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Easy to setup and good for dumb tvs

10 others also recommend for TVs

Like everything about it. Works like a charm! Easy install! Buying one for my Mom for Christmas so she can watch Netflix!

10 others also recommend for TVs

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Good product for dumb TVs

Easy to setup and good for dumb tvs

Turns an older tv into a smartv

I bought this for an older not smartv. It was easy to install and setup. Works great!

Good for a non smart tv.

Works well to stream services good for non smart tv.

Will it work with Sling TV?

Yes, Sling TV works on 4 of mine.

will this work for a 2014 sony tv?

Yes it should. My tv is a few years older.

Great Addition to our TV

We’ve only had the device a short time, but we love it. One of the main reasons for purchasing it was to stream BritBox. It was easy to set up, easy to add programs to, and easy to use.

Lots of TV choices

Easy to set up

Great additive for your TV

Great price, has all the apps on a smart tv without having to buy a smart tv.

Will it wo5k for Hulu live tv

yes, i got it specifically for hulu tv live and it works great.

Can you use on multiple tvs? or would you have to get several plug ins for each tv?

as long as you can hard wire from roku stick to the tvs you are fine. I have 2 tvs connected to the same stick, keep in mind you will be watching the same program on both tvs tho.

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Fire stic tv is the bomb

Like everything about it. Works like a charm! Easy install! Buying one for my Mom for Christmas so she can watch Netflix!

Got one on every tv.

Love my fire sticks!

Like that it works with the tv power

Like that it works with the tv power, and I don’t have to have the long cord and power supply hanging down.

We have fire tv w/alexa remote for 1 smart tv w/cablebox, my tv nocablebox I use android phone what should I buy for this tv to get fire tv

Hi Gloria, if I understand correctly your looking to connect a fire TV stick to a second tv? For this you'll need to purchase: 1) A fire TV stick (the fire TV stick is not included in this listing with the fire cable). 2) A FireCable (if you choose to power your fire TV stick directly from your tv, to get rid of messy hanging wires). 3) You'll also of course need a wifi internet connection. I hope this helps!

Will firecable plus power off fire tv stick when tv is turned off, (tv sleep timer) or put fire tv stick into sleep mode?

It powers the stick down when you turn the TV off.

Amazon TV Power Cable

excellent product saves on space Easy to use no need for another extension cord

Fire tv stick.

The product was small, easy to install. A ton of entertainment, would buy again!

CORDS ARE PERFECT for the tv box

AWESOME seller and product, both are AAAAAAA+ they got what you need, buy it from them I say! product works

Does it work with fire tv?

Absolutely! That's why I bought this cable. It powers the FireStik from the TV. It would depend on whether you have a USB port available on your TV. I had no power plugs accessible, so this worked perfectly for me.

I have a fire stick but I have a older tv with no hdml

the power wire plugs in to USB if your TV comes with one.

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TV streaming

Good for streaming on TV

Roku tv

Product is as advertised, works outstanding I have it set up in my garage

Roku is just for smart tv only ?

No, it makes your tv smart.

Can roku premier work on a non-smart tv?

Yes. It made my TV a smart TV

British TV

Love being able to get Acorn and Britbox

TV Content

Product worked very well

Free TV

Got this for my mom to watch YouTube and Netflix and wish I got one sooner. So much to watch for free and easy to use. Life long customer now

Does this have the Apple TV app?

You can get Apple TV on this

can i use this for smart tv ?

Yes it makes compatible TVs into smart TVs essentially I will ship to you quickly thank you for the purchase

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