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I've had great results with these and my vegetables!

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i bought a bunch of them and i use a bunch of them. i like them because it saves a lot of time and they work great. they do the work for me. it's a one time thing. one tab will last a month. plus my packs all had one extra piece just in case one was broken inside. they work great. i am using them for peppers, tomatoes, and other leafy vegetables that need the P.

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Great product for organic vegetables.

10 others also recommend for vegetables
General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer
$29.94 - $159.99

This is a great system because you can control exactly how much and what nutrients are needed per the vegetative phase.

10 others also recommend for vegetables

Use this one, the SR EARTH Tomato, Veg, and Herb. Works really well on all veggies.

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Jobe's Organics Compost Starter, 4 lb

Easy to use helps to build great compost Then vegetables grow big and delicious

10 others also recommend for vegetables

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Five Stars

I've had great results with these and my vegetables!

Jobe's Organic Vegetable Spikes Rock!

These are invaluable for organic gardening. For our plants not in grow boxes, these feed just perfectly...not too little, not too much. Will buy again and again.

Jobe's 6028 50-Pack Organic Vegetable...

works great on my tomatoes

I'm new to vegetable gardening in southern cal. what is spiking? is this the best product for tomatoes and strawberries?

Hi there! Spiking is using nutrient packed "spikes" versus working soil more naturally over time. This is when you missed the timeframe to make ammends with the soil. ;) usually if you have regular compost added to soil as we as cover crops that serve as nutrients into soil as well and rotate every few years on some plants, you wouldn't need spikes. Spikes will release far more a plant can handle, these for instance called for 4x the amount I used and my vegetables still got "burned" then leaves will turn bleached white at tips from the shock and overkill of nutrients, I add them in pieces and slowly through season. Now I try to be well in advance prepared so not to go this route. ;) cheers from Silicon Valley of the Hearts Delight - Urban Roots FAM mentor

Do you these whould be ok for watermelon?

The product states vegetables. Thanks for asking

garden fertilizer

works great for all vegetables.

Excellent aid for healthy plants

Excellent for keeping your vegetables and pumpkins extremely happy.

Great deal

I grow vegetables in 5 gal buckets and these food sticks are great.

I used one of these on each of my potted strawberry plants today. Will these harm or help or do nothing? Should I dig them out?

These will help all of your vegetables grow abundantly.

Can this be used to fertilize strawberry?thank uou

Yes, Jobe's Organics Vegetable & Tomato Fertilizer Spikes would work great for your strawberries. This is a time release fertilizer that has no synthetic chemicals & contains Biozome, Jobe's proprietary microorganism that helps produce faster results while also conditioning the soil. Good luck with your strawberries & happy gardening!

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i bought quite a few packs

i bought a bunch of them and i use a bunch of them. i like them because it saves a lot of time and they work great. they do the work for me. it's a one time thing. one tab will last a month. plus my packs all had one extra piece just in case one was broken inside. they work great. i am using them for peppers, tomatoes, and other leafy vegetables that need the P.

Very good for tomato but I use it for other vegetable ...

Very good for tomato but I use it for other vegetable plants.…

Can they be used for potted tomato plants?

Definitely! Most of my growing is in containers I’m a horticulturist and the difficulty of potted vegetables is they use tons of water and that washes out the nutrients so a long acting food is essential to production . These spikes works very well in addition to water soluble immediate food like miracle -gro

can the rose fertilizer be used on other flowers?

Jobe's Rose Fertilizer Spikes are formulated specifically to produce beautiful & abundant roses. However, we do have Jobe's Organics Fertilizer Spikes for Roses & Flowering Shrubs. Another option would be Jobe's All-Purpose Organics Fertilizer Spikes. These can be used on flowers/roses as well as fruits & vegetables.

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Five Stars

Great product for organic vegetables.

Good organic solution to your garden

Great product, used this along with some milorganite and in about two weeks my vegetables more than doubled in size.…

Five Stars

This fertilizer works really well on all my plants, not just vegetables.

I have indoor hydroponic herbs and vegetables. Can I mix this into their water or would it be best to sprinkle on top of their soil?

I suspect it's better in the soil as that is what it is designed for.

Can this be used as a general fertilizer

I use this fertilizer for flowers, plants and vegetables with great results.

No better Organic vegetable fertilizer. Good Stuff!

My tomatoes do very well with Jobe's. Gives good long-term results in my growing containers. Good price at $1/lb delivered from Amazon. I love the fact that it has a fairly long shelf life, although I use it up in a couple of seasons.

Less toxic to soils and crops

Is it a good value and worked well with all my flowers and vegetables in my garden

peppers grew within two days

…This stuff works really well for vegetable gardens!

Can you use this on hydrangeas

I'm not sure but I think Jobes makes organic fertilizer for flowers. It worked well on my vegetables

Does anyone know if I can use this for grapes and raspberries?

Yes, it's very balanced in NPK so you don't have to worry about over stimulating vegetative growth with too much N.

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Good for beginners

This is a great system because you can control exactly how much and what nutrients are needed per the vegetative phase.

would recommend to

Hydroponics are so healthy way to grow flowers and vegetables and this product works well, would recommend to anyone

love the results this product brings

love the results this product brings, when I happy with the vegetation growth I decrease the grow and increase the bloom

Is it safe for my vegetables?

I have been using this product . No issues

Florabloom is used during flowering stages. correct? floragro is used during vegetative state. correct? what is floramicro for?

Yes you are correct. Floramicro is used during all stages. It has essential microbials that help plants with the uptake of nutrients.

Five Stars

Easy to follow mixture instructions for various vegetation cycles on the side of the purple bottle.

All you need

…Works well with all my vegetables.

All around good

…My vegetable garden is looking great.

