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Very unique design and video do not exhibit other brand’s “frame dropping” like behavior. I had 1 simple question about LCD’s auto-off feature, and response is extremely fast and accurate. I am so happy with it and I bought 1 more set.

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Dont drive without it protect yourself

Love it, 1 in each car.

Great quality for price

After my car experienced a hit and run, I decided to invest on a car camera, and I could not be happier with my purchase! this camera is well made and perfect any family that wants to get a camera for their car.


This is a nice car recorder with high definition and I like it very much. It can better protect my car.…

This record the inside of the car?

It can if you turn the camera around. It's meant to record in front and behind the car, but nothing is stopping you from changing the direction of the lens to aim inside the car. You can have the main front camera aimed in front of the car and have the smaller rear camera aimed inside the car, but you won't be able to record behind the car as this only comes with two cameras.

Can you use the camera with an older model car?

You can use this with any car that has a 12 volt cigarette lighter.

Good car camera

It works pretty well and after getting everything installed I can now drive around safer and feel completely at ease if something were to happen

Good buy

works great on my car!

Great car camera

all good. love it! High definition video. Very easy to set up.

need i use sticker to hide the rear cable arround my car?

No, the rear cable can be hidden arround the car by squeezing it into the seam arround your car, it’s easy

Does it turn on when you start the car?

Dear customer, As for your question, yes, it will trun on and automaticially recoeding when you start the car. Thank you. APEMAN Customers TEAM: kt.support@apemans.com 

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Great little camera for my car

Great quality!!!!!


Such a great product, definitely recommend getting for your car!

a great car camera

Very easy to install and great camera quality - highly recommend!

Is the camera durable enough to be left in the car in the heat and cold?

we leave our in our car and we have not had any problems

Does it still work when the car is off?

if your cigarrette lighter is on even when the car is on, it can still work well.

Great Quality.

Easy setup, great quality buying two more for my other cars!!

Great dash cam for my car

Everyone has their own reasons to own a dash cam but mine is to simply hold people accountable to their actions. So, what is important to me is a high enough definition camera that can read license plates. This camera does that and more. Images and videos quality are excellent, with exceptionally accurate colors.

Good Product good quality

very useful dash cam especially if you live in a city. i have it attached in my car and i use it everyday incase something happens to my car when i’m driving or when your parked it has a sensor so if someone hits your car while your not in it it will start recording and lock and save footage during any accident or anytime it detects someone hitting your vehicle while your driving so that way you can always be on the safe side. highly recommend

Does it detect behind the car?

yes. the rear camera can make it

Can the front record the interior of the car ?

If you want , you can do it .


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Good condition..

Good quality.. its perfect for my car.

Best product thats worth your money.

Reason I purchase this product was to have proves in case of an accidents or have my car more secure by recording while I'm away from it I definitely recommend this product works great recording resolution is a amazing for the price.

Recommend to buy it !!

…I am fully recommending to buy and build it your car:)

Can it be moved from car to car easily?

I would say yes if you didn’t tuck in the wires in or stick the rear camera to the window. The front is easily removable with the suction cup but not the rear, it’s a one-time-use sticky pad.

I live in Texas. Will this endure the heat of the car?

I haven't had any problems with the unit when it comes to heat. My car sits out in the sun all day with the windows up and no issues with the unit. The problem I constantly encounter is that the suction cup that holds it to the windshield always releases the suction if it's in the 90s. I've washed the cup and windshield numerous and it never makes a difference. Maybe I'm the only one with problem. But it's what I've found with mine. I can't say enough good things about the unit. It was a great purchase for me.

Excellent products

Excellent products that I installed two sets in my two cars

100% guarantees

…Dhis is a great tool for your car, perfect


…This is the best car camera I've ever owned.

Does camera turn on and start recording once I start the car or do i have to press a button on the camera as well before driving?

I always remove mine from the car. When I plug it back in, it automatically starts. When I'm done, I press the button to turn it off before removing it. So applying power turns it on, but if you leave it in your car it may depend on when (and whether) your car cuts power to the power outlet.

Will the camera record if my car is hit while parked?

Yes, it has a impact sensor that starts recording if jolted.

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Very good car camera

Very unique design and video do not exhibit other brand’s “frame dropping” like behavior. I had 1 simple question about LCD’s auto-off feature, and response is extremely fast and accurate. I am so happy with it and I bought 1 more set.

Awesome for you car

Great value especially for ride-sharing

sercuriy for a parked car.

What a nice system, does a great job as a camera, but I enjoy the security feature most as a great watchdog for my car when is parked.…

Will this detect if someone is vandalizing your car?

In a park mode it has a motion detector -as long as whoever is vandalizing your car in reach of the lens it should !

How can I power this in a rental car?

Many thanks for your asking. For this issue, you can using the car charger to power it.

Car service driver must have!

…It has a lot of features, clear views, night vision, and easy to install. what I love the most is that this camera have inside car cabin camera view, I feel that this will keep my uncle safe with whoever he is driving with! This is a must have for all car services driver!... This will record all the moments inside the car cabins for me!!…

Good front and in-car dashcam

While between jobs, I did drive for ride-sharing and I wanted to upgrade my front-facing only dashcam. This hits in many points and does a great job. I like the overall design. I do wish it was WiFi-enabled so I didn’t have to go through a lot of work to retrieve video. But for the price-point, I think this does a great job.

