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best speaker i have ever had on my pc, sound quality is unbelievable loud and clear.

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This is exactly what i needed to get my PC going!

10 others also recommend for PCs

Perfect size, looks good, decent audio. Great value for the price.

7 others also recommend for PCs

Bought these for my father, who is hard of hearing, and he loved them. Great quality, very easy to install, and I'm planning on getting a pair to replace my existing speakers.

10 others also recommend for PCs

Great quality / aesthetic for the money. Very happy with this purchase

10 others also recommend for PCs

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Decent small speakers for PC

Ok speakers, small yet good sounding, great buy.

Best easiest pc speakers

Percent size and great sound I love em

Great everyday PC speaker

…Much better than most pc speakers at this prive and they look good on my desk.

How long is the cord to plug into my pc? i have the pc tucked under my desk and need a log cord to reach the grommet to get thru to my desktop.

I also have my PC on the floor under my desk and the cables are plenty long enough to get there say. I don't want to pull it apart to measure them but I would guess there about 4 ft.

How long is the usb cable? my pc is under my desk.

Long enough to reach from the floor under your desk to your desktop.

Great PC Speakers For The Price!

Speakers were extremely easy to install. Have plenty of volume for my needs. Have volume button set pretty low and they still sound good. No, they do not sound like a home entertainment system, but don't need to for use with a desktop or laptop computer. Considered buying another set to use with my television as it has a USB port to power the speakers.…

Static on mac, no prob on PC

…For my PC, they work great, and have terrific sound for the price.…I ended up using the Bose PC speakers ~$90, and no static on the mac.

Excellent PC speakers

Really good balanced sound. Good upgrade with my new monitor.

specifically what cable extension can i buy to give me at least 6 feet from speakers to PC Tower?

It plugs in to the ports in the back of you computer so get a regular cable with two ports.

I imagine a setup like 1st pebble < Bluetooth dac with 3.5mm output > 2nd pebble. Will it work?

I have no knowledge of what you just mentioned. I just plugged them into my PC and they work great. Great bass from such small speakers.

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best speaker i have ever had on my pc, sound quality is unbelievable loud and clear.

Compact speakers

Just open the box plugged them into the Pc and are working great.

Five Stars

petite and the sound quality was good for a PC.

What does it mean when the tv say pc audio ? & what speakers can i use for this tv ?

Audio (sound) unless your pc comes with built in speakers you will need external speakers in order to hear music, conversations. Or unless your monitor has speakers which new ones do. I have a HP computer and they just plug into one of the usb ports. Work great.

Very new to this stuff. i apologize in advance. i can give it a usb port on my new dell inspiron. do i then plug another cable to line out on the pc?

Right, the usb gets plugged in(mine is on a freestanding Besteck) your computer plug is fine. Then the other plug from the speakers goes into the computer, mine is a green plug. I think it is an audio plug. Hope that helps, I am no computer genie, but after doing the above, the speakers work great.

A Very good value.

perfect size for my 10 year old son's PC set up.

Speakers for my old PC.

Just what I needed to play my old games.

Excellent PC Speakers

I got these to use at work since I don't want to wear earbuds. Obviously I don't crank these up, but they are plenty loud and very clear. I like to keep the LED light on, looks cool. These little speakers fit in the palm of your hand and are stylish. I like the short height as they can sit under your monitors.

Works great for a barebones pc without a sound card

Works great for a barebones pc without a sound card. Just plugged it into the head phone jack, and allows to listen to youtube/facebook posts... didn't really need anything fancy for music or anything, but great for barebones pc without a sound card.…

Great product!

Used it for my PC Speakers - Great sound for a great price

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great product for great price!

This is exactly what i needed to get my PC going!

easy to hook up to any pc

good price great sound

Good value

Good value for simple speakers hooked up to a PC.

I am looking for new external speakers for my pc. When I turn my pc off, my speakers hum. Do these hum or are they quiet with the pc turned off?

They are quiet when the PC is turned off, and these are excellent little speakers. The sound that comes out of them is of great clarity, no scratchy sound, and I turn mine all the way up when playing music. You can't go wrong buying these speakers for the low price.

will they work on a digital picture frame?

They work great on my PC. Sorry, I don’t know @ a digital picture frame.

Good value

Ok sound quality, great for price, great for use of you just need speakers for your pc.

PC Sounds

good size and price...satisfied with the product


Great basic pc speakers!

I'm pressed for space, is there such thing as only one speaker for a laptop? or the pair is the only way? thanx.

There is a Bluetooh speaker that might work for you. Better than the ones I bought Portable Bluetooth Speakers,Dual-driver Wireless USB Speaker with Surround Stereo Sound and Built-in-mic,for PC Computer Laptop iPhone and Android Portable Bluetooth Speakers,Dual-driver Wireless USB Speaker with Surround Stereo Sound and Built-in-mic,for PC Computer Laptop iPhone and Android 4.4 out of 5 stars 102

Will they work with Amazon Echo dot?

