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I bought these for my 11 year old and my 5 year old. They have had them for a few months and they work great. Other headphones I have bought them never last this long. The noise cancellation part is excellent because when I yell for them they never hear me, lol.

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Very good headphones at a great price. Gets the job done.

10 others also recommend for kids

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Great for Kids

I bought these for my 11 year old and my 5 year old. They have had them for a few months and they work great. Other headphones I have bought them never last this long. The noise cancellation part is excellent because when I yell for them they never hear me, lol.

Happy kids!

My kids are very happy with these!!

Great for kids

Perfect for my 9 year old son! Bold colors and good fit

Is the chord durable? My kid tends to pull on the chords of her older headphones and ends up breaking them.

I have 6 kids. I got it for my oldest 13 year old son who wanted a microphone with headphones. So far, a few weeks in, the headphones have survived the pulling they get from a 10, 8, and two 5 year olds.

Is this product made in USA?

i don't know the answer. My grand kids liked them

Great for Kids!!

Daughter loved them

Great for kids

My granddaughter loves hers.

They are kid friendly

Sound quality, durability and overall look is great and my niece loves them

Will this work with a amazon fire?

My kid uses it with their kindle everyday - almost. Works with tablets ipad, macbook and iphone too.

Does this headphone have a mic? So that they can play fortnite at each home and communicate through a headset with a good mic.

No they do not have a mic, I bought them for my kinder-gardener to study at school as I don't the quality of their headphones, these are much better and kid friendly, he loves them.

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Great for kids

Great purchase for my 8yr old!

Great for kids

Great size, fit and quality for kids or those with small heads

Great for kids

We love the design of these headphones and how they fit comfortably on our 5 year old. They have great sound and are a perfect quality and durability for this age!

Are these kid headphones adjustable?

The headband is adjustbale. You are able to adjust these kid headphones to fit your head very well.

Are these designed for kids and toddlers or adults

They fit my 6’3” husband just fine and the sound is good. There are no childlike graphics.

Great for kids

They are nice and great for my son at school. Fold up so easily stored.

Great for Kids

My kids love them they are 9 & 6 years old and they fit great.…

Great for kids

My 7 year old loves these. Santa brought him these headphones for Christmas so I can have my own back haha. My son yelled my own beats. He is now wearing them while he plays his new videogame.

Are these kid headphones adjustable?

Yes they are

Do these kids headphones have a volume control?

Yes, it has an inline volume control. It's easy and convenience for your to turn up/down the volume.

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For older kids

I got these for my 4yr old. They work great BUT there is NO volume control limit.

Great for the kid!

My 4.5year old loves these! Great for keeping things quiet and perfect for his size. The other night I couldn't find my headphones to watch a little Roku... So I used his... Pretty decent.…

Not just for kids

A great tool to have for those of us who frown on bulky headsets, and at a price point that makes it worthwhile. I was really surprised at the quality for the price on this set. As a avaid DBD player when playing killer it really helps to hear the suffering of your victims :)

Do these extend so they work on older kids or is it one size?

Yes. They can extend for older kids, fit 3-18 year old. Even some adults can use it.

Are they noise canceling? Has anyone traveled on a plane with kids using these? How long have they lasted?

I don’t believe they are noise canceling, but when my kids wear them all of the sudden they can’t hear me;). I bought them in December for my kids and I have been really happy with them. They have held up longer than any of the other headphones I have purchased for them.


My kids love these headphones.…I like the covering over the cord to protect it and make it more durable for kids.…

Kids love it


Good for kids

My 6 year old brother loved these and they fit him perfectly

Did they last very long? How are they for flights? Did anyone’s kids have any complaints?

Have only had them a short period of time but seem very well made and comfortable. That being said, they are a little big for our 31/2 year old. Tall in the crown. Haven’t had them on a flight. Hope this helps some.

Is this suitable and clear for lectures and speeches?

My kids use them with their chrome books for youtube, movies and game. They are happy with sound quality and comfort.

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Great for kids

Great my son Ioves them

Great for kids!

These are great for kids to use listening to music or watching a show on the tablet.

Kids earphones

Great set for children work well for the price

Great for kids

My son loves them. I love them for blocking out the noise when my son is on tablet. He loves the color and comfort of them plus the longer chord.

Kids volume

Nice..we own a yellow pair as well..fold nicely

Kid likes it

I like how they fold, and my son says they are awesome, so there's that, lol.

The kid likes it

My 9yr old wanted these for school. He seems to enjoy using them

Great for kids

My grandson loves these

Great for kids

Works as advertised Good value for money

Sturdy Headphones for Kids

…Will be buying more in the future for my younger kids.

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Happy kids

My kids love them

Perfect for kids

My son uses his st school and loves them.

Good for kids.

Fairly indestructible. Great for toddlers.

Does these work w/ a childs ipad tablet?

Yes, my kids both have these headphones and they both have regular iPads

Can a 2 year old wear them?

Yes. My kids have worn them from 4 months to five years old now. I can wear them too!

good for kids

decent quality

Great for kids

My daughter loves them

Fun for Kids!!

My son has really enjoyed these headphones and loves he can walk around without being connected to his iPad!

Could a 5 month old wear these?

Dear customer, It is suitable for different-aged kids from 3-16 years old. Sincerely, Patozon Customer Service DREAM. EXPLORE. INSPIRE

Has anyone used these on an air plain? How is the sound quality against the back ground noise of an air plain?

For cheap headphones these are as good as you're gonna get. They are surprisingly good. Ive owned over hundred headphones and these are great for the money. They work fine on a plane. Our kids go through a lot of headphones, the dog ate the last pair, so spending more money on headphones isn't a good option for us.

See what customers said about kids

My kid likes them.

Very good headphones at a great price. Gets the job done.

Good headphones with excellent voice and awesome durability

I bought 2 headphones Red and Blue for my kids and these are very good quality. Value for Money with decent features which is good for the kids.…Would recommend these for the kids.

Great for kids

Nice plug and very comfortable.

I noticed that the description for the Blue headphones says it’s for kids. Is that true?

I would imagine. I see a lot of kids with similar ear phones.

Do these work on a airplane?

fit kids

works perfect for kid

My child took these for his school headphones and they work perfect. He likes the fit and the color.

easy for kids!

We ordered these for a trip with our 4 and 8 year olds. They love them!

Great for my kid

Works and is comfortable

Great Kids Headphones

Great headphones for kids.…

Works for kids and adults

Good product

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