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So much fun for bath time! Each pieces has a different way the water pours out! Very fun for toddler

10 others also recommend for toys
10 others also recommend for toys

My granddaughter loves them

10 others also recommend for toys

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Great toy organizer!

Love this little toy basket for our kids!…

Tub toys

Kids loved it

Great tub toy storage

My daughter loves cleaning up because there are multiple pouches to put stuff in so cleaning up is fun. This thing works great and is easy to hang. Very happy with my purchase!

If I purchase the Really Big cubby with the letters and numbers, is there still ample room in the bottom pockets for other bath toys?

There are 2 Really Big Tub Cubbies, one with Toys (YELLOW BOX) and one without (PURPLE BOX). The 36 Letters & Numbers that come with the YELLOW BOX only take up about 1/4 of one side so there's plenty of room in either for many more toys :) Thanks for asking - Kristen Founder of the Terrific Tub Cubby :)

can this be positioned in a corner ?

Yes. We have had ours near and in a corner and it has worked both ways. It may not exactly take the shape of the corner depending on the toys that are in it but we have some big toys in the bottom compartments.

Fun toy

Really cool! My toddlers love it!

Perfect for baby bath toys!

Good strong suction cups and a couple options to make sure they stick well. Love the upper pockets for shampoo and washes.

Toy free tub

I like that it helps keep all the baby stuff together and she came put her own toils away after bath time

What ages is this appropriate for?

Any! My daughter has used it since about 6 months when she was more interested in bath toys and sitting up alone but my brother in law is 36 and he also uses it haha!

How do the hooks attach?

All the Tub Cubby Mesh Net Toy Bins come with two ways to hang it on your wall. If you read the reviews you'll see the lock tight suction cups are almost impossible to pull off the wall but if your tile is textured or porous we've also included 3m square sticker hooks, that leave no residue after you remove. Thanks for asking ! Kristen founder the Amazing Tub Cubby - :)

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Fun Bath Toy!

My 2.5 year old son loves this toy.…

Great bath toy

Got this for my 4 year old, and it certainly entertains him. Nice use of colors and very interactive. He demands bath time now, so he can play and measure water make a waterfall :)

Fun toy!!

Kids love it for their bath time!!!

Nice toy

My kids love this and it stays on the side of the bath well.

Busy toy

My daughter absolutely loves Little toy keeps her so busy when she is takeing a bath

Great Bath toy

This is a great bath toy for my Grandman.…Its a great toy and for a great price. I would definitely recommend this bath toy.…

Great toy for bathtime!

My 16 month old loved it!

Fun water toy ...

My 2 year old son loves these bath toys..

Fun bath toy

Easy to stick on tub wall or shower door. Easy to use

Good toy but the suction is awful

My daughter and son both love this toy!! The eyes on the toy move when you pour water into the left side and my 1 year old thinks it is the funniest thing.…

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Fun toys

…Very cute bath toys.

great toys

My twins love playing with them in the shower . They light up very easy and small enough to put in their little hands.

Cute toys

These little bath toys are so much fun, my son loves them!

Are these nontoxic and safe????

My kid doesn't chew on toys, so I can't comment on the nontoxic part, but they are too big to swallow. My 2-year old loves these.

Great toys!

These are lots of fun for the bath! My toddler loves them.

Awesome toys

Awesome toys

Fun toys.

My daughter loves this toys.

Bath toys

These are so cute and the girls loved them

Fun toy

Loved the lights, baby loves playing with them in the bath, even bought it as a gift

Amazing toys for toddlers.

Terrific bath toys for toddlers. My granddaughter lit up with excitement when she saw the toys light up in the water. Amazing toys.


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Fun toy

So much fun for bath time! Each pieces has a different way the water pours out! Very fun for toddler

Cute toy

Super cute toy.…

fun toy

…He really loved it. fun toy

are you good product

My grand daughter loves this toy . Plays with it in the bath .

Will the basketball float?

It comes with 3 small basketballs & they float when not full of water. They are like bath squeeze toys.

Cute toy

Very cute, simple toy.

Good toy.

It's a sturdy bath toy that doesn't feel cheap.

Great toy

My son loves this

Great toy

My toddler love this toy in the tub/pool.…

Good toy

One of my sons favourite bath toys

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Bath toys

Cute baby toys

Nice toy

Very cute! Got these for my granddaughter 1st birthday she loves them


Great bath and pool toys

Will these toys sink and float when filled with water? Thinking about using them in a water feature with circulating bubbles...

I'm sorry I do not know the answer to that question. I bought these for my little granddaughter for something that she could pick up as she was beginning to reach for toys. They're perfect for little hands that need something to hold.

What are these made of? Is it PVC?

Hello and thank you for your question about The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys! These bath squirt toys are made from PVC.

Fun toy

Kids love them

Cute toys

My son loves these cute little toys!…

How big are the figures?

Thank you for reaching out about The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys. Each character varies in size but are about 4 inches long and then have various widths and heights ranging from 2-4 inches.

Are these easy enough to squeeze empty when bath is over (to avoid mildew)?

While you can squeeze all of the water out it is still wet in the inside and will mildew over time. I wash ours with some bleach water sucked inside and allowed to sit for 5 minutes or so. Then rinse them out. If you go too long between washings you'll see gunk come out of them. We do this with all our bath toys every few weeks. Haven't had any issues in years

See what customers said about toys


My granddaughter loves them

Great toys

My grandbaby loves them. He plays with them in the bath and pool.

Fun toys

My son loves these toys.…

How do you clean the toys?

Soap and water and a cloth if necessary! Love these toys

Is this toy made in China?

Good morning Andrew, Many of our products, including the Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy, are manufactured in China.

Fun toys

These toys are really cute and fun in the bath.…

Great toy

My baby loves these in and out of the water.

Fun toys

Fun toys and seem like good quality.…

What kind of paint is this made with? any lead issues or recalls associated with this toy? is this bp free?

I don't know but they are fantastic toys.

Does water get inside the sphere or does it stay water-tight? I'm thinking about mildew...

We have used them daily for a couple of months and they have stayed water tight. No mildew. Great toy, especially if you get a net to practice scooping them up in.

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Bath time is a great opportunity for your child to learn and unwind. Baby bathing toys engage your child to make bath time enjoyable and tantrum-free. To help you choose the best bath toy or toy set for your child, we curated this list of our favorite products.