Only off the amazon echo has a 1/8th inch jack input on it. These do not pair up via Bluetooth if that’s what you meant by your question, it these are awesome speakers if you use them on a PC or something comparable.

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Great PC Speakers

Perfect size, looks good, decent audio. Great value for the price.


Perfect for work PC for webinars, music, and etc...

What amazing sound from a small package!

With a proper EQ on a PC or MAC these things can seriously sound awesome, would definitely recommend to anyone!…

Good quality for a very affordable price

…I like also the colors Silver & blCK my PC screen so they match like a set. and MOST easy and fav thing is they stay on all the time through my USP cord. I use it to listen some streaming stuff I do on PC I dont use them for gaming though...…

Not what I expected

I wanted to replace my PC speakers that I have had used on several PC's over the years.…

Great value for $15.99

…My PC screen is a 32” curved if it helps.

Simple and effective.

Used it for my desk top PC.…

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Great Speakers For A PC

Bought these for my father, who is hard of hearing, and he loved them. Great quality, very easy to install, and I'm planning on getting a pair to replace my existing speakers.

Great PC / Laptop Speakers!

Bought these speakers for my PC.…Length of audio and usb power leads which made it easy to place the speakers behind my monitor (located on my countertop work area) with my PC tower located on the floor underneath the countertop. I highly recommend this product for anyone desiring a simple replacement and/or upgrae of the stock speakers supplied with many PC's and laptops.

Great value/sound quality for PC speakers

These little speakers sound great. My only change would be to add a manual volume adjustment vs. the digital one on the screen. Still, outstanding value for the sound. I also like the blue light they put out.

Can they be powered by connecting the usb cable to a typical usb adaptor for wall plug/power?

Yeah, the SW102 speakers can be powered via USB cable. You can use a normal 5V adapter or computer or PC to get power.

Can you use these with a Kindle Fire?

I do not think so they would not work with any of my pc stuff only my laptop but they are loud and have great sound quality my son uses them a lot

Great value

Great size, fits our desk/desktop pc well, sound is great for our particular needs.

These speakers rock.

I bought these speakers for my boyfriend’s new pc & they are awesome!!…

Great value

these speakers are great for my pc. their volume and sound quality is great for such small speakers. the style also compliments my computer. looks great and sounds fine. overall, these price is definitely worth for the quality.

Can these speakers pmug into amazon echo and do they work and sound great when used with an amazon echo ?

I don't have an echo, but they will work if each has a headphone jack....You need a USB port (or USB wall plug adapter to power them). These are fine for sitting in front of a PC, but they don't have booming bass, and I wouldn't use them to fill a large room with sound if you get my meaning

Need loud speakers fir hp notebook

Not familiar with hp notebook but definitely can get some volume on these. They have an inline volume control that is independent of your device volume. With it on max volume I usually have my pc volume around 25%. Your device must have an audio jack for sound. The usb plug is for power only and can be plugged into device or a wall/car charger. I hope this helps.

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Bought for first PC build

Great quality / aesthetic for the money. Very happy with this purchase

Perfect size for desktop pc

Works well better than stock speakers

Decent Soundbar for PC

I bought this for my home office, fits well under my monitor and plugs into my 5-port USB power supply. I keep the volume all the way up and use my laptop for regular volume changes. Has decent sound for a medium size room, but while I’m no audiophile, it definitely could use more bass. Works well for conference calls, Pandora, and videos. Solid 4/5 stars.

what cord do i need to buy that it doesnt come with to hook up to my mac and pc

I think it came with all the cords needed.

You think this is the one for gaming? i play mostly fps so it's a very important question

Dear Customer, This soundbar can work with your PC even when you are playing games.

Compact PC Soundbar

Fits nicely under the monitor. Other companies make equivalent products that are less expensive. Still a good value because a separate AC outlet is not required.

Great sound update for my PC

I love the small clean footprint. The sound is just fine for playing music or watching video at my desk.

Nice and simple sound bar for PC

Just the one I was looking for. Simple and clean design with nice sound quality

can this soundbar be attached to a mac mini computer?

Dear Customer, This soundbar can work with any device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, such as PC s/ laptops / smartphones / tablets / projectors. If there is an 3.5mm headphone jack on your computer, you can use it.

How well does this work for sound on a projector?

Depends on the physical setting. Small room with small audience, this would be likely better than the sound from built in laptop / PC speakers. Larger room / audience, it may prove too limited. Only about 2.5 watts per channel. Well balanced sound though, with fair bass and crisp highs. I use it within a short distance for PC music and youtube videos. Requires audio output jack for source. Have not tested it standalone with microphone.

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