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ball pump is compact-worked perfectly to refill a basketball- very easy to handle

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Very basic ball pump , just what we needed ! Love the add ones for different needs ! Quality seems great so far no issues!

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It's compact, i.e. takes up very little of the room in my carry bag.

I'm using it to keep my basketball pumped up - works just fine.

would this work on a 7" mini basketball?

it does for ours! :)

Would this work on a college ball? Basketball


Can i used for a bicycle???

Yes! I have only used it on a basketball, but with the extra attachements I think it could work on a bike.

Does this work on large yoga balls?

Yes, we got it for a basketball but I'm pretty sure it has a fittings for a yoga ball also!


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basketball saved !

ball pump is compact-worked perfectly to refill a basketball- very easy to handle

Works well

Works good for the price did 3 basketballs

Excellent Pump

This pump is light weight and so easy to use that my 8 year old grandson inflated two basketballs!…

Does this work for a 29.5 basketball and is it reliable?

Yes, it works for all sizes of Basketballs. Yes it is very reliable.

Would this be good to use for speed bags?

I dont own a speed bag but its a solid pump and fills quick. I use it for basketballs and soccer balls

This really works well!

…I have to air up basketballs, soccer balls, footballs and other assorted balls and this product is faster and a lot easier to use.

Love that it comes with extra needles and a storage ...

Just what I needed for a gift for a child along with a basketball!…

Great value, easy lil pump (no gauge)

Perfect lil hand pump to inflate old basketballs and a volleyball in my garage.…


This pump was purchased as a gift for my children,who are basketball fanatics.…the ease of use, compact design, and the price were well worth it.…

Quick air for your balls.

Perfect for my 16 year old who loves to play football and basketball around the neighborhood but seems to need a bit of air from time to time for his balls.

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works as needed

Basketball needles

I like that they come in a container.

Basketball pump needle

Product arrived quickly, exactly as expected

great value

I have to keep a lot of basketballs pumped - and these are great.

They do the job!

The basketball pump needles are excellent.…

Needles for Every Use

I referee both volleyball and basketball, and I’m confident that these needles will definitely come in handy.

Happy with product. Great service.

…The needles fit on my air pump and was able to easily fill all our deflated basketballs.

Plenty to share

…Plenty of basketball needles for the neighborhood :)

Love the box

…We have pumped up footballs, basketballs & a grocery-store play ball.…

Small container arrived one time and gets the job done.

Bought these for our daughter's inflatable bouncy farm animal (I broke the needle that came with it) as well as for my son's basketball.…

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Just what we needed for our basketball !

Very basic ball pump , just what we needed ! Love the add ones for different needs ! Quality seems great so far no issues!

very happy

Love this item also my daughter uses it for her basketball and football and her floaties for the pool

Great blower

Works great for blowing up soccer balls, footballs, Volleyball’s, basketballs.…

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work perfect on my basketball

Works great, low cost.

Great little ball pump, I used it for my basketball and football, as well as my stability ball.…

Worked perfectly to pump up an old basketball. Exactly ...

Worked perfectly to pump up an old basketball.…

Did anyone notice the needle gauge is unusually thick? I ordered because of the great reviews but my husband (basketball coach) is leery to use it

It is thick. The other two they include look to be the same. We just used it a few days ago to pump up two Christmas presents which were delicate rubber and once you get the needle in it works fine. I imagine it’ll be fine on a basketball.

Just a great little pump

I bought a pop-a-shot basketball game which, while it is a great game and well-constructed, provides an el-cheapo pump to blow up the seven provided mini-basketballs. After using it to pump one of the basketball and it taking, no lie, over 150 pumps to get it to usability, I switched to the Sports Stable ball pump.…

Really happy with this purchase

…Quicky filled my sons basketball and is extremely durable.…

Cheap, but effective

…Back to playing basketball.…

small and compact

…I need something to keep in the basketball ball we take to practice.…

It's Great

…My basketball

Great product

…He filled up all of his basketballs ans footballs

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product is great handy, use to pump up my kid basketballs

product is great handy, use to pump up my kid basketballs.

Perfect for the job

…Just what you need, it worked great for the basketball I was waiting to pump up. thanks!

Red pouch keeps everything in one place.

Worked great to pump up two small basketballs for our 2 year old grandson.…

Will this work on large exercise type balls (65 cm)?

No I do not believe it will work on that ball. You need to have correct needle. This pump is good for soccer ball, basketball, volleyball etc

Needed for athe basketball

…Works well with the new basketball.

Nice pump

Handy little pump will help me keep my grandkids little basketballs inflated for thei hectic games.…


My 2 basketballs were pumped perfectly, it takes a good amount of pumps to fill due to the size but it worked like a charm.…

It’s compact, affordable and great quality

…Worked wonderfully and quick to inflate his soccer ball, basketball, dodge ball,and sensory tactile balls with just a few pumps.…

Really good Quality, for the price this is hard to ...

…I have used to inflate basketball and another neighbors sports ball.…

Very good air pump inflator

Use it to inflate my basketball.…

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