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I hooked it up to my TV to test it out and was able to get all the channels I wanted.…Then i changed the angle like hands o clock until i found the sweet spot.I was quite pleased to find that after scanning, i got 120 digital stations on three flat screen tvs and the picture is really much more clear and sharper.

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Very easy to install. Works well with all local channels. So small our hardly notice it!

10 others also recommend for TVs

Package correctly. Ease of installing. Good HD picture.

10 others also recommend for TVs

Easy install and I scan in around 44 channels one direction and then slightly move and more come in! Amazing

10 others also recommend for TVs

This works great where we live, we are 35 miles from a broadcasting city and it does a good job.

10 others also recommend for TVs

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TV Time

Works great, able to get station North and South of my location.

It free tv

Love it i

TV Antena

Works great. Picture quality is excellent. Was very easy to install

I have 3 Tvs, this antenna support them?

Yes, we have a 4K tv, a 3D tv and an LED tv that our antenna supports with a very nice picture.

Is this antenna compatible with fire tv recast?

No, it is not , all the pingbingding antenna does is receive free signals from the air ways , like local channels, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and for me about 60 other TV stations, in the Los Angles area. It connects directly to your TV thru the included coaxial cable. I am approx 85 miles from the TV stations antennas, and I receive crystal clear HD and regular signals. Jack

Free TV

Works great

free tv

we are trying to cut back on unnecessary expenses such as cable, but are so far away from local stations, that when we saw it reached 150 miles we thought we would try. we were able to pick up 14 stations, all available local stations and a couple that we dont get with cable. very impressed with the ease of assembling and mounting, with just a little tweaking the pic can be adjusted by moving the antenna

Economical TV

I am very happy with this product, it is the second one that I have purchased and will recommend it to anyone. Thanks for your speedy service.

how long is the wire for connecting tv #2?

That's up to you. You actually have to buy a splitter and extra coaxial cable. It only comes with one tv hookup. Hope this helps.

I have a 4k smart tv which outdoor digital antenna is best

We have a 3 tv it works very well. Worth the money.

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Really Good

I hooked it up to my TV to test it out and was able to get all the channels I wanted.…Then i changed the angle like hands o clock until i found the sweet spot.I was quite pleased to find that after scanning, i got 120 digital stations on three flat screen tvs and the picture is really much more clear and sharper.


Work great on both tv’s.

It's great buy..worth the price.

…I received 72 local channels on my 48 Samsung TV...no more cable subscription to pay every month that's keeps adding up every years...A lot of saving now.

works good

I was getting rid of cable tried a antenna from wal mart nice if you want to go outside to adjust for some channels this one picks up more and rotates from in front of the tv mind you I am 50+ miles from the coast

New Antenna on board

Just bought a 65 inch 4k TV and I have sling, so I need an antenna when I want to watch local TV.…


…You either stick your head outside to see or rely on the signal strength of the signal, but with digital tvs, you must wait till the signal locks in and syncs up.…

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Great TV reception

Very easy to install. Works well with all local channels. So small our hardly notice it!

TV Antenna for Digital TV Indoor

After being tired of paying those high prices for tv and needing a tv antenna for local channels deciding on this small one very pleased I had for it truly was worth it for works as had hoped. Yes it's small in size comes with a very long cord to be placed away from the tv for the reception can even be used outdoors an in a camper there are times do need to move it around to get other channels this is due to living what we call a hole with lots of trees and a hill on the south side of the house.…

Chaowei DVB66 TV Antenna for Digital TV Indoor...

The only antenna that has grabbed all the local channels. This magnetic base antenna is actually using the steel roof system for better signal. Finally one that works really well!!

It advertised it is portable indoor/outdoor tv antenna,is it waterproof if I put it outside?

Of course,it is waterproof,you can put it outside .It is very useful for the customers who want to watch tv in their Motor trailer。

I have an old tv that I want to use a fire stick with what type of indoor antenna do I need to plug in the fire stick? I don’t have cable tv

Your fire stick plugs into the hdmi port on ur tv. This antenna is good for indoors. I put mine on the window sill by the tv. The antenna has a regular antenna connection. That end plugs into the antenna connector on the tv. I hope this answers your question.

An Effective and Compact OTA TV Antenna

I purchased this to replace a flat wall/window mount type antenna. It has excellent reception. It is plug in and use with nothing complicated, the long lead wire is convenient and makes placement easy. It is unobtrusive and with the magnetic base can be placed so it is nearly invisible. I'm pleased with this purchase.

Free TV

This is my 2nd Antenna, and it much better. I have 24 stations!!

Great solution for over the air tv

Works as promised.

Can this work with nvidia shield tv

You can check with NVIDIA if the model you bought has a built-in ASTC tuner, usually as long as a TV has a ATSC tuner, it can work; if no, have to add a digital converter box. Though the distance is the main factor effecting the reception, but the signals strength is most important, if your nearby broadcast towers delivers weak or moderate signals, perhaps you can not pull in those channels. This is a passive antenna, if you are 50 miles to the most of stations, then you can add AMP1801 amplifier to work together, that will be more helpful.

