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Great service, headset has exceeded my expectations. Easy to set up and sound quality is excellent. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

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Sennheiser RS 165 RF Wireless Headphone System
Currently unavailable

best headset i ever owned

10 others also recommend for TVs

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Tv listen

Works great.

Slience the TV

Great product for those that need the TV loud. I would recommend to anyone who has to have the TV blairing.…

Tv headphones.

Great for tv viewing. You can have tv voice on or muted and it still works .…

plasma tv

It will fit because the cables that plug into the TV are the kind that fit any tv

i have a samsunf tv and a direct tv box will they work with this system?

Yes it does. You just plug it to the output of the TV or Direct TV Box.

TV ears

This product is great - I can listen to the TV with out every one else having to endure it loud. I also catch all the words, when a person on TV would whisper I would never catch that and now I can hear it all!…

Hearing tv

I love being able to hear TV without having the vo,umn so high

Great for the TV.

This product works great for anyone who is a little hard of hearing or does not want to disturb the neighbors while watching TV.…These are entry level headphones from Sennheiser and work great for the TV but I would spend the extra money for listening to music.…

how to connect to tv?

There are a cables that you plug into the aux ports in TV. All TVs have them

possible to buy the unit that plugs into the TV? We have 2 TVs.

It plugs into the audio outlet of the tv.

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Great headphones for TV watching

Great service, headset has exceeded my expectations. Easy to set up and sound quality is excellent. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

A TV Blessing

I have a hearing problem and these headphones have made a tremendous improvement in my TV watching.…

Easy connection to LG TV

Fast shipping---No problems Great sounding head phones. Paired another brand of head phones with Avantree Blue Tooth Transmitter with no problems.

Compatible with samsung tv model ln40a750r1f?

It works with any TV that has an optical input

Is this compatible with my samsung qn75q65fnf tv?

It is compatible with any TV with optical audio out.

Fantastic headphones for watching tv

These headphones are fantastic for watching my favorite tv showed with bothering the rest of the family.…

Wireless Headphones for TV Watching,

I love them. My wife does not crab at me any more.

Work great for TV

We have not had any issues with the headphones and they are used everyday!

Can you use this with intervision tv?

I have no experience with intervision tv; however, I do know my Avantree does extremely well with a smart tv, Roku, and other devices. I would imagine if you are getting your streaming through a tv, it should work.

Can the sound from the tv work with headphones on?

It depends on the TV, but in general, the TV speakers stay on and you can turn the volume on the TV up or down or muted, and it doesn't affect the headphone volume (the headphones have their own volume control).

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Connected very easily to my hearing aid blue tooth transmitter and to my cell phone.

It is comfortable and gives me very good sound on my TV.

Good sound

Sound good..I like it a lot.. used it at home to watch tv,a long walk, and work sometimes....

Excellent value

My husband uses these and days the sound quality is the best he's had for TV sounds use.

How would this connect to my TV?

If your TV has a port for what looks like an Aux port then yeah and if your TV does bluetooth then I would hope so

Will be compatible with my samsung tv (mu6 series, 2016)? the tv has bluetooth feature enabled.

I only paired it with my phone, a Samsung note 8, but it should pair with you tv with bluetooth enabled..

work correctly

the head sets are nice to have and i recommend them for any one looking for a cheep way to give the tv room some peace and quiet.…

Firestick usage.

I have it in my firestick to watch tv while wife sleeps, comfortable and sound, on Firesticks can’t control volume but still works good.

Great headphones for watching tv

I got these because my Sony headphones die at the most inconvenient times. Now I have a backup!

Does this work with Amazon fire tv

I wear very large hearing aids in both ears and wearing the Amazon headphones I can hear really good and that's not no fake statement either that's a 100% true statement thank you very much Amazon Ricky

Do these pair with an lg tv?? model number 43uj6200

Dear customer, This headphone can be connected to the Bluetooth enabled devices. If your device have bluetooth transmitter function,you can sure connect. Sincerely, Patozon Customer Service

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best headset i ever owned

Very good headphones

Purchased for TV watching as I have cognitive difficulties. Regular sound amplification does not help me to understand dialogue from the TV set, but using these Sennheiser headphones provides sound clarity.

really good, have not heard the TV so well in ...

