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Worked perfectly with my Echo Dot.

Cables worked perfectly to connect my Amazaon Echo Dot to my old Bose Wave Radio.…

Perfect “Old School” Cable for connecting 3.5mm to RCA Audio jacks

Perfect for connecting Echo DOT to our Stereo Unit

Great quality Great price

These were a perfect match to connect my Echo to my surround sound reciever

Does this work with alexa?

Yes, the 3.5mm end plugs in perfectly to Echo Dot, and you can use it to connect your echo or echo dot to an amp or other RCA input.

Worked with echo dot to bose solo


Worth the money

I bought these cables to connect an Amazon Echo to my home stereo.…

Cable is very flexible

Used this to connect my echo dot to my stereo receiver.…

It works

Using it to connect my Echo Dot to my audio system so that I can listen to Internet Radio.…

See what customers said about Echos

Perfect for my echo input.

Works great, and audible quality is exceptional.

Perfect for Connecting Amazon Echo Dot to External Stereo Speakers

I love the ability to easily play the vast collection of music available from Prime Music, Spotify and iHeartRadio through my Infinity speakers while using the Amazon Echo Dot.…

Great Cable

…Used the cable to connect my Echo to the home theater system and the sound is fantastic.…

Sounds crisp and fits well with the Echo

Working really well connecting my Amazon Echo to an old stereo system.…

Why wouldn't you.

We bought this to connect our older speakers to our Echo Dot.…

Great Cables

Used these cable to connect a Denon amp to an Echo Dot and an older Bose cd player to another Echo Dot.…

Alexa loves you

I used this cord to integrate my Amazon Echo with my stereo and boom.…

Good sturdy cable

I'm using it to connect an echo dot to my home sound system.…

See what customers said about Echos

Worked perfectly with my Echo Dot.

Worked perfectly with my Echo Dot and A/V receiver.

Great buy

connect my echo dot to a sound bar and it works great. no issues

Perfect product for my Amazon Echo Dot

I got this cable for my amazon echo dot, and I have had No problems with it. the sound quality is really good and its really a good bang for your buck

Does this work with alexa

Yes it does. You can use it to connect your echo or echo dot to an amp or other RCA input.

Can you connect the red/white cables on a cable box to a speaker with the aux cord?

yes works well with the echo dot plugged in to you system

Great for Echo to Stereo receiver hook up

Used this to plug my Echo Dot into a stereo receiver and it worked perfect, sounds great

Awesome 3.5 Works with my Echo dot2

Great sound cord for my Rcho dot 2

Great for Echo Dot connection.

Worked perfectly to connect my Echo Dot to my stereo receiver and speakers.…

Looking to see if anyone has used this cable to connect a kindle (via headphone jack) to the rear aux jacks on a town and country

I connected these cables from my Echo Dot to my Boise player for a great sound.

Nicely made, perfect for Echo Dot

Good solution for connecting my Echo Dot to my analog amplifier.…

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