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very pleased with quality of product, allows for great reception even from underground/basement areas

10 others also recommend for tv

It is very easy to install, I am happy to watch so many TV channels without monthly TV subscribe fee, the picture is very clear, especially HD channels, it's crystal clear

10 others also recommend for tv

I get 3 more channels than I did with my old antenna with excellent picture quality! Easy installation

10 others also recommend for tv

Works great for me. Getting 39 channels. Of course I'm close to a big city.

10 others also recommend for tv

After dealing with glitchy cable, we are so happy with our TV antenna! We can watch TV without any problems!

10 others also recommend for tv

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Great in basement tv setup

very pleased with quality of product, allows for great reception even from underground/basement areas

Inexpensive solution to get TV stations.

Gave up cable and this was an inexpensive solution to getting local and other channels. Easy to install. Only need to fiddle with finding the best location to put it to get most channels

Great picture and free TV!!!!

This is a really great product. Received more channels than I anticipated and the picture quality is excellent. Would absolutely recommend!!!!

Do i need one for each tv? or will it work on multiples tv

You need one for each tv

I have a real old tv. will it work?

You didn't give the age of your tv. I have a 2012 tv and it works great.

Able to watch free TV

Very satisfied with this antenna. I am able to catch more channels than expected due to our location

Good TV antenna

The picture is really clear and not many channels where I live but I'm enjoying it

Free TV without the wasted channels

Hello your antennas are great and I no problem connecting to my local stations. It saves me a bundle of $ cutting the cord and using an Antenna thats is more live that any cable or satellite company Ive tried. The picture is so clear and sharp it doesnt matter that I dont have 165 wasted cable stations I never watch.

Can this antenna be set up on tv stand

yes, but tv stand can need find separate. thank you

Do I use my own remote for my TV?

Yes, correct

See what customers said about tv

So satisfied!

It is very easy to install, I am happy to watch so many TV channels without monthly TV subscribe fee, the picture is very clear, especially HD channels, it's crystal clear

By far the best TV Antenna

By far the best TV Antenna.…

Great purchase!

Easy setup, great space saver, compatible with our TV!

Do you need a 4K TV to use this?

I think that all you need to use a digital antenna like this is a TV capable of receiving digital TV signals from an antenna or a set top box.

I own an old fashioned tv. What is the best antenna for me?

This antenna has a USB and cable plug so I'm not sure if you have that on your TV

Really works.

I tired of paying increasing cost for my TV service.…After trying several flat intennas that I had to stick on a wall or place in a window, this is my favorite. my TV is not close to a window and placing this on my TV table it works great.

Nice item

it works great and using the TV as the power supply using the USB.

Great little TV antenna

Easy to hook up and start using. Small size makes it easier to place and hide than the big flat plastic antennas.

I have plain, flat, white digital antennae that came with my old TV. Is your antenna stronger?

Dear customer, thank you for your question. Yes, sure. our antenna upgraded Granny's Home team

Can the antenna help improve a wifi signal for a smart hdtv?

Hello No , this is digital tv antenna . Thank you

See what customers said about tv

Great quality TV pictures!

I get 3 more channels than I did with my old antenna with excellent picture quality! Easy installation

Free tv


TV Reception

Installation was easy. The cable was long enough. Not all channels were coming in so we had to figure out how to point the antenna in the right direction and found a better spot to place it so the signal came in strong. Everything is good now. Would recommend.

Can this work on a highsense tv and how bout any tv set?

Yes it will and will plug in (screw in) the back of any tv

is there a tv guide section to see up coming tv shows?

No but if you have the latest TV like a smart TV, you will see the channel and what they are showing at that time but not the up coming shows for the rest of the day. Hope this helps 😁

TV channels galore!

I love the fact it has such a long cord and has adhesive to place it. Wow, I didn't know there were so many local channels! Great buy.

Watching more TV these days!

This is the second antenna I have bought and this one is far better clearer channel's and more stations.

TV reception

It is great not having to pay for cable TV.…

will this work with an amazon fire tv?

It will work with any TV with an antenna input and digital tuner.

can you use this on an old tv

You can use it on any tv, if the tv is not an HD tv you would need a digital converter. A digital converter is separate from this antenna. This antenna comes with an amplifier which allows more channels to be received.

See what customers said about tv

Better than Direct TV

Great antenna

I love free tv

I ditched Directv and installed in place of old Directv satellite. Used their cables, installation was very easy. I get clear reception, HD is amazing. Love saving the $100 per month and don't miss Directv. I highly recommend this antenna for anyone looking to cut a bill from their budget.

