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Love this item also my daughter uses it for her basketball and football and her floaties for the pool

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I like playing football, basketball and I feel it's very handy to take this eball pump anywhere which I can even measure how much I can fill to get the balance... very Happy bought this product

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Ball Pump for our Football

…Excellent product for our football.

Works great, low cost.

Great little ball pump, I used it for my basketball and football, as well as my stability ball.…

Just a great little pump

…It seems to be well-made and will be useful for keeping football and soccer balls in tip top pressure going forward.

Pump, pump it up

…Anyway, It works great on the volleyball and football we pumped up.…

Great value

This pumped up my old football just fine.…

Great Air Pump For The Price

…I have also used it a couple times on a football and soccer ball.…

Great product

…He filled up all of his basketballs ans footballs

Great little pump

…We have had no issues with: soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, mini-basketballs/footballs.…

Easy to use, light and cheap

…I use it to pump my basketball and footballs.

See what customers said about footballs

very happy

Love this item also my daughter uses it for her basketball and football and her floaties for the pool

Great blower

Works great for blowing up soccer balls, footballs, Volleyball’s, basketballs.…

See what customers said about footballs

Awesome, very very handy

I like playing football, basketball and I feel it's very handy to take this eball pump anywhere which I can even measure how much I can fill to get the balance... very Happy bought this product

Easy to use

is fit to use my football

Most advanced and complete ball pump that I have ever used.

…Whether its football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.…

Exact measurements

…It also works for small play balls and for soccer and football balls.…

See what customers said about footballs

Four Stars

Nice pump to have on hand for the footballs and soccer balls.

Easy to store and use!

…Perfect for inflating my grandkids’ footballs, soccer balls, etc. worth every penny!

Five Stars

Excellent pump worked great on my footballs.…

does this work for beach ball?

I am very sure. I bought one to pump footballs I took as gifts to my grand children overseas. It was very convenient for the purpose

Do you think I should get replacement needles with this

No. No replacement needles are needed. I have used my pump for footballs and volleyballs etc. it is easy to use and from a good company. Hope this answers your question. Linda

Small pump

Good pump for smalls jobs like footballs , basketballs, soccer, etc

Very convenient

…Super easy to use to keep our footballs inflated in the go.

If It Doesn't Feel Right . . . Top It Off

This is a good portable device for "topping off" the air pressure of a basketball, football or soccer ball.

What is the max psi the pump will produce?

I do not have a specific answer, but this is an inexpensive, but well-constructed air pump. I use it regularly for things like basketballs, footballs, etc. There is no way to measure psi that I am aware of with this pump.

Will this work on an inflatable travel pillow?

Hi MSS, Thanks for your question! It's hard to say for sure whether it would work without seeing the pillow in question, but if the inflation valve on the pillow is different from that you would see on a standard basketball or football, our product might not be the best for you since the needles on our pump are sized for that kind of valve. Sorry I can't be of more help to you. Please let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks for your interest in our product! Eric B. Fitness Factor USA

See what customers said about footballs

Great Football pump!

Great pump!

This really works well!

…I have to air up basketballs, soccer balls, footballs and other assorted balls and this product is faster and a lot easier to use.

Quick air for your balls.

Perfect for my 16 year old who loves to play football and basketball around the neighborhood but seems to need a bit of air from time to time for his balls.

Works as advertised

…Perfect for soccer balls, footballs, kickballs, and all the other little things in your life.

Very useful!

…I carry it with me all the time whenever there is a flag football game (just in case). :)

Great Ball Pump

…Perfect for filling my husband's childhood leather football to use as a cneterpiece at his NFL Draft party.…

Great little pump

…It works surprising fast on the football and soccer ball I used it to pump up.…

It works!

Used to inflate basketball, football and pool float.…

Great Little Ball Pump for the Money !!!

…I bought it for a Christmas present, and my son used it to inflate his football before the group went outside to play.…

See what customers said about footballs

Works great!

Works great on my football!

Five Stars

pump worked great for my Grandson's soccer and football!


Great handy pump for kids to fill soccer, basketballs or footballs.

Can it quickly deflate a football by two pounds of pressure per square inch in a pinch?

We’ve never DEFLATED anything.

Are the needles that come with this pump & gauge made of plastic or metal, please?

It comes with a metal needle, as I order one along with the Football I ordered. I got a good deal on the Football and the Air Pump kit.

Five Stars

Very easy to use and inflated the football and soccer ball quickly.

Great and handy to have for soccer balls and footballs!

This is a great little pump and handy to have if you have children with soccer balls or footballs.…


This works great. have used it on all the balls in the house (basketball, football, soccer ball, kick ball).…

I this pump's needle a good size for a 2 pound small exercise hand-held ball

I would assume so, but not certain. We use it for basketball and football. Happy Holidays!

Is 11 too young to own one of these? i drew a name from a christmas tree to donate a toy to a kid. i don't know him.

If it was in the gift limit budget to include a ball like the COOP hydro football it would make sense. It's a great size for smaller hands and then the pump would have a purpose. On its own it's sort of a strange random thing to get as a gift.

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Anyone who plays sports with balls knows how important it is to have a pump on hand. For soccer, ball pumps are necessary to use to ensure the ball is properly inflated and can be used while practicing or even playing a game. Below are our top picks based on factors such as how quickly they can inflate a ball and how easy they are to use.