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Kids love these!

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Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy, Set of 5
Currently unavailable

Makes bathtime a lot of fun!

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Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube
Currently unavailable

My kids love this thing.…

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Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy, 4 Count
Currently unavailable

…Great toy for younger kids!

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RYAN'S WORLD Giant Mystery Egg Series 3
Currently unavailable

My kid loved it

10 others also recommend for kids

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Good buy!

Kids love these!


Kids loved em

Ryan egg

…My kids love Ryan.

Glad I bought it!

…My kids were happy!

Mystery surprises perfect for Easter

I don't understand these toys but my kids love them.…

As described

Kid loved it

Good little gift.

…My kid is addicted. I just wish they didn't put that took stuff in all of these dang eggs. :/ But kids love it.…

Happy Kid

My child was ecstatic to receive a Ryan’s World egg, I just wish the toys were worth the price tag. They’re not terrible quality but you can tell they’re cheap.

Its cracker Jack toys but the kids excitement is worth the price.

…Kids love Ryan's world toys.

Good quality

How 4 things in it and my kid loves Ryan's world.…

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Awesome Toy for Kids 5+

Makes bathtime a lot of fun!

Kid loves it

Fun addition to bath time for my 3 year old and easy to clean.

Kids love

Great bath toy, kids love them.…

Are the suction cups strong?

Hi, I have 3 under three and can say it is a very safe toy. The 2 and 1 yr old, have a lot of fun while in the bath. There is no suction in any of the pipes. The kids pour the water from the top and the water just flows to the bottom. Your kids will love it !

Do they only suction to tile or glass? We have one of those "bath fitter" type tub and shower so its neither tile nor glass, I don't know what the mat

It should be fine. We have just a regular tub/shower combo that’s not glass or tile and they work perfectly. My kids love these!

Kids are interested!

Everyone loves these! For the bath, water table, or pool!

Kids like it

Great toy

Great for Pre-K kid

Got these for my 3.5 year old son & he loves them. I had to force him out of the bathtub because he didn't want to stop playing. These are a great toy to substitute all the 'baby bath toys' he had but had outgrown.

Would 2 sets of pipes be double the fun?

YES! I would say Yes, do it. you can really make a long "tube" trail for the water with 2 times as many. Get some good snit slip for the tub while your at it so the kids and stand and pour the water.

Fun for kids

Overall this is a great product for kids.…

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Kids love it.

My kids love this thing.…

Best for 2-4 year kids..

Perfect for small Kids..

Great for kids

Excellent product

All Kids Need This

This toy has been around for ages and all kids love it.…

Kids love it.

I like that it has additional shapes besides the three familiar ones, circle, square and triangle.

GREAT product, all kids need!

…Very well made and great colors for the kids. … I always recommend Melissa & Doug toys, it seems that the kids love the wooden "real" toys instead of the cheap plastic ones!

Great for my classroom the kids love it

Great for my classroom the kids love it

My kids loved this thing.

Bought this when my boys were toddlers, they loved it. It was one of the simplest toys I've bought but they played with it more than their other toys.

Every kid needs this as a toddler

Great for fine motor and cognitive skills.

Good quality and fun for kids

My son (2) loves this toy. It is very easy for him to empty and play by himself. I love that it helps them identify more complex shapes.

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Fun but noisy

The kids loved it!

Actually work great

Best toy this kid Ryan offers. Work great and kids love them

great product

kids love this!!

Great if you wanna spend your playtime with your kids well spent

I bought it for my son and daughter they love it and I'm not gonna lie I like playing with the lazer gun but my kids are cheaters they can hide I can't but I would recommend it as a whole family activity product it brings everybody in on the fun. Not to mention its a great means of physical activity its helps those kids who have a little extra fuel..

Who wants war

My 5 yr old and I be at war I'm a big kid at heart so I love it.

Fun gifts for kids!

Great little lasers!

You're it

…As a kid, he's loving it!!


Very fun for kids.…

Great gift

Kids enjoyed the lazer tag blasters

Star of the Party!

…They are easy to use and the kids had so much fun.…

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Fun kids toy!

…Great toy for younger kids!

Great for kids

Perfect for bath time

My kids love them

Nice and sturdy. Not cheaply made. They handle abuse.

Kids love them!

So cute and colorful. Easy to clean.

My kids love

My kids love these play with them in bath or out of the bath.

Cute toy for kids

Fun bath toys

The kids love them

Great fun bath toys, good value and quality.

my kids like them better

Not only are these more hygienic than the squirt toys, my kids like them better, so win win

My kids love these

All my kids love these (now 1 & 2 years old) they have by far been a favorite bath toy.

Nice kids toy

Nice and great toy for kids. It is very attractive for the kids because of the variety of colors it has and the nice materials it is made of.…

See what customers said about kids

Kids love it

My kid loved it

Will buy again

Good toy for kids

Good gift

My kids loved them

What would you consider the upper age for Ryan's Worlds eggs? I know 3 plus but up to what age?

I think that would change on a case by case basis as certain kids like certain things for longer periods of time. But this contains 7 little toys (random) such as plastic figures, a plush keychain, squishy figure, slime, putty, and more. I’m not a parent so I can’t really speak to the age aspect that well. But personally speaking, I continued playing with plastic toys, slime, putty until I was about 9-10. Then I got into sports and video games, etc. but like I said, case by case depending on the child.

Kids Love These

My son loves this kid and all of his products.…

Just a Ryan egg

…Kids love it though

Ryans world

Ryans world is very good for the kids

Great gift the size is actually its size

Package came in safe and sound evething is new this is gonna be one of the xmas gift for my kids and i also got them the ryans world lazer tag


My kid liked it

5 stars

…My kid is a big Ryan fan