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It's very good for blocking out the screaming of little kids on the bus, really have nothing to complain about.

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Kids love it

…Kids love it !

Great for kids!

Great headphones. My child loves them and they are perfect for classroom and home use.

Good for kids

My son like it and the sound was good when I tried.

My son is 6, do you think this will fit him?

My son is 8-year-old. Fit well. Size can be adjusted. I think fit most kids and adults.

Can you turn down the volume?

On the device, but I don't think you can on the headphones. But the sound and quality are great. Best set we've gotten for the kids.

A definite for kids

Affordable and tough headphones that sound great

Great for kids

This was perfect for our toddlers on the plane ride. I would reccomend

Does this work for children ages 2-3?

I'm sure they'll be appropriate for a 2-3 year old. My kids are 4 and 5. They are adjustable and fold away easy for traveling.

Will these fit an adult size head?

Depending on how big the head is lol. But I would say yes. My kids have it on the tightest setting and still a little big on their heads. Fits my head perfect.

See what customers said about kids

Pretty good

It's very good for blocking out the screaming of little kids on the bus, really have nothing to complain about.

Love it.

Age 12,10,my kids love it.


My kids love these.…My kids can't hear me at all when they have these on, so I'm assuming good noise cancellation.…

how durable is the plastic?

I bought two pair of these about a month ago for my 8 year old son and 11 year old daughter. My son is rough on everything, and they have held up well so far. He will put them on sometimes just to make things quieter around him, so they must be comfortable. Both of my kids love them.

Great sound

Great item, sound is great, battery life is great on a single charge, comfortable. my kids loves them

My kid loves it

My kid loves it

Works well

Good for gaming and kids watching YouTube easy pairing

Great for road trip with kids

Purchased for road trip with two kids to use with ipads while in the car. Paired easily to ipad and fit both kids (4 year old and 6 year old) well, they adjust so I anticipate that my kids can use these for quite a while. …No complaints from kids and they said they were pretty comfortable.…

Great for kids.

Great pair of headphones for children. Nothing fancy and you have to hold down the volume key otherwise it will change songs.

My kid likes it

My kid says they are good

See what customers said about kids

Great for kids

Great my son Ioves them

Great for kids!

These are great for kids to use listening to music or watching a show on the tablet.

Kids earphones

Great set for children work well for the price

Great for kids

My son loves them. I love them for blocking out the noise when my son is on tablet. He loves the color and comfort of them plus the longer chord.

Kids volume

Nice..we own a yellow pair as well..fold nicely

Kid likes it

I like how they fold, and my son says they are awesome, so there's that, lol.

The kid likes it

My 9yr old wanted these for school. He seems to enjoy using them

Great for kids

My grandson loves these

Great for kids

Works as advertised Good value for money

Sturdy Headphones for Kids

…Will be buying more in the future for my younger kids.

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Great kid headphones!

These are great for all my kids to use!…

Great Headphones for Kids

Second pair - for younger brother. Very nice!

Great headphones for kids!

Works great for my 2 and 4 year olds. The cord never gets tangled

Does this work with the kids amazon kindle fire?

If it has a place for headphones then yes it will. The end of these headphones as a standard jack that would plug into most electronics.

Peace and quiet in the car

Works fine and kids love them.

Good value

…Perfect headphones for kids. I am using it for 3 and 4 year old kids.

As described

…My kids use them in their class at school and they work great!

Love them

My kids love them!…

They are for kids only

My grandson loves them

Great for kids


See what customers said about kids

Kids love it

Kids love it thx

Good for kids

We've had multiple pairs and kids LOVE them!!…

work with kids

Works really well for kids as well my two-and-a-half-year-old son it fits his head on the lowest setting

I am looking for head phones for my kids to use on airplanes trips, are these too big to fit kids?

Depends how old they r. If not u will have them for urself. They fit me perfectly

Anyone know what kind of aux cord I can purchase? My young kids get tripped up in the wires when they listen with these in the car.

Any double ended aux cord should work I would think!

Kid approved

[[VIDEOID:8a1b41b61f5cd228c64397f3453ab963]] I decided to buy these for my son after he complemented my expensive pair of Bluetooth headphones. He was most interested in the fact that they were cordless in comparison to the emoji once he currently uses. Aesthetically, I feel like these appeal to children because there are so many colors and finishes to choose from. The headphones paired to his iPad with no problem at all, and we have not had an issue with charging or retaining battery life. The sound quality in these headphones is quite decent for such and affordable pair, and according to my child it enhances his Netflix watching experience and his music listening to.…

Or felt for kids!

I ordered 3 of these for my 3 young my boys. They are perfect for them. On one headset the ear pad did slip but I was easily able to put it back on.

bought for kids

My twin 8 year old grandsons love these.So far so good as to holding up to 8 year old boys!!!

How good is it with noise cancelling?

I'd say no better than any regular earbuds or headphones. Probably better for kids, or people with small ears.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how good is this headset

Kids use them everyday easy connect. Great sound overall great buy

See what customers said about kids

Perfect for kids

Kids teacher loved it

Good for kids

I bought two of these for my two boys. They both love them! They are comfortable but durable (very important). Not all headphones withstand damage but these do.

Great for kids

Great headphones, Son uses them at his school and loves them

Can kids easily pull off the foam cushions or are they very secure?

I wouldn’t say easily. It happened once to my 5yr old and it wasnt easy to put back on. It will come off if they really put some effort into it. But overall its been good. Id buy again. You can always take it apart put some glue around the edge then the kids only option is to use teeth to rip it apart. But if thats the case your better off getting headphones for urself to mute out the world lol.

What is the age group?

It's designed for kids aged 3 and up. :)

Great for kids

great headphones, nice tangle free cord and they fold for easy storage

Great for kids

My son loves these and they seem durable and easy to use.

Great for kids.

My son is 4 and he uses them all the time.

Do they fit small heads? My son is 5 and it petite.

Yes, these headphones are fit for kids aged 3 and above. Thanks for your question.

Will these work for my four year old and is it compatible with her kindle?

It's just a regular headphone jack so yes it should work. My kids are rough and these are the only ones they haven't been able to break yet so they are perfect for kids.

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