the four extension arms will be not need to use as your VESA size is 100*100mm. If you still have concerns, you could send your clear picture from back side of your TV via email customerservice2@x-mount.com or call the Toll Free Number: 800-460-0956 for us to double check. Wish you a great shopping experience! Thank you! Best regards, USX MOUNT Service Team

Great TV mount

Easy installation, very sturdy TV mount.

Perfect for a light weight tv

For a light weight tv, this is a perfect fit

Nice tv mount.

Great sturdy mount. Easy to install.

Will this hold a spectre 50 inch tv?

I can't answer that definitively but I plan on using it on my next planned tv which will be 50". It's extremely sturdy.

Do you know what is the minimum TV weight necessary for this mount?

This TV bracket do not have minimum limitation, the weight capacity is up to 60 lbs, thanks!

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Improved TV Image Significantly

I’m not as technically capable of testing these cables as some reviewers but I can tell you my picture from XBox One X improved significantly. I am happy with the product.

Fits your tv needs.

Like the picture quality.Fits

Connected TV with laptop

I have them plugged in to TVs in different rooms so I can connect my laptop and watch streamed films on the TV. Have used both and have been able to get them to connect the laptop successfully to the TVs and view films so very happy.

I pad to tv?

Don't know about a direct connection, but it is very easy using apple tv. Apple TV connects to TV set through HDMI, and iPad connects to Apple TV across the network. Apple TV can also connect many other apps to the TV.

Will this cable work for my Amazon fire tv box to the tv?

As long as the TV uses HDMI, yes!

TV Cable

This works great and it gives you enough for the connection without being tight

New HD TV owner.

Great for my new TV.


Everything is great

Can i use this cable to connect my apple tv to my tv??

Technically, yes. But I don't have an apple tv, I just know that apple tv uses HDMI port, so if your TV has a HDMI port, it will work well.

Does it work with a high-def tv?

It works with any TV that has an HDMI port.

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Tv Problems

Much needed and works perfectly

TV Is complete

Great product at a great price

Great to have for your TV

I liked this product that way I can hook up 3 things up to the HDMI splitter like cable, Blu-ray player and the Switch.

Will this work on a smart tv?

It will work on any tv with HDMI..The tv I have this connect to only has 2 HDMI ports but I have 2 game systems not to mention my DVD player and Roku so this is perfect for adding extra HDMI ports to your tv

Will this work without a 4 k tv?

Yes, all you need is TV with a HDMI slot.

Bought to hook up a fire stick

Works great on TV's that are not considered the smart TV's

Best thing for my TV

…I really love this addition to my TV.

Great product for a tv

Very good for my sons tv. Know he has all his gaming system on one tv

Do i need 4k tv for this to work?

No. I have two of these. Both work perfectly on non 4k tvs.

I have a regular tv no 4K , will it still show , will it show in 4K resolution, or do you have to have a 4K tv to use this?

This will work as a 3 port extension to your HDMI input. It will work on your non 4K TV but will only play at the current resolution of your TV.

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Tv bracket

Nice bracket and easy to install.

TV mount

Product was easy to install, has great range and can be positioned any way you need for perfect TV viewing.…

TV Bracket

Very nice worked great

Will this fit a 47lg20 47" tv?

Yes, the brackets mount to the tv, then you mount the tv to the wall mount. This is a very well built made, I love it.

Will this fit a 29" tv?

Dear Customer, Thank you for the interest and contacting us regarding the Mounting Dream TV wall mounts. We understand and we're glad to help. It is sorry that the MD2298 may be a little large for your TV. There are other TV mounts available from Mounting Dream for your TV. The TV VESA pattern, the TV weight and the wood stud spacing are three mainly factors for choosing a suitable wall mount. And the TV size is for reference only. To better serve you, please help provide the following details: The full TV Model The VESA size of TV The wood stud spacing of your wall The clear photo of TV back panel (help check power and inputs) The TV Weight Just a friendly reminder that the Mounting Dream mounts are only safe/recommended for wood studs and solid concrete walls, but not for dry wall alone. Please feel free to contact us by mail: customerservice@mountingdream.com. Thank you. Mounting Dream

TV mounts

It was just what we ordered and they work great!

tv mount

this works great very sturdy has built in level to make it easy to install and turns anyway u want i recommend this item

TV mount

Love this mount will be purchasing another one for my TV in my bedroom have it in my living Room 60 TV

Does this tv wall mount fits for 55 inch tv?

Yes, this TV wall bracket fits for my Samsung UN55NU8500.

Can it be used for curved tv?

It includes all the mounting hardware needed for flat and curved TVs

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