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Great for the price. Sound is pretty good quality, although I feel that base needs some "getting used to" time. Love the fact you can control both "volume" & "bass" from the control hub that also features a headphone connection & an aux connection. Hub also lights up a blue led when turned on and the dial style makes sense to me.

10 others also recommend for PCs

The bass, treble , the light are very good

10 others also recommend for PCs

I purchased this set for use with a new PC and they work great with good sound quality. I use my PC as a media center frequently and these speakers keep up just fine.…

10 others also recommend for PCs

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PC Speakers

I've been totally pleased with these speakers that I use on my PC.…

cyber pc speakers

great , clear sound, even with volume increase.The round disk volume control is so easy to use. Very compact on my desk

Excellent speakers for a laptop or PC.

For the price, these are very good speakers...

Are these great for a desktop PC? Im planning on playing PC games.

I used these with a desktop PC and there were no compatibility issues.

do these come with the cable to hook it to your pc?

Every thing you need to connect to your pc and more comes with.

Great for PC sound improvement

I purchased this for my Wife's Birthday she plays music off her pc which sounds like music in a rusty tin can that drives me nuts So after hooking this up we were impressed by the sound quality it has great bass and goes louder than expected now she cranks up the tunes it i actually enjoy hearing it I would recomend this to improve and enhance any cheap pc sound quality

Great PC speakers!

Great sound at a great price!!!!! Sub woofer is the perfect size and the speakers put out a fantastic sound.

Best Sound system for PC

Best Sound system for PC, sounds great!…

will these speakers work on my PC as well as my laptop?

Yes, it comes with all attachments. The power comes from plug into wall, then attaching the cable to speaker, then to your source. Your PC would have to have the audio spot for the cable.

Will this speaker system work on a desktop PC? What do I plug it into on the computer?

Yes, this will definitely work with a PC..Its what I've been using it for. I plugged it into the regular sound port... it should be green.


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great system for pc

very nice speaker system great bass this system will not disappoint

Great system for pc

For the price it does not really get better than this. The two stereo speakers deliver enough volume to easily feel the room, The sub also works very well considering it does not have its own power supply just the signal of the audio going though it. Im completely satisfied with these speakers, i mostly use them for playing iTunes and videos. I really love the control box for volume and bass it has a nice quality feel and looks awesome

The greatest price to performance ratio in a PC speaker configuration.

I'm not sure how I found these speakers but I'm glad I did. I'm not going to say they're the best I've ever owned, but paired with an Asus Xonar DG you won't regret owning these. Pros: * Great gaming/music quality for the price. * Aesthetically pleasing shape * Magnetically Shielded * Class AB amp * AUX/MIC jacks * Satellites/sub aren't hardwired to crossover. * No distortion from satellites * Dedicated bass/volume knobs on crossover.…

Can the volume be controlled through my TV, my Bluetooth device, my PC, etc? Or just with the control knob on the speaker?

Hi..Whatever the speakers are connected to can control the volume. I have mine plugged into my PC,with speaker volume all the way up,then use the PC volume controls from there on..Hope this helps!..Jon

Can the volume be controlled through my TV, my Bluetooth device, my PC, etc? Or just with the control knob on the speaker?

To answer your questions: Yes. No different any other computer speakers, if you have the volume set at a certain level with the knob, you can also adjust with the output device, but it's not a total control via TV/PC/BT/etc.; it's a supplemental/overlap volume control, i.e. if you have your PC set at 50% volume and the speakers turned all the way up, you can get them louder (to the point of distortion) by raising the PC level to 100% or totally silent by lowering the PC to 0%/mute. It's really no different than any other computer speaker set in that regard.

Definitely worth the money for a 2.1 speaker system

Love these speakers for my PC.…

Not Bad

Decent pc speakers, subs ok, i like it so far. very stylish speakers, i would recomend these speakers to my friends....

PC gaming speaker

Fantastic pc speaker system; great for gaming with plenty of punch & good bass effect.

will this system work with the input pluged into the headphone jack in my monitor?

It should, it plugs into the headphone jack on the PC.

Is this system worth it?

I bought this unit back in May.. using it with my PC to show movies.. the sound is excellent especially the bass.. deep and very rich, no distortion... would certainly recommend ... I have one other PC sound system Bose, this is just as good at at 1/3rd the price... "You'll Love It!"

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Best value PC speakers out there!

Great for the price. Sound is pretty good quality, although I feel that base needs some "getting used to" time. Love the fact you can control both "volume" & "bass" from the control hub that also features a headphone connection & an aux connection. Hub also lights up a blue led when turned on and the dial style makes sense to me.

It is an excellent product for its price

The sound is clear and powerful, great for PC and MP3.… The sound is clear and powerful, great for PC and MP3.…

Very satisfy

Very good sound and vibration use for my PC

Do they work with any pc?

Yes, as long as your computer has an audio output jack that matches the connector on this speaker system. This has been pretty standard on computers for well over 10 years. If you don't have an audio output jack, then you may not have a "Sound Card" installed. The connectors are most often a row of 1/8" color-coded stereo mini-jacks on the computer back panel - Audio Out is color-coded green. Laptops may likely be different.

Do I need to buy a male to male stereo audio cable separately? Does this have everything to connect to a pc.

Has one incorporated on system. I had mine for 2 months at work. Dont recommend this system . Must drive from a PC , a phone preamp system , there is very little