How is the Floramicro used with the other two products ?

i REALLY AM JUST STARTING ON THIS STUFF BUT I HAVE A FRIEND WITH A LOT OF KNOWLEDGE ON IT ALL CAUSE HES BEEN GROWING FOR YEARS...AND HE SAID THIS AND I READ IT EVERYWHERE AS WELL SO IT MUST BE IMPORTANT BUT YOU ALWAYS MIX IN THE FLORA MICRO IN FIRST BEFORE EVERYTHING ELSE sorry about caps...and he told me before i made water for my deep water hydroponic system that if i wanted to i didn't have to use flora bloom, because flora micro and flora grow had everything i needed for the vegetation stage but i say keep to what the bottle instructs, i did what he said and didn't add in bloom since he has so much experience and its working out just fine...but to answer your question it seems the flora micro is the base of the set so its very important.

Has anyone else had the experience of following the instructions and having these nutrients almost kill the plants with 'leaf burn'?

I have not experienced leaf burn using these instructions and even using them more than the instructions say as the plants got bigger. One is for root establishment, then leaf establishment, and then the other for fruit establishment. Leaf burn could be from over watering, not ventilating the soil so the water can drain off and not drown the roots, using these hydroponics in the wrong order, which still shouldn't effect them much or just way too much. There is also the ph balance of the soil. Other vegetation close by effecting them through poisonous pheromones, screwing with the ph balance, or getting more light can cause the leafs to brown. It can also be mites and aphids that come from everywhere and even get in your house. I bought these for my 15 year old son to grow usually stubborn Carolina Reaper plants in buckets to see if he could do it with little to no help. We had 7 foot tall plants with 2" peppers from 4" plants in 4 months. We used fish bone meal to keep the soil neutral and help feed the plants. Unless you seriously got a messed up batch, I would look into the common problems first.

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Which of your products is the best for root vegetables?

Use this one, the SR EARTH Tomato, Veg, and Herb. Works really well on all veggies.

Will 1 pound of this feed 4-5 tomato, eggplant and corn plants from seed to harvest?

Yes, I believe it will. I have been using it on my 4 tomato plants and other herbs and vegetable and I still have plenty.

What is the difference between this and the "Premium Gold" by the same company?

This tomato fertilizer has specific ingredients for the health of the tomato plant only. The Premium Gold is an all-purpose fertilizer for use on many types of plants and vegetables, perfect for variation, especially if all planted in one bed.

Is all the bone meal from fish? Is there any livestock bone meal in this?

Sorry, I do not know the answer to your question. If it is helpful, I have had excellent results using this fertilizer on tomato, vegetable and herb plants. I am often asked the secret to my healthy, thriving plants. I attribute the results to this fertilizer.

Can anyone say how much to apply per square foot in a square foot garden, at planting and later on. Mainly for tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.

I would use about 1 Cup to 2 cups.per plant in beginning ......and middle of plants life ... you're really can't use too much. it's all organic and never has burned any of my plants.. ..... I also use Dr. Earth flower girl bud and Bloom booster and it does wonders when vegetables are mature enough to produce their crop

What is it made out of?

The list of ingredients is long and I'd rather not copy it here, but the product description on Amazon identifies most of it: "Dr. Earth Organic 5 Tomato, Vegetable and Herb Fertilizer is a superior blend of fish bone meal, feather meal, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, soft rock phosphate, fish meal, mined potassium sulfate, humic acid, seaweed extract, PRO-BIOTIC seven champion strains of beneficial soil microbes plus Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae." If you want more information, maybe you could ask on the Dr. Earth website: http://drearth.net/ask-dr-earth/ I hope that helps. Good luck!

I have 2 8'x4' planters. One planter has peppers, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, lettuce, and green beans. Do I use a different amount per type of plant?

That's a really big planter!! You're using a planter, right, and not a raised bed? Some plants are hungrier than others your tomatoes will definitely want to be fed, while your lettuce will take very little. The best thing to do is to read the back of the seed packet, or if you purchased starters, look up the particular type of vegetable that you planted. For instance, beefsteak tomatoes will need more than cherry tomatoes. So the answer is yes, different veggies have different appetites, but the good news is that they don't need much until they fruit, or begin to grow flowers. That's when the plant will need more energy. Hope this helps you.

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My garden

Easy to use helps to build great compost Then vegetables grow big and delicious

This product seems to be breaking down the dried mass ...

This product did a good job of breaking down the dried mass of wild flowers and other vegetation that I have been composting from last years wild growth in my yard.

A great resource for tomatoes and vegetables

A quick resource for blossom end rot and added nutrients for your veggies.

Is this blood meal used for vegetables?


I intend to mulch the leaves in my yard, would this help them decompose sooner? The grass will be dormant, of course it will also be cold.

I tried composting for the first time this year and I wasn't successful in getting it to heat up like it needed to be. I live in a cold climate. I added this to get my mulch to heat up, but I think I needed to turn it more often to get my mulch to be more successful. I used vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, fresh grass clippings and thought if I added this it would help it all work. I imagine it works, but you would have to have it in a big pile, not just spread this in with a thin layer of leaves. Good luck.

Excellent for blooming and preblooming plants.

Bone meal is a source of Phosphate, the main nutrient for blooming flowers and vegetables.…

Jobe's Organic Compost Starter, 4 # Bag

…I bought this only because we had live in company for 2 months & I knew we'd have lots of fruits & vegetable peels, since they are vegetarian.…

Reliable compost starter

…Can be spread on flower beds, and vegetable gardens within the same growing season.…

Keep the animals out of your plants

…I don't know how it would work for vegetables.

Good Organic Product At A Good Price

…I also use it in transplanting and setting out vegetable plants to help the roots absorb nutrients naturally.…

Top Rated in Garden Fertilizers

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