TV Antenna

Very good antenna . Picking up lots of over the air channels.

Can this be used with two tvs

Yes. You would need to get a standard coax cable tv splitter and run a cable to each tv.

Does the attena have to be hooked to the back of tv?

No it does not need to be hooked to the tv

Free TV at last!

Great! On a good day, I'll get 53 channels. On a stormy one, around 42. It's functional, tasteful and the easiest solution in the world to avoid getting locked into cable contracts. Highly recommend.

Perfect for free TV

This antenna does everything I need and helped me cut the cord from the cable company. I'm surrounded by two story homes and mountains yet still getting over 30 channels with perfect picture and in HD.

Free TV is always good!

Love free TV!…

Can it connect to multiple TVs & are there any issue of so?

I have three TVs on it. No problems.

How well does this work with a samsung smart tv?

It works well with any newer TV.

See what customers said about tv

Free TV

Works great for me. Getting 39 channels. Of course I'm close to a big city.

free tv

works great, I am about 30 miles from the brodcast grid in my area, the antenna is installed in my single story attic, I am able to pick up all local stations (about 25 of them) all with good signal strength, works as avertised no need for amplifier.

Free tv

Works great! I got over 50 channels and i live deep in the woods.

hook up to two tv

I believe you could put a short cable off the antenna, put a splitter in the other end, then run two cables from the splitter to the TVs, should work fine. Or run a long cable from antenna to a splitter just behind the first TV, then run a second cable from splitter to second TV.

does it work with an old tv not digital?

As long as you hook it up through a digital converter box. We are using it with all three tv's in our house, an old tube tv, a smart tv and an HD tv (not smart though) works with all of them perfectly!

TV antenna

Excellent reception. I have two. One in a small town in MN and another in a very rural AZ. Both getting maximum channels and clear sound and picture.

got TV!

after months of watching nothing but one splotchy channel on the screen and still not giving into the cable television trap, we researched and took a chance on this little antenna. i'm still not sure if we can mount anything to the roof of our townhouse, but it seems to be pulling in most of the channels just fine in our attic. the big plus on this one is that it comes with the mounting pole so no need to purchase anything additional. the digital reception is almost perfect for the channels that are within range and using antennaweb getting the correct angle to turn it to makes a huge difference in signal strength. feels great to get free tv!

Free TV

Good reception. Was easy to assemble and mount.

Is the antenna for one tv only?

I have four TVs hooked to this antenna. You will need a "splitter", which you can buy here on Amazon.

Will this antenna work on the old model tvs?

Yes, it will work on the old TV's as long as you have a converter box for the TV. My daughter still has an old TV with the converter box in her bedroom and it works just fine.

See what customers said about tv

Great product!

After dealing with glitchy cable, we are so happy with our TV antenna! We can watch TV without any problems!

Great reception and easy to install

…All came in clear and I just had the antenna on the tv stand next to the tv. Great antenna, simple to install, and look forward to watching free tv!

Excellent for TV DXing!

…I have been wanting to start DXing HDTV signals, decided to get this antenna to connect to my TV. It was very easy to install; within five minutes, I was receiving free over-the-air TV signals. When actually watching TV, the picture and audio quality is good. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to either drop satellite/cable, or TV DX. Pictures show the antenna laid out on my chair so viewers can get an idea as to how lightweight the antenna is, and receipt of a Telemundo TV subchannel to demonstrate visual quality.…

Would this attenta work along with direct tv? if i were to deselect hdmi to just tv?

Works like a dream in my home with Directv... Very easy to connect, took a few minutes moving around antenna to get best scan of channels. Very easy to change from HDMI to TV antenna.. You will also need to have your TV remote handy... Makes it easy for my elderly Mother to use it to change. Than try with the DirectV remote. Highly recommends this, we live rural and are able to pickup ALL network channels with it.. plus more. Be sure to read the included card... for a FREE one also.

Could this TV antenna be folded or can it be water-proof?

It can not be folded of course . BTW, it is daily water-proof .. can not be sink into water or stick outside to bear rainstorm.

Great quality

Great tv antenna for the price

For my tv

Easy and useful

Great antenna! Very happy with this purchase!

Nice to get free local tv!…

Does this come with everything to connect to TV. Or does it need additional connectors or wires?

Hello! and yes - it comes with everything, installs in just a couple of minutes, and works very well!

Can this work in Africa? or its only meant for US and canada markets?

I think this antennas can be used in US, as long as there is a local radio and television tower that can receive TV signals.

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