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Ordered a set from Amazon to hand out to my soccer team. Delivery was prompt through Prime and the needles were as described. So far have been working great for all the boys on the team! Thanks!

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Best needles for pumping balls

As advertised! Quick delivery and amazing quality! My balls are finally full again.

Mobi Lock Ball Pump Needle Pack of 10

Good quality product...

Good quality

As far as ball pump needles go, these seem very stiff and hard to bend. The treaded part is the correct size and can go in as deep as needed when connecting to your pump.

Product meets with approval

Just what I needed for pumping up my basketball.…

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Four Stars

They work and are compatible for all my pumps.

The needles are extremely good allows for quick efficient pumping of my balls

The needles are extremely good allows for quick efficient pumping of my football (soccer).…

very useful product

It provides pump needles for almost any type of balls or instruments to be inflated.…

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Great set of pump needles that does the job

Ordered a set from Amazon to hand out to my soccer team. Delivery was prompt through Prime and the needles were as described. So far have been working great for all the boys on the team! Thanks!

Does the job

These pump needles arrived exactly as advertised and work perfectly.…

fast/speedy for the right price!

i luv the fast/speedy delivery for this item. i used it to pump up my kids sports balls

Can these attach to an electric pump?

Yes, as long as you can screw the needle to the pump. I used mine.

Good Quality Needles

…These are good quality ball pump needles and the service was great.

Air pump needle

Exactly what I needed.

I think I have enough now!

Lost the one that come with my pump, now I have many - works as expected and a great price!

What’s not to like?

Product was as described (it’s a ball pump needle!).…

Great price for Air pump needles

I liked the ability to buy a quantity of Pump needles as I work at a recreation center and we seem to break, and misplace the pump needles.…

Excellent value

Compact size that has sufficient pumping power to inflate balls quickly.…

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Great Product for Great Price

…I especially love the tin container the pump needles come in.


I love that the pump needles have a container to keep them secure so I can store them in my garage in my tool box.

great value

I have to keep a lot of basketballs pumped - and these are great.

ball pump needles work great

Just what I expected, easy and predictable use, love the holding tin it comes with!

Pump up your balls

Perfect replacement for when your other ones break and there are so many if one breaks just go to another one.

Basketball pump needle

Product arrived quickly, exactly as expected

This pump is economical, simple and it works!!

This pump is a basic pump but it pumps a lot of air. Had an older pump with fancy gages and valves but you had to pump forever to get any air in the tires and the valve was hard to adjust. …This one is lightweight and pumps a lot of air at half the price of the old one.

Nice organization

This is such a great way to have and store the ball pump needles.…

They do the job!

The basketball pump needles are excellent.…

Love the box

The metal box is perfect to store these ball pump needles!…We have pumped up footballs, basketballs & a grocery-store play ball.…

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Excellent small travel pump!…

Great pump.

Very well designed. Puts air in.

Good pump

Good pump

Is there a pressure gauge?

No. This pump is cute and works Nothing special. Balls only also, not tired

Will this work for a large yoga ball?

I suspect it will work if the ball is filled with a needle similar to sports balls. But this pump is meant for small balls, so it will take a lot of strokes to fill anything larger.

Good pump.

Nice, small effective pump that is compact & effective.…

Great pump

This pump works great.…

Xcelt pump

Works well. Goes every where.

Can you use this to inflate beach floaties?

Depends on the type of valve you have. One large valve is included that can be used for beach balls and other small balls. Most inflatable s have a relatively standard valve This is a relatively small pump but is quite powerful. Should work with a little bit of "elbow grease..

Can this be used with a handsize therapy ball and also a big exercise medicine ball?

If either of those balls uses either of the attachments, yes. One is a standard ball needle we used to fill soccer ball. Best to wet tip slightly before inserting into ball. We used the plastic "needle" to fill a beach ball. This pump is fantastic. The flexible tube prevents needles being broken off in the ball.

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Good quality pump

Good quality pump

Just what we needed for our basketball !

Very basic ball pump , just what we needed !…

I could blow air if my life depended on it

I just don't have the lungs to blow air into balloons but this pump is small enough to be unintrusive and great to handle.…

Do the needles and other pieces fit inside the pump?

Yes they do

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