First car camera and great choice

Quality of the video is very good - a little blue - but seems to capture really high resolution. I was looking at other cameras- and it can get exhausting - really exhausting This kind of keeps it simple, and with the cheap sd cards on Amazon, you cannot go wrong. Just record the road in front of me, and if I need to get the video I can plug it in to my mac. If it continues to hold up- it should be a great value - even if I only got a year or two I would be cool with that

Does it work when the car is turned off?

To my understanding, Yes if car is touched and hit while in-park mode, it records the event. That feature one needs to turn it on in the settings of the Dash Cam. Useful feature. Since my car is always parked in the garrage I did not experienced it yet. But I am pretty sure it can record the event when car is turned off and camera is charged.

Does this camera start when you start the car?

Dear Customer, Many thanks for your inquiry. Yes, it will auto start and record once you start the car. Thank you~ On regards Vantrue

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Car recorder cr900

Much more than I expected, good product

Excellent car camera for price

I mounted this camera, the Crosstour CR900, in my wifes' 2005 Saab Aero and it is exactly what she wanted. It mounted easily and the picture from both cameras is very good. The adhesive strips mounted very securely. The camera has a sufficient number of different modes that you find on more expensive cameras. I found the length of the cables to be more than adequate for her Saab and stowed the extra cable behind the interior body panels.…

Will buy another one for my another car

Great product, will buy again and recommend to my friends.

Can I move this from car to car.

Hello friend, of course you could move the cam from car to another car. There is additional set of mount and tape in the package you received. If you need more adhesives and mounts for moving the cam, please feel free to contact our after-sale team via support@crosstour.co and we will are more than glad to help you solve your problem. We are always at your service.

Does it work without starting the car?

Hi friend, I am sorry but the cam will be off if the car is turned off. When the car stops, the cam will automatically turn off after saving the last video.

Will buy for my second car

Fast shipping, good camera, i like that it has option that you can record front & rear. Good image quality. Didn't try it at night yet.

Effective motion detection and car monitoring

Great image quality of both front and back of the car. Motion detection turns recording on when my car is parked in front of my house so I essentially have a camera recording what’s happening in front of my house. You need to hardwire your dash cam to your car to be able to do this, though.…

Crosstour Car Recorder CR900, you won’t be disappointed!

I especially liked the high quality lens this DashCam came with and the fact it also included a rear facing camera. Performance is outstanding!

How do I get the cam to record after the car is turned off?

Like my car I have a cigarette lighter port that always has power check ur car

With modern cars that do not have a "continuous power" lighter, how does the G-sensor work when someone hits my parked car? Is there a small battery?

G-sensor only works when your cam is recording. It can detect shake or collision of your car and automatically locks video that is being recorded. Locked videos won't be overwritten. When your car is parked, this cam has motion detection which can detect moving subjects within 1-2 meters in front of the lens and automatically record them. The premise is that you can keeps on all the time. You can hardwire your cam to car battery. But we suggest that you should choose the hard wire kit which will disconnect from car battery when the battery volts drop below 11.6 volts,  so the cam will not run out of the power in your car battery.

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Great car cam

Works perfect.

Get it now ....

Love this product everyone should have one in there car ......

Good WIFI ready camera worth to consider for your car

…Once the car started, the camera automatically turned on with a noticeable chip sound announcing itself. …I was able to read license plate of the car in front of me. …I had, the car parked outside for 5+ hrs under the lovely Spring sun When I returned, the car inside temperature reached 57.3°C (measured by a thermometer inside the car.), started the car and it was great that the camera continues function without any issue.... It is definitely worth to consider it for your car.…

will this record when the car is turned off?

You can set up a time delay as it has a capacitor which acts like a battery to allow it to record for a bit after losing power. If your car has an always on USB port or cigarette lighter port, it will always be on.

my car has a built in wi-fi(hotspot), is it possible to stream video from my car to a cell phone?

It has its own built in WiFi so if you’re setting on the side of the road you can stream your videos to your phone

Good car cam...

Everything about this cam is awesome... I definitely recommend it.

High definition front and rear!

Camera does a great job and is crisp enough to read tag numbers of nearby cars.…


First car cam I've had and this unit is very impressive....looking forward to having videos of either good or bad situations when they occur.

If someone drive my car and i am at my home. Can i see live video? And track my car ? In my phone or laptop?

Not that I am aware of. Live view is capable via Bluetooth thus very short range.

if i only drive my car once a week and i unplug how can i keep the right date and time in cam ?

I would recommend getting the fuse adapter kit. It’s a power cord that you run out of your fuse box up the left side of the wind shield and to the camera. This way power to the camera is dependent on the keys being in the car and it frees up your cigarette lighter plug.

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Dash cameras are perfect to capture lovely moments while driving. Also, you can rely on your dash cam footage to report and settle insurance claims, as it shows who was at fault in an accident. This can save you from any harassment if you were to be the victim. What’s more? A dash camera alerts you if you accidentally drift out of your lane and provides an accurate GPS location. Thus, it’s an essential safety tool and worth having in your car.
Every new car sold in the United States must now come standard with a rear-view camera. It's no longer just a luxury; it's an important safety feature proven to save lives. It's also a good way to ensure you don't have to leave a "sorry, I hit your car!" note every time you park downtown.