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love the product and it works well. helps to clean and maintain the VCR player quality of video viewing performance.

10 others also recommend for VCRs

Did exactly what I wanted!

9 others also recommend for VCRs

Video is working good again.

10 others also recommend for VCRs

great to ckean old vcr heads

9 others also recommend for VCRs

I want to say thank you very much this Tape Head Swabs to clean this TV Combo, it's very clear!!! I feel very happy!

2 others also recommend for VCRs

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great for VCRs

love the product and it works well. helps to clean and maintain the VCR player quality of video viewing performance.

vcr head cleaner

this product worked well, I found an old vhs player in my attic as well as some vhs movies... connected it easy to my new big screen T.V., with the help of my own personal "GEEK SQUAD" , that being my nephew!! he stepped me thru the cleaning process, then we watched STAR WARS !! / only problem is , I am now old enough to be Luke's father!

This I needed!

This vcr cleaner is amazing. Since vcr's are now going the way of the dinosaur, it was a welcome purchase.

VCR Dry Cleaner Works Great

Seemed to work very well, I have a clear picture now...

Brought my VCR back to life

I had a VCR that played Audio only. I put the tape in and ran it 3 times to be sure and now the VCR works perfect. This was my vest VCR I had left so this head cleaner was a life saver allowing me to move my VHS tapes to my hard drive.

Worked Well

This worked very well and fixed my VCR's 2 times so far.

Helps if you have a VCR

Was good and helped clean the heads in my VCR.…

my VCR is good as new

my VCR is good as new again

Digital Innovations/Head Cleaner

The VCR Head Cleaning Kit is great. We can now watch our old VCR Tapes.…

Clean Dr. VHS Video Head Cleaner

The head cleaner arrived very quickly and inserted it in all three VCRs. Didn't notice any change in picture quality and sound but I think the blame is mostly on the age of the VCRs and the tapes used.

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VCR Cleaners

Did exactly what I wanted!

VCR Cleaner

Worked well cleaning VCR.

VCR’s need love too!

Bought as a gift for an ‘older old friend’ and he loves his VCR!

Is this for 2 separate cleaning tapes, 2 tapes? Are they wet type?

Yes, there are 2 tape cleaners. They are wet type and worked very well for me. I don't use my VCR very often, only to transfer tapes to DVD, and once in a while to watch an old movie. Had to clean it 2 times because I haven't cleaned it for along time.

VCR cassette

…I'm glad that they are still making VCR cleaner cassette.

2 VCR head cleaner cassettes; good price. I'm happy to be able to try them.

…The tape transport in VCR's is often the first thing to fail and could end the use of a machine.…

I insisted it work and work it did.!

…I think that they are as old as VCR technology, for they felt dried out?…

It is very low quality and not very reliable.

…I had to run it through the VCR multiple times to bring my picture back.…

Jams up VCR, worried of damage

[[VIDEOID:c9021e8b80b98721d35a2c9d37c8c90a]] I tried running both of these in my VCR, but they would get ejected after pressing play. I took apart my VCR to see what was going on and see if any manual cleaning could be done. The strip in the VCR seems to have too much resistance/friction and drags against the VCR head.…

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Video is working good again.

Great to find!

I have lots of VCR tapes I love and it was wonderful to find a product still out there for keeping the VCR player running flawless!

Good Buy

This item is a good buy at its price and works fine is cleaning my VCR for use in converting many VHS format to DVDs.

The vcr eats my tapes. Will this help?

I would be surprised if it did, though I don't repair VCRs. A head cleaner simply polishes the heads. I don't know if dirty heads would cause your tapes to be damaged.

Does this stuff really work

Yes, it worked great! Used it and our VCR worked again with no problems.


…I needed a cleaner right away for my vcr to watch some of my old video's. my tv with a built in vhs player started messing up about a month ago and i learned nowhere around me sells these cleaners anymore. so i was wondering where i was gonna find one at for a cheap price and glad i did... it arrived really quick and i only applied 2 drops of the liquid, you dont need alot. it is always good to own a few of these if you still have your vcr and use it every now and then and when you do decide to play it depending on the type you got they mess up very easily cuz of age.

Easy to use

cleaned VCR no problems

VHS VCR Video Head Cleaner is easy to use!

VHS VCR Video Head Cleaner is easy to use, reasonably priced, and includes the cleaning solution! If you have a VCR, you should have a video head cleaner.

Works great.

My VCR hadn’t been cleaned in a while and this cleaning tape fixed it up fine.

its loose, so you wined it your self to get it to work

vcr cleaning

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Heads Up

great to ckean old vcr heads

It works to clean my old VCR heads & capstans.... Like power washing dirt down side of a house!

This head cleaning solution (MG Chemicals 407C-250ML Audio/Video Head Liquid Cleaner) works better than rubbing alcohol, to clean my old VHS VCR tape heads and capstans!… --I still use 3 VCR's, so I'm glad I found it!…

Worked great

My daddy was delighted to find a VCR to play his large collection of VHS movies he had stored in an old barn.…After playing several tapes dust got in the VCR player. This VCR head cleaner worked great with the use of Video Head Liquid Cleaner.…

Can I use this with wet vcr head cleaner. Got rhe maxel vcr wet head cleaner and need fluid to go with this.


Great solution to a Problem

Works like a charm on my VCR Tape Heads.…

Lol Guys

…AFTER buying this product I looked up a video on how to clean a VCR.…


…Effective cleaning of VCR tape path, rollers, audio and video head.…


…Not all of us are trying to clean 20 VCR’s.

Save your VCR

…Brought a 4 head VCR that wouldn't play a tape it wasn't eating at all back to 100% quality.

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It's BEST this Tape Head Swabs Cleaning My TV Combo's VCR

I want to say thank you very much this Tape Head Swabs to clean this TV Combo, it's very clear!!! I feel very happy!

Can these be used to clean the video heads on a VCR?

Absolutely. It will clean Tape Recorder or VCR Heads.

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