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Apple iPhone 8, 64GB, Gold - Fully Unlocked (Renewed)
$268.96 & FREE Shipping

…Everything works great and phone was easy to set up on the sprint network.

10 others also recommend for sprint

…Other than that it is a great phone that works well with Sprint...

6 others also recommend for sprint

…Works for Sprint just fine.

10 others also recommend for sprint


3 others also recommend for sprint

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Couldn’t be happier

…Everything works great and phone was easy to set up on the sprint network.

Careful of the IMEI

…For example, Verizon and Sprint have compatible IMEI's, and AT&T and T Mobile are compatible.…

Works with Sprint, very happy

…Was able to activate with Sprint.…

Does this phone work with sprint?

Yes, I have Sprint and it works fine.

Will this iPhone 8 work on sprint network?

I purchased one ane it worked just fine. If it's Sprint CDMA, you should be ok. See if you can get the imei number ahead of time and sprint should be able to check it for you.

No SIM card

…I spent about 3 hours on chat and driving to the sprint store to get this figured out but eventually got it working.…

SIM card

…I was on the phone with Sprint for about an hour determining why the phone wasn't getting cell service.…

Is this works with Sprint?

It should, yes

Will this work with sprint?

Its is unlocked for any carrier so yes

Will this work on sprint

Yes no problem. It works on most carriers

See what customers said about sprint

So far so good but no wireless charging....

…Other than that it is a great phone that works well with Sprint...

Can it be used with Sprint? Thanks

Yes, this is the unlocked US SKU and therefore compatible with Sprint.

Can I use it with Sprint services? Thank you.

Yes, this is the unlocked US SKU and therefore compatible with Sprint.

Does this phone both work for T-Mobile and Sprint?

Yes, because the phone is unlocked it works on Sprint and T-Mobile SIM cards.

which network bands does it support? Is it fully compatible with Sprint?

Hello, Yes, this phone is fully compatible with Sprint.

will this work cdma sprint?

I just received my Google Pixel 3a this week and I used a Verizon sim card (also CDMA) and it worked flawlessly. I can't guarantee it will work with Sprint but the phone's description was very clear that it was unlocked and would work on all GSM and CDMA networks in the US. I would say your chances are good.

See what customers said about sprint

Cheap Durable?

…Works for Sprint just fine.

Great phone for anyone on a budget!

…Took into Sprint and activation was quick and easy.…

Works with Sprint but not Verizon (CDMA)

Despite the band compatibility, it doesn't work with Verizon at the moment.

Work with sprint ?

Mine works fine with my carrier. So I would think it would work fine with sprint

There are alot of mixed answers of if it works or not with sprint. Does it actually work with sprint or are people confusing services?

I don't have sprint service, so I don't know if it work with sprint. I have cricket and it works fine.

Need to know if this US version works with Sprint?

I don't know bout Sprint but it is working good on tmobile. (If i am not wrong this is GSM phone. So good for tmobile and Att. Not good for Sprint and Verizon. )

Can anybody confirm if Sprint full network is supported?

Yes works with any carrier make sure it's the gsm/cdma version

Do you know if this phone works with a cdma carrier like boost mobile? thank you!

I dont know. It works with sprint, I can say that much.

I am upgrading a flip phone for my wife and will have to go to verizon to get a new sim card. Knowing all this and reading the reviews, will it work?

Yes it will work......I think Walmart has the Verizon version of the phone, but the US unlocked version of the phone should work with that carrier. I'm with Boost Mobile, which is owned by Sprint right now. So Sprint, Boost Mobile, Verizon, and Cricket are on the CDMA networks. T-Mobile, AT&T, and Metro By T-Mobile are on GMS network. The US unlocked version is compatible with both networks. I'm with Boost Mobile and it works perfectly fine.

What is the difference between micro sd and nano sim in actual usage of phone?

The micro sd is use for extra memory. Once your phone memory is use up you can send it to the micro sd. When I take pictures I don't use me phone memory I send it to the micro sd. You have a choice to send the pictures to the phone or the micro sd. When you do that you don't use up the phone memory and slow it down. I can take it out and put it in the next phone I buy and have all my pictures and I can take it out and up load my pictures to my Mac. I have over 350 songs on my micro sd I been having for years. When get new music on my computer I also download it on the micro sd and I have the new music on my phone. With A50 you can also save your texts on it. The main purpose of the nano sim card is for the network that you use. If you use Verizon, Sprint or whatever company that sim card is set up for that company. It can also be use for memory.

See what customers said about sprint

will it work with Sprint?


will it work with Sprint?

I believe it works with Tmobile and at&t. I switched to Tmobile and saved 70.00 a month. Best to call best buy store and ask them for sure. I know it doesn't work with Verizon. Good luck. The phone is awesome btw.

Does this phone work on cdma network like sprint and textnow?

I don't know because I have tried with T-Mobile, Cricket, and Vietnam SIM card (Vietel). They work very good with this phone. But you have to be aware that this phone recognizes 3G network in the U.S instead of 4G.

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