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Good material for travel and have different sections for USB, cables and other tech gadgets in one handy bag.

10 others also recommend for travel

So, I travel a lot for work, and have all sorts of cords, charges ect...this bag works great!!…

10 others also recommend for travel

This is a great item for storing cords, earphones, power sticks. It is not for large external drives. It's easy to pack and carry!

10 others also recommend for travel

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Electronics Traveling Pouch

Exactly what I needed.

Perfect for the traveling business person

It was exactly what I needed

Awesome for Business and Pleasure

Everything I need to keep all my electronics together while traveling. Works great with both my business travel and personal travel.…

Travelers Lifesaver product

I like this tech organizer a lot! It's made of a really durable, breathable material and it has a good amount of space for my phone, laptop charger and ALL the cables that I have. My cords typically fall to the bottom of my bag in a tangled mess. This organizer has helped me save up so much space in my bag by keeping my cords compact and in one place. I would definitely recommend this bag to everyone.

Great for travel.

…Perfect for traveling and the case looks nice-not cheap.

Great for travel!

This is fantastic for traveling!…

A place for everything when traveling

I spend a number of days and nights on the road for work. This storage bag has a place for all my chargers, plugs, wires, iPad, portable chargers...everything. With all the different gadgets out there, having a place for all the accessories is great. The case fits nicely in my backpack.

Travel must

Perfect for our traveling family to wrangle the cords and chargers.

Good solution for travel warriors.

I wanted something that would fit all my misc cords and plugs (iPhone, iPad, misc adapters, etc.), but needed something to fit the oversized MacBook Pro plug. This bag fits it all easily! Has held up great.

Perfect Travel Companion

This is the best travel companion for storing all your small cables and electronics. Perfect for airline travel.…

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Five Stars

nice for travel

Five Stars

Very handy when traveling

Great for traveling!

It is large but I have lots of electronics so it is perfect for me. Everything has its own place and it fits in my backpack perfectly to use at the airport.

I am a college student so i'll be making basically a tech survival kit in a way if you were me would you choose the amazon basics case or bubm?

Bumb! I’ll be honest I’ve never tried the amazon basics but I’m obsessed with the bumb case. We travel a lot so this case gets used and thrown around daily! It’s my favorite travel accessory and the only chance I have at staying organized!

Will this fit two xbox controllers, a mouse, and a laptop charger at the same time?

No.This electronics travel organizer bag is not enough big to fit xbox controller. It will fit your iPad,power bank,phone charger,cable,laptop adapter and etc. This electronics organizer bag will keep them separated and easy to be found.

Great travel companion

Someone recommended this and I'm glad I purchased it.

Travel Organizer That Works

This is by far the best investment I have made for when I take trips. All my wires, chargers, batteries, gadgets, etc. were all in place when I needed it. Fits in my backpack when I need to pull it out fast to use and you can customize your compartments in the lower half. Friends and family saw it and purchased it while on the trip.

Perfect for Travel

…Perfect for Travel or Day to Day use!

Great gift for travelers !

Great product for a traveler.

Makes traveling so easy!

This held everything from our camera chargers and cords to our cell phone and headphone accessories. It was nice to have everything in one spot! The material is pretty durable and the size is perfect.

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Convenient organizer

Good material for travel and have different sections for USB, cables and other tech gadgets in one handy bag.

Great for travel

Fits the cords I need and keeps everything together. Nice fabric as well

Good one

Very good travel organizer, fit a lot of my stuff , good design and quality.…

Great bag for organizing travel adapters

Awesome bag for sorting cables for travel!…

Great bag

Great bag for organizing electronics and cables for travel!

Accessory Travel Organizer -- Extraordinarily Useful!

This product is exactly what I needed as an organizational tool for all the small but necessary electronic auxiliary components! It's size is suitably compact with sufficient space for more than just storing charging cords - ie: business cards, hearing aids, spare change, workout fitness watches or bands. Well done!

Great for when you travel

I liked this as it was lightweight and kept all my cords as well as my extra charger for my phone nice and neat. I keep it in a drawer at home now so still keeping me organized!

Great for travel

Great for traveling & keeping your electronic cords neat.

