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Excellent protection for Apple pencil

Excellent case I added a strap on mine

Good way to protect your Apple Pencil

I really like the case. As it is a good way to store my extra's in it. I keep my charging cable and adapter in it. The sleeve is OK. Nice grip.…

Exellent product..

I really love it, protects a lot my Apple pencil...

Quality Item

A well-made item for the Apple Pencil and accessories, this case is perfect and the price exceptional!…

It’s fairly good.

I have been using this for a while and I it has been easy to bring along and protect my Apple Pen from damages, one of the things I did like was the compartment to store something as a charging port and various extras if I needed to in comparison to other cheap alternatives that lack it.…

Valuable protection for you Apple Pencil

Great case to protect your Apple Pencil.…

The case does not hold the pencil snuggly. The foam cutout is too large

…Biggest downside is that the foam doesn’t hold the the Apple Pen snuggly.…

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Great for Apple 2 pencil and accessories.

I’m loving this Case for my Apple 2 Pencil, charger and cable.…

Nice case

Nice case for iPad charger and Apple pen. …Perfect place to protect the expensive Apple Pencil

Good case!

Very nice case, looks good and keeps Apple Pencil safe from harm with extra room for other items.

great price great producr.

Great price, exactly what I wanted to keep my charger and apple pen.


…Love it great for school and storing apple pencil, the grips I have for it and air pods LOVE IT

Perfect fit! Takes up less space in my purse

This is the perfect littel case for my apple pencil, charger, headphones and other accessories.…

Pretty pearl-pink hard case for Pen

…Otherwise very nice hard case to keep Apple Pen or Samsung Tab S4 pen from getting lost.

Completely worth it

…It fits my Apple Pencil, a couple of ink pens, charging wires, and AirPods case, perfectly.

Great case.

…I would totally trust having an Apple Pencil in this case.

A very nice case for the money

I bought this case for my Apple Pencil and to also keep 2 cords to charge my pencil and Ipad.…

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apple 8 plus

it is a good case

Great value

As good as apple product.

Do not buy your case at the apple store.

I like this case as it makes it easy to hold my iPhone and is nicer than the original $40 leather case.

iPhone 7 Plus Case, JETech Apple iPhone 7 Plus Case Cover Shock-Absorption Bumper and Anti-Scratch Clear Back for iPhone 7 Plus

What can I say. It's a great cover and gives outstanding protection. Drop my phone often but because of such a great protection the phone still looks brand new. This comes highly recommended.

iPhone 7 plus case

Great minimal case,color black let's the Apple logo show through and doesn't scratch outside of case going in and out of pocket.Defenitly recommend

i’ve been using JETech phone cases since i had my ...

i’ve been using JETech phone cases since i had my apple 4s. a very realible product. it really protects your phone.

Nice Apple Iphone Case

My daughter wanted me to get this for her new iPhone so that she can put her own picture as a background. Works well for kids who like to create that phone design with a clear phone case.

Gorgeous clear, well protected iPhone 7 Plus Case!

…My original case that I purchased at the Apple Store two years ago was cracked and yellowed.…

Great product! Reasonable price and quick delivery

…Only one small hiccup which was Sprint could not initially connect the phone to our plan, so we had to make a quick run to the Apple Store for a sim card.…

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Apple +

Perfect. Like the size since easy to hold and not heavy


Excellent buy.

Great item

Absolutely love it and the price was right compared to the Apple Store price of $35.

How are you 100% sure this case will fit the Iphone 8 plus?

The iPhone 8 plus and iPhone 7 Plus are the exact same sizes. I’ve done research on this since they announced the phone and the cases apple provides also say they fit both phones. So I’m pretty positive it will fit:)

Great substitute

Inexpensive comfortable just like the $39.99 one I bought at Apple

works great on my phone

iphone 7 Plus Case, Matone Apple iphone 7 Plus... works great on my phone!!!

Works really well... is reasonably priced and ...

Works really well...is reasonably priced and allows the Apple design to be appreciated and well protected.…

Sturdy and shows the beauty of Apple's standout design.

…I can actually see the my phone's gorgeous color and impeccable Apple design.…

Great case, great price

Waaaay better than the $30 case I bought at the Apple store.…

Looks great while protecting my valuable iPhone

…Love that it fits into the Apple watch and iPhone caddy I bought recently!


See what customers said about apple

Love this case for the Apple pencil

This case keeps everything you need for the pencil at hand. Love the color and I get lots of compliments on it.

Apple Pencil holder

Love the design and durability of this product.

Moko Holder Apple Pencil

Made well, attractive looking too

Will it fit an apple pencil with a silicone skin and an iPad charger?

Silicone skin, definitely. Though it's hard to see from the picture, it's not a tight fit for the Apple pencil. And if you're not talking about the more bulky and boxy Apple chargers, it should fit. If you have a charger like the one in the picture (small and square), it will fit easily. A bulkier charger might fit but the you'd have to ensure that the pencil is tucked into one side of the case and the charger more to the other side, which isn't impossible, just makes it a bit trickier to fit it all. This case has a lot of internal padding, which is a reason I quite like it, as I don't have the worry that something might bend or crush the fairly pricey pencil.

There is a "non-apple" usb charger block in the picture, but will the case hold the apple charger block that comes with the ipad pro?

Yes it can hold the bigger charging block that comes with the pro. The pen will have to be to the side and the block in the middle. It works out great still.

The perfect apple pencil case!

I had another case that didn't fit all of my iPad accessories and knew I needed a new one. This one is perfect, it fits my pencil, charger, microfiber cloth, extra nibs, adapter, and drawing glove. Everything fits securely in a nice compact case. Couldn't be happier!

Great Apple Pencil case

Just as described. Perfect for storing all my Pencil Stu!

Perfect for all my apple accessories

Perfect for all my apple accessories, my apple pen and charger and headphones fit very nice and also the design was amazing.

Can you take the foam underneath the compartment for the apple pencil out?

You can take the foam out. I use it without the foam for more room.

My Apple Pencil has plus ergo sleeve. Will it fit in this case?

Yes. Lots of room in this case. I like the material. It protects what is inside

See what customers said about apple

Apple Phone Case

works well!

jtech case for apple

Awesome!!! JTECH is reputable!!!

Apple rose gold cover

Love my new rose gold Case!!!

I have a case now that prevents you from using ipay. Will ipay work with this case???

If you mean Apple Pay, this case will work fine with it. I use my phone to pay with case on all the time.

Can this case be used with temper glass screen protector?which brand can be used? Kuool iPhone 7 screen protector?

I use mine with a glass screen protector. I am using iPhone 7 6S 6 Screen Protector Glass, amFilm iPhone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 2016, 2015 (2-Pack). There is now full protection for the phone.

Apple ¡Phone Jetech case

The case is very light and it holds my cell in place. I like the color that I have selected and the way it makes my cell look, it kind of shines. Once and again I am satisfied- Thank you!

Case for Apple iPhone 8

Good grip on sides. Corners are well protected. Exactly what I was hoping for.

JETech case for Apple iPhone 7

I bought this case for my wife's iPhone 7. She wanted protection as well as she wanted to see the golden color of her iPhone. It fits perfectly, has been resistant to scratches and has protected her phone when it falls out of the car and when it slides out of her lap. We will order another one in the future when she upgrades her iPhone. Great product!

Best iPhone 7 case!

Love my new apple 7 iPhone case! …No need to buy ones at the Apple Store for 3x the price!!

Protection and overall look of the phone

Very happy with the JETech Case for my Apple phone.

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