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Using to extend my AC's cord length. working well so far.

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This is a very heavy duty extension cord providing you with assurance that the cord can handle a ports le AC or Heater with no problem.…

2 others also recommend for ac

Product as described and arrived on time.

3 others also recommend for ac

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AC Power Cables

Good power cords. I will order them again.

AC POWER cables

Great, length, size.

Cable Matters 16 AWG Heavy Duty 3 Prong AC Power Extension Cord

Very good! When I need any cable, I go right to CABLE MATTERS! They have very good cables! TY!

Will this work for a window mounted air conditioner?

It is a heavy duty cable and should work well for a AC

Can I use this on an air conditioner unit with a short cord?

I would check how much amps your ac pulls and how much the cord is able to handle. There are cords made specific for ac units that properly handle the amount of amps needed. You don't want less cord then the unit needs.

1 of 6 cables defective

Received my order next day (Amazon Prime) They are exactly what I expected 1ft 16AWG 3-prong AC extension cables.…

Wall wart busters

These extension cords are perfect to eliminate the inconvenience of wall wart AC plug ins hogging space on standard power strips.

Very Handy

Great for dealing with power bricks / AC->DC converters that would otherwise take up more than one outlet.

Great in combination with UPS or surge protector

If you need a short extension cord so you can plug multiple AC devices that have large brick connectors, these make it easy to still connect them.

Better for ac

Definitely properly handles more power for ac.

See what customers said about ac

Works. Good price.

Using to extend my AC's cord length. working well so far.

Excellent Quality!

…The cord is of excellent quality and the female end firmly accepts any 2 or 3 pronged AC cord.…

Reliable extension cords

Standard AC extension chords.…

See what customers said about ac

Great Heavy a Duty Extension a Cord!

This is a very heavy duty extension cord providing you with assurance that the cord can handle a ports le AC or Heater with no problem.…

AC Extension Cord

The main thing that I hoped for is that the cord was nice and supple and that it would lay down flat on the floor. It was supple.


See what customers said about ac

AC cord

Product as described and arrived on time.

Chop Off the Outlet End And This Is A Good Power Cord For A Tool

I purchased this power cord because I was too lazy to wire a three prong AC plug to a length of SO cord to make a power cord for a CNC router I built.…

Can this cord be used for a washing machine? A small portable washing machine with req of 120volt, 60hz, AC only 15-20amps?

It should. I used mine on my car hoist. Works great.

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The job is almost finished. Just a few more yards, and...no more power. That 50-foot extension cord sure seemed like a great deal at the hardware store, but now, no so much. There's nothing more frustrating than cutting a project short due to an extension cord that won't reach where you need it to reach. A 100-foot extension cord can easily remedy this problem for the vast majority of individuals. Want to run some new Christmas lights this year without a visible cord? A 100-footer should provide enough leeway (and more) to allow for some creative cord concealment. Need to reach that final corner of the house for a spring powerwashing? A 100-foot extension cord is just what you need. Plug it in and forget it.
Getting access to electricity while you're outdoors can be tricky, even in the best situations and settings. Electrical outlets can be limited, especially if you're camping or need extra reach. And you can't just use any type of connection or cord -- you need one that can handle the outdoor elements, like dirt, wind, dust, and even water or snow. Fortunately, an outdoor extension cord that's 6 feet long can solve just about all of these problems. Extension cords that are rated for outdoor use can withstand all of the obstacles that come with being out in nature, and with six feet of length, you'll be able to reach many outlets and achieve flexibility. You can discover some of the best 6 ft outdoor extension cords right here.
There always comes a time when you need power in a hard-to-reach area, whether it is on a construction site or a remote corner of your garden. Whatever the reason, an outdoor extension cord is an invaluable piece of equipment that is worth having. However, you want a high-quality product that is suitable for all the different tasks that you have in mind. We have selected the best outdoor extension cords for you to browse through at your leisure. As well as offering an overview of each of them, we also tell you more about some of their key features.
Extension cords are especially useful when working with any sort of electric device or machinery while you’re farther from an electric socket.