Perfect travel companion

Husband loves this worked for what we need

Not bad

Its useful and very handy for traveling. definitely recommend!

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Wonderful for traveling.

Perfect for flight to Germany

Perfect for travel!

Perfect way to organize travel accessories!

Travel worthy.

Perfect for all the electronic wires for travel.

Will this match with my favorite travel backpack? although my backpack with so many pockets,thanks !!https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b07mhkxcm4

I love my mine, it is small and compact and takes a lot of cables. You want to organise your travelling, then this is a must.

Great for travel

I really like this for organizing my computer and iPhone chargers. It makes it easy to get them out of my bag in the airport. No more detangling or searching in the bottom of my bag for chargers

Travel companion

Perfect. Love it

Best travel accessory!

Great for organizing chargers and camera accessories! I love this organizer. I take it with me wherever I'll need a charger and earphones.

Great for travel and at home

I used to throw all my cords and plugs in my bag when I traveled but using this is so helpful. I travel a lot for work and this certainly helps my organization.

Great for travel

Really enjoy using this when I travel.

Cannot travel without this

Such a great size, love the clip to close, best cord organizer, easily move all cords from one bag to another. LOVE IT!

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Perfect for the business traveler

So, I travel a lot for work, and have all sorts of cords, charges ect...this bag works great!!…

Perfect for travel

Have had this a while and it does exactly as advertised. Holds all sorts of cables, chargers and drives. Even with it loaded up its stays relatively slime and items don't shift around. I would buy another if this ever wears out.

Great for travel

Fits all of my cords and accessories perfectly

Great for travel

This is a great bag that keeps all of my electronic cords, plugs, and every other gadget I have together, at home and when I travel.

Great for Travel or Daily Use!

Love this case for traveling!…

Great cord travel bag!

Great bag! It’s a little bigger than I need, but it keeps my cords and adapters organized and all in one place. Love the color. Well made. Bought 5 of them.…

Perfect for traveling

Perfect to arrange your cables, adapters and pendrives, good materials and the size was perfect!

Great for travel with lots of gadgets

Great way to keep everything together. Some of the pockets are a little small but works well overall

Great for travel

This bag is great for travel and holds more than you think it can.…

Great for travel!

I have been traveling a lot for work and this little bag has been so valuable for me. …I would highly recommend this to both frequent travels and for people to organize in their daily life!

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Great for traveling!

This is a great item for storing cords, earphones, power sticks. It is not for large external drives. It's easy to pack and carry!

Great For Travel

This is a great bag for organizing your cords, plugs, batteries and small digi camaras. Bag is well constructed and doesn't take up a lot of space.

Great for travel

Nice and compact

Large enough to fit a Lenovo laptop travel charger and one set of iPhone earbuds?

The earbuds will fit without a problem. The Levono travel charger fit may depend upon the other equipment stored in the bag. Significant cable storage in addition to the travel charger may be a bit tight. The bag is quite flexible and can be flexed to accommodate more than expected but the zipper is not heavy duty and force fitting excessive equipment may result in zipper damage. If in doubt get a larger storage bag as I expected this bag to be larger judging from the pictures and I wish I had paid a bit more for a larger bag! Check the bag dimensions carefully and don't judge by the pictures alone.

Is this deep enough to store a mouse?

A small travel one will work or.. just put the mouse in the bag without using any of the pockets and it will work

Perfect for travel

I have used it on 3 continents now and multi-week trips. Works perfect.


Love this bag, it fits everything I need for travel.…

Electronics for travel.

I had cords for IPad and IPhone. Plus charging wands. It was very useful for the running around and visiting for my children. Great find.

Is it the same size as a standard laptop, ie, would it fit in the laptop slot in my backpack?

Depends on how big and the style of your laptop bag, but I am able to put mine in a slot pocket in my small shoulder bag carry-on (that I stash under a plane seat.) So much easier than pulling out tangled cords and chargers from different places in my travel bags.

will this accommodate the iPhone XS?

I'm not sure as I have an IPhone 7, but the inner dimension is 6.1 inches and the IPhone space is all of that. I would measure your phone (mine is under that even with a case on it). The bag is perfect for travel and just to keep all item in all the time so you don't lose them.