What if I don't have a magnetic base near the TV?

It can just sit somewhere. I think the magnetic base is just a bonus. We have it on a tv in out garage and it works great.

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Pingbingding HD. TV ANTENNA

Package correctly. Ease of installing. Good HD picture.

Get free TV

Great product, easy to assemble, and provides excellent picture quality.

Awesome!!!! Great HD tv signal.

This antenna is Excellent to reach tv signal on areas that is hard to receive.

How many tv can be connected to this anttena?

This model is without splitter. You need to buy extra splitter to conncet more than 1 TV. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us by service@pingbingding.com. We would make sure that you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Does the power source need to be near tv? I would like to have it in the attic.

I have the power source and amplifier in the attic and it works great.

Nice antenna

Good product, easy to assemble and pulls in desired TV channels

TV antenna

This honestly is one of the best ways to watch tv!!…

Picture better than cable TV

Best antenna I've ever had.

can i use a splitter after the power adapater to hook up 3 t.v.'s?

Yes, we have 5 TVs on it. No problem, perfect reception. Easily have 80-90 stations.

Can it be installed in a garage? I see someone said they put it in there attic so garage should be no different.

It'll work as long as you have a strong signal. If you are a long ways from the TV station it may need to be on the roof.


See what customers said about TVs

Free clear tV

Easy install and I scan in around 44 channels one direction and then slightly move and more come in! Amazing

Outside tv antenna

Shipped extremely fast. Came with everything to complete the install. Unit as described. Really great buy for my purposes. Love the 360 rotation, understandable instructions and remote.…

TV with no cord

Works great picture quality is very good

will support 4k tv?

Yes the antenna can support 4 TVs with the splitter. Remember to connect the splitter AFTER the control box. (NOT between the given cable and control box, but between the control box and TV) Thanks! Jessica McDuory Team

Will this antenna support 4 tv with a splitter?

Hello, this antenna is originally support 2 TVs. If wanna have 4 TVs, please use a splitter. But please remember the connection sequence is: ANTENNA---Control box --- Splitter. Then antenna needs to connect with control box DIRECTLY. Any questions, please feel free to contact MCDUORY. thanks! Jessica from McDuory Team

Free TV. Crystal clear movies

Awsome antana for free TV.


This antenna is outstanding, easy to install, on old TV got 42 channels and on the new TV go 56 channels without using the remote and it's for 2 TV's.…

Good tv reception

Inexpensive and serves my purpose nicely

How exactly do you hook up to 2 tvs without using a splitter is there 2 coax cables running down from the antenna

The control box for this antenna has two output TV1 and TV2. TV2 is with cable so you can connect to your TV directly. What you need is an extra cable to connect TV1 output to your other TV. If you are thinking to connect more TVs, remember to put the splitter between control box and TVs (not between antenna and control box) Thanks! If you have other questions please feel free to send email to us, Bagval. Jessica McDuory Team

What dvr would work with this antenna? we have a led tv so i don't need a converter.

Any Digital DVR will work with the antenna.

See what customers said about TVs

Tv signal

This works great where we live, we are 35 miles from a broadcasting city and it does a good job.


Really like the antenna....it has saved us 100.00 dollars a month by dropping cable tv.…

Free TV

A genius must came up with this antenna.Went from getting 3 channels to getting 27. Wow ! I highly recommend getting this antenna. No more satellite and cable is needed.

will this antenna work on a smart tv?

yes,i have a new smart tv works great

Will this work on older model tvs??

It should. Its a Great antenna and much better than the bigger one I had. I love it and will get another one if I need any more. I'm not sure if its the amp or the antenna that makes it work so well, but I'm very glad I found it. If your TV will pick up the new digital channels you'll be fine, if not you'll need to get a box that will. I got a Mediasonic HW-150PVR and there is a Mediasonic HW180STB I might get next. Its works ok and its the only box I have tried so far. It works better than the turner in my TV and its a newer TV. GET RID of cabe. You might want to get an android TV box too and run show box app. Many TV shows and movies for free. GET RID OF CABLE!!!! I'm not paying 150 a month for tv. You'll need internet for the android TV box that can give you at least 1MB download speed, 2 to 5MB are better but you don't need 100MB speeds. Its nice to have but for me its all about the money each month. When you add it all up hell you can be at 200 a month just for TV and internet.


i really love thee they last about 3-4 years depending on the weather but its a very good deal the price is reasonable

Free TV

Works great. We are 50 miles from Minneapolis.

Tv antenna

Good product

can i hook up to hdmi tvs

Yes, but sum smart TV don’t have coax connection, make sure your TV has one. If your TV has one your all set.

will it work with my cable tv cable?

It depends on how you have your cable TV connected and if you have a tuner built into your tv. If you use a hdmi, rgb or s-video cable and have a built in TV tuner the answers is yes. If not, you can get a a/b cable splitter, a tv tuner or both depending on your needs. Hope this helps

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