Really, really good, have not heard the TV so well in many, many years, I have nothing but praise, worth every cent.

Will this work on 2016 Sony 50" in tv?

As long as the adapter can be plugged in to the tv, yes they would.

can you mute the tv sound?

If I'm following you correctly, the answer is yes, the sound on the actual TV can be turned down and/or muted by your usual TV controller without affecting the headset - it has its own controls for volume.

They absolutely love it and now hopefully the tv can be kept ...

…They absolutely love it and now hopefully the tv can be kept at a reasonable sound level. :)

No more fighting over the TV volume control!!

SO much better than the first headphones I bought for my husband. He loves the sound quality & so far the rechargeable batteries are holding the charge.

Best tv headphones

Absolutely the best tv headphones available

I need these to watch tv while husband sleeps. are these wireless and the base connects to the tv?

They are wireless and the base connects to the TV,I find them very good.

Can you use to are these units on the same TV at once?

Yes you can use two sets of headphones on the same TV. My wife and I do that.

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Distance from TV GREAT

So much better than my last one ,

Connecting Headphones to TV

Customer service was able to help me with my connection problem and appreciate her patience. I am deaf in one ear and having issues with my good ear at the moment. I find the sound to be very good! Thank you.

Easy solution to wireless TV sound.

Performed as advertised, easy to set up.

is Sony smart TV compatible with headphones?

If your smart TV has a digital optical output then this device will definitely work with your TV. Check out the manual for this device and it will explain the connection options. https://support.avantree.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020411731-HT5009-Document-PDF-User-Manual-English-

Will this headset pair with lg smart tv via bluetooth

I have the LG smart tv also. These head phones work great. There is virtually no delay or echo with this device.


Very nice bluetooth transmitter for TV.

Best cordless headphones for TV I've ever used.

I love these headphones. The sound is clear. The volume goes quite loud, which I love since I currently live in an apartment and there is always some noise to drowned out. The company is very helpful. I received a useful tips email today that answered my question, how do you turn the voice prompt off.…

Just What I Needed for watching TV

I have a good set of hearing aids but have clarification of voices difficulty. This head set helps with voice clarity although it picks up more back ground noises.. The volume control works well. I can have the volume I need while others can have the volume they need. I am welsatisfied with my purchase.

can other people hear and watch tv when this set is on?

Yes. Earphone volume is controlled separately from the TV set.

Can i easily switch from regular tv volume to head phone volume and visa versa?

I have a Sony TV. I use the 3.5mm audio cable (I think... the cable with red and white plugs). My headphone volume is independent of the TV volume and both can be controlled at once; TV can be raised/lowered/muted without affecting headphone, headphone can be turned on/off without affecting TV.

See what customers said about TVs

Having trouble hearing the TV? Then these are for you!!

Light weight, easy to install, and fantastic theater sound! Love them!

Works perfectly with my Visio TV.

This unit was easy to setup and pair.

Best TV headphone so far

This headphone works much better than the Rocketfish it replaced. It has much longer battery power and very good audio quality.

Is there a wireless tv headphone that still allows others in the room to hear the tv?

I have these hooked up my tv and the volume on the tv works just fine even while using these headphones. the volume controls only work for the tv and the headphones have their own controls.

can i listen to the tv through my headphones with the volume off on the tv

It may depend on how your TV is wired. I have two TV sets I use with this. One turns off the sound to the main TV when you plug in the set, the other you can use both ways. they are both identical TVs except one is newer than the other. It should work the way you want, but it might not let you do both at the same time, depending on how your TV is set up.

Watching TV with these Headphones is great.

Every so often the sound gets fuzzy and I don't know how to fix this but most of the time the sound is so clear and I can hear so good without bothering other people with it too loud. I am happy with this wireless headphone.

Easy to connect on Visio tv.

Works great so far.


'Much better set of headphones than the ones I've purchased in the past. It's compact, comfortable, simple to install and, most importantly, works great as it provides excellent sound!'

Can i connect the headphones to the tv for my dad and can i still hear the tv?

Yes, I can control tv volume on my tv while still controlling headset volume on the headset control.

Will it work on Apple TV ?

Yes all you need to do is plug the transmitter into the TV and it transmits to the headphones, yeah simple.

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