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Lazy Dog Cookie Company Original Pup-Pie Dog Treat Cakes

this is the fourth year that we buying this cake for our dogs birthday, it became a tradition, every year we get this cake. he loves it a lot.

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Very nice item for my dog’ first birthday.

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Great quality and fits well for a small dog (20lbs)

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Multipet Birthday Loofa Toy Toy Dogs

Such a cute toy for a dog's birthday!

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Multipet Birthday Cake 5.5"

Cute and I didn't realize it played happy birthday too! So cute!

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Dogs love them

Great snack

My dog loves them!

Great Birthday gift, great price!

Dog approved

Perfect for my pups bday!

Is this grain free?

The ingredients are oat flour, peanut butter, carob molasses, and vanilla. My dog loves them.

Dog approved

She loved them! Got them as a birthday treat but still use them for training, etc.

Dogs approve

Bought as a treat for my dogs birthdays - they love them!

My dog loves them!

My dog loved these treats!…

Great dog treat

Bought these for a friend's dog who was having a birthday party , all the dogs loved them and the bag itself was really cute.

My Dog Loved These

These were purchased for my dog’s birthday as a tasty treat.…The ingredients are simple and they smelled good and sweet not like other dog treats.

Dogs love!!

My dogs love these treats!…

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Our dog loves it

this is the fourth year that we buying this cake for our dogs birthday, it became a tradition, every year we get this cake. he loves it a lot.

My dog loved it.

Had this for my Brittany's first birthday and he gobbled it up. No digestive issues at all. Very good product.

my dogs loved this

Bought this for my dog's birthday party and they loved it.…Can't speak to flavor as I obviously did not eat it, but it is cute and my dogs drooled over it.

How long does it stay good for? My pup's birthday is fifteen days away and I'm not sure when to purchase. Does it need refrigerated?

It does not require refrigeration. I ordered mine a week ahead of time and it took about a month for him to finish it. I stored it in a tupperware container after his birthday. He is a little dog and could not have it all at once.

lazy dog cookie

My dog loved it

My dogs loved it

My doggie loved it, thank you

Dog loves it!

My dog loved it and even begs for more!

It did not constipate either dogs!

My dog and his guest loved his puppy cake!

My dog LOVED this for his birthday

My dog LOVED this for his birthday!!…

Dogs Love It!!

My boys LOVE these birthday cakes!! They smell like gingerbread and they get super excited to eat it.

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Dog birthday bandanna

Very nice item for my dog’ first birthday.

great purchase

…my dog absolutely loves it. material is high quality and the print looks great. my dog is a bull mastiff/pit mix and the bandana still fits very well/safely. great value for the money.


I like that it’s easy to tie and it’s big so adjustable if you have small dog or a big dog.

Will this fit my 55 pound golden retriever?

Yes! My dog is 105 and it had plenty of room.

Is there a birthday hat to match this scarf?

Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, we do not carry a matching hat. Hope your dog has a great birthday!

Cute, fun dog birthday bandana

Great bandana for our dog's birthday.…

Dog Approves

My dog loved it and I loved it!…Fit my medium sized dog perfectly


Perfect for my dog’s first birthday

Will this fit a standard poodle?

It should! My dog weighs about 100 pounds, and has a very large neck and it fit perfectly.

Can this fit a bullmastiff ?

Thank you for your question. Bullmastiff's that weigh between 100-130lbs can have a larger neck size of between 18 - 30 inches. The diagonal length of our bandana is about 30 inches which is perfect for dogs with neck sizes between 15 - 23 inches. If your bullmastiff's neck size is between 15 - 23 inches, it will fit just fine.

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Very cute

Great quality and fits well for a small dog (20lbs)

The cutest for your puppy!

Perfect for your dogs birthday! My dog love it.…

Great value and quality!

My dog loved it.…And the cake topper is the perfect size for a small 4 inch round dog cake (not shown)

Loved it!

…Our dog had a great bday!!

Doggie Birthday

Got this as a gift for a family dog. A very cute product is adjustable for big or smaller dogs.…

Very nice

Nice but for a tiny dog

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Such a cute toy for a dog's birthday!

not idea for large dogs

loved this toy! it only lasted about 5 seconds with my husky but he loved it!


Super cute and my dog loves it!

Happy dogs

Dogs love it.

Five Stars

Great birthday gift for dogs!

Dog loves this toy

Dog loved it


Bought for the dogs great product super cute as well

My dogs love it

My dogs love this new toy!!! I originally got it for my dog because he tore up his old one and this was his "birthday" gift but his big sister decided she liked it and tried to take it before I could even give it to him!…Great dog toy.

Five Stars

Dogs favorite toy!

Five Stars

The dog loves it!

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Dog loved it!

Cute and I didn't realize it played happy birthday too! So cute!

Dog's favorite toy, but supervise your dog

This is by far my dog's favorite toy ever.… My dog has turn up the boy countless times and I have re-sewn the toy shut an equal number of times. Everytime I take it to sew, my dog will sit next to me staring and moping, waiting to get the toy back.…Obviously, it's my responsibility to watch/listen to avoid having my dog digest a battery or broken plastic piece, but I recommend customers supervise their dogs while they play with this toy, just in case.



Does anyone else’s dogs whimper when the song plays? They’re obsessed with it!

Yes we found a very positive effect on dogs with this toy

Is it made in China and distributed in NJ?

Per the tag, yes. But my dog is absolutely obsessed with it.

Happy dogs


Dog loves!

I get one every year, this toy is his favorite. the toy holds out, after a year the sound box is slowing down

Happy Dog

Our One Year Old Doxie loved this gift. He's had it for a month so far and no damage, still in working order.

Does it have batteries? How many?

It does not have batteries. The toy has some sort of spring inside that plays music if a dog bites it or a person squeezes it. Hope this helps!

Good birthday dog toy

Got as a fun toy for my dog’s first birthday.…My dog usually destroys toys and this actually held up great.…


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