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This is a good addition to my home, recommend.

10 others also recommend for homes

Great for at home or traveling.

10 others also recommend for homes

I have been using it for my dash cam for several month. It works fine and I brought another two.

10 others also recommend for homes
Apple AirPods with Charging Case
$129.98 & FREE Shipping. Details

It has good sound, perfect to work, sport, or at home

10 others also recommend for homes

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This is a good addition to my home, recommend.

This is a good addition to my home, recommend.

Five Stars

Great for our home.

Five Stars

Enjoy haveing plenty of good batteries here at home!

What is the capacity ?

I don't know long term but they operated in two walkie talkies consistently over two days and were still operating when my grandchildren left to go home.

Great value. I use these in many of the items in my home

These batteries are awesome for kids toys that don't have moving parts and only music. Also works great in remotes and things like that. Great value for what you get. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Great battery, and so much better than Home Depot batteries

Works great, and works very long time.

Outstanding for the price!!

Great price, long lasting and got to my home very fast!

Five Stars

Great price on batteries which are always needed in every home.

Five Stars

great deal for an essential item for the home!

Home use

Work great and will buy again.


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Great for at home or traveling

Great for at home or traveling.

Just what my home office needed

Perfect for where you need extra length in a cord.

Good value

Good length for home use

Will this cable charge an Apple iPad Pro 2nd gen?

It should work on any iPad Pro EXCEPT the 2018 version, the one without a home button. That needs USB-C to charge, the same connector as the new MacBook Pros. So if you're looking for a charging cable for an iPad pro, if your iPad has a home button this should work. If your iPad has no home button and the screen has rounded corners, you need USB-C.


Works great and delivered to my home perfect

works well

good price, work fine for travel or home use

It’s great

Pretty well made,longest lasting cord in my home.…

Feels sturdy

Bought this to use for an old iPad mini that I had wall mounted to use as a smart home hub. cable feels very durable and the length is perfect

Great product and value

…I’ve purchased a half dozen of these for car/home and have had nothing but great results!


Home .. good length

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Air pockets but best application out there

This is the best system to do at home for yourself.…

Money Saving!

…The one time I dropped it on the street walking to my car, it shattered the screen protector and once I took it off at home to replace it, my phone screen was perfectly fine.…

Saves the glass on your phone

…I was outside in our rocks in the front of our home and my phone fell out of my pocket.…

Terrific Screen Protector

…Since the Trianium pack came with two protectors, I went home and installed the remaining protector onto the phone.…

Hard edges, needs a softer bevel.

The screen installation wasn't bad, but my thumb is constantly catching the bottom edge of the glass when I go to access the home button swipe, which is all the time now that there's no physical button!…

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Great product.

Working Great!

Easy to install, we do live in pet home, I take these to work to install.

Thank You so much . I am a really satisfice customer

I liked how it came with everything necessary for me to install it right at home .…

Great for the price

…Super easy to install (although the phone design makes it easy without the need to line up with a home button/speaker).…

So worth it!

…This kit comes with installation tools, very easy to do it at home!

Easy and strong!

…We now a 3 iPhone XR's in our home and they have worked perfect.…

Works great

…My husband normally installs all of my screen protectors but he wasn’t home.…

Great Screen Protector

…As soon as we got home my son went online and ordered these screen protectors after reading the reviews.…

Great product, BUT...

…I went home to put another screen protector on my phone (from that same 3-pack_ and BOTH of the other two have some little speck of dust stuck on them that won''t come off.…

Protect your Phone from Pre-Teens! :)

Our oldest is now taking our house cell phone outside of the home, so it was absolutely necessary to start adding some extra protection to the device.…

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Using it for dash cam and home security home

I have been using it for my dash cam for several month. It works fine and I brought another two.

For my inside home surveillance camera

No problems, works as it should.

Don’t have to worry about running out of space

Wonderful for our home security system .

Works well

Works good on my home camera.

Works as advertised

Works perfectly in my home hidden camera!

perfect for home security cameras

works perfectly

Enough storage space for my home camera!

We have a Yi-home camera and this card fits perfectly with it.…

Keeping my home safe!!

…At this great price who wouldn't want their home to feel more safe??

good price and they work with no errors

Worked as expected in YI 1080p home security camera.

See what customers said about homes

Easy to use

It has good sound, perfect to work, sport, or at home


I used them for daily use while I still used my over ear at home they were great for when you have to leave the house for a few hours

Never leave home without them.

Quality product as advertised.

when it will be delievered?

The item ships in 2-3 business days and takes another 3 days or less to get to your home!

What is the frequency range/response?

If you wish to know how far away from your phone or iPad they will work I can give you an idea based upon my use? It depends upon the environment. In my home with walls etc. it works easily 30 to 40 feet. If you have brick, stone or metal around it will be lessened. If it is in an open area, clear line of sight it would be farther.

Exactly what she needed. She wears them everywhere. Even at home.

My daughter loves them!


…Easy to move around when I’m working at home and not having to shift my phone around with a chord attached.

Spend the money now

…Use them daily now I never leave home without them

Good Apple product

…Charging is easy and the case doubles as a power bank to keep the AirPods charged when away from home.

Great for Driving and Shopping!

…I purchased them because it was such a good deal but after using them I don’t leave home without them.…

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