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Was not sure it would work but it proved me wrong,It works wonderful. Thank you. Would recommend it to anyone who want good reception on they're Tv.

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Its a great product, works well and fits with new age TV. Picture quality is HD as it says on the product. Like it. Worth it.

10 others also recommend for antennas

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Great Antenna!

I love this antenna.…

Nice antenna

Works great bedroom tv

Amazing antenna

…Just installed this antenna and wondering why I paid the cable companies all this time for basic TV. The quality is amazing through this antenna!!!

Does this antenna come with a remote?

No, it is a very good antenna though!

I have plain, flat, white digital antennae that came with my old TV. Is your antenna stronger?

Dear customer, thank you for your question. Yes, sure. our antenna upgraded Granny's Home team

Great antenna

Great lightweight antenna!…

Great antenna

Great size and nice reception

The best antenna!

Works great I’m going to buy more for the other TVs!

Can the antenna help improve a wifi signal for a smart hdtv?

Hello No , this is digital tv antenna . Thank you

Your ad says this works in the us and europe. how about canada?

Hello This antenna is Livewave antenna so it works worldwide You could use it in Canada as well Granny's Home team

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It works good


This antenna worked well when I mounted it outside. … I would recommend this antenna.

is this antenna considered a digital antenna

Yes. It is specifically designed for the digital TV signals. This is true for all Antennas Direct antennas, especially the Clearstream family.

Can you mount this antenna in the basement

Antenna work best at maximum height, which is why recommended placement on rooftops or in attics. That said, this antenna will work better than most other antenna with comparable placement anywhere in the home


Its a great alternative to cable if you are within the range of the stations. I live downtown and get a dozen clear High Def stations.

Awesome Antenna

…I put this antenna outside and I now get 22 channels and they all come in nice and clear. This has been the best antenna I have used so far.


This works really good on our tv

Does this antenna work for channels in the Violet and Blue spectrum?

Great antenna.


Works As Expected !

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Amazing antenna

Amazing antenna works perfectly TY

The antenna works!

Easy to install and received 53 channels with a great picture.

Great Antenna

I was pleasantly surprised how clear the channels on my TV are after installing the antenna.…I will recommend the antenna to my family and friends.

Will this antenna work with police scanner

Well that is interesting! This is just an antenna, with an optional RF amp. In that respect all it does is absorb radiant energy and provide it as an output, so yes, it would work with a multi-frequency radio receiver. The difficulty comes in making a conversion connection, since this one has a TV RF connector so you would need a suitable conversion for your scanner input. Other than that, if used for TV, you have to deal with the TV tuner constraints, which are channel specific and all digital. This does receive ALL RF energy so it should work. Cheap enough to try anyway!

We are considering cutting the cord. Do we have to purchase an antenna for each tv in the house?

Depends how big your living space is, and how long your coax is. I hooked my one antenna up to my existing cable lines and the signal from one antenna worked on my other tv. If you are looking for multiple connections I would strongly suggest you get an outside Antenna. Then you will definately be able to get reception on multiple TV's.

Great Antenna!

This antenna is amazing!…

This antenna delivers!

…I have tried three different antennas and were unsuccessful - until I used this antenna!…I just want to say I like this antenna, it did exactly what it was advertised to do and I am really enjoying it!

Great Antenna

Easy to install. I live about 40 miles from the broadcast stations. I get about 45 channels, many with HD quality picture, including the major networks (except CBS for some reason). I dropped cable and will be saving over $100/month. I am very happy and should have done this years ago.

Does anyone live out a ways and have success with this antenna? Also someone who doesn't live real close to their local broadcast station?

I live about 30 miles from several TV stations and this antenna work very well for me.

Can this antenna be set up on tv stand

It has 2 sided stickers that you place on the back and can put on any wall or window

See what customers said about antennas


Was not sure it would work but it proved me wrong,It works wonderful. Thank you. Would recommend it to anyone who want good reception on they're Tv.

Awesome Antenna

This antenna is amazing.…I then places another amplifier in the main box and connected two rooms to it with the antenna feeding coming from the front room. I now use one antenna in multiple rooms.…

Indoor Antenna

This antenna is very compact, doesn't need much space, easy to setup and I am getting 20+ channels.…

Do I need an antenna for each tv or will one antenna work for multiple tv?

An antenna for each TV is best.

how to set up for this tv antenna?

Super Easy to Setup this HDTV antenna: 1) Connect to 'ANT IN' on the back of any digital-ready TV. 2) Place the TV Antenna- Hang on wall or window and find the optimal placement for the antenna. 3) Scan Channels - Select 'Menu' then 'Channel Search' and you are ready to enjoy your free TV shows. Do that multiple times while changing the location of the TV antenna until you find the optimal location of the antenna for that tv. Hope this help.

The perfect antenna!

I love it

Best Antenna!

This antenna works so good on my small TV in the bedroom. No more getting up to move the antenna when changing channels or changing positions in bed!…That's not the antennas fault.

Love the antenna

Hooked this up today and I have all the local channels receiving perfectly! So far, it is a great product!

Can i use "1byone paper thin tv antennas table stand" to hold this antenna?

sure, you can use that as a tv antenna stand. hope this help.

Do I need an antenna for each tv?

Yes. The antenna plugs directly into your tv, so it will only transmit to that tv.

See what customers said about antennas

Antenna is great

Its a great product, works well and fits with new age TV. Picture quality is HD as it says on the product. Like it. Worth it.

Great antenna

Great antenna!!…We went from 11 channels with our old antenna, to over 30 with this one.…


Fast shipping, great product, thanks!

how to install the antenna?

The instructions are with the antenna. Very easy to follow

I just want to double check if it is an amplified antenna? If so, what is the range for the antenna?

It is an amplified antenna. It will receive stations without the power supply being plugged in, just not near as many. The power supply for the amplified part is included in the price. The range is in my opinion, around 60 miles for a viewable picture...My TV (TCL Roku) shows the power strength for each station received., as well as times for future programs.

Nice Antenna

Easy set up in the picture quality is excellent.


Easy install and use. I'm so happy with the picture quality and signal is great in my area. It lets me save a lot from cable TVs. Recommended.

Best antenna

One of the best antennas I've had.…

I'm not sure if my 42" flat screen tv is hd? Will this antenna still work with it?

Yes I believe so. mine works great. Antenna is thin.

I live in an apartment complex with lots of buildings around. Will this antenna pick up signals even though they are blocked by buildings?

Maybe yes maybe not, the antenna can work well without many tall buildings.Sometime it can receive some channel with the buildings. You can move the antenna to the window or which turn toward the signal tower. good luck!

See what customers said about antennas


The antenna work great.

Antenna Antenna

I'm going to get another one. Very good reception. I'll never have go jiggle wires again. Setup was easy.

Great Antenna

Excellent antenna.…

Is this a directional Antenna ?

Yes very good Antenna

Is this a directional antenna ?

It is a directional antenna. Has worked very well.


This antenna works great with the amplifier once installed it took fine tuning to get all the channels!…


this is a great antenna exceeded what I thought it would do gets all channels in my area of dallas and clear picture on 2 tvs and its mounted in the attic


Product worked as stated. I have a beautiful picture that stays beatiful regardless of the weather. I placed unit in my attic out of weather and it works great!

is this antenna weatherproof?

Mine is installed in an attic. The antenna construction appears fully weatherproof.


Easy to install and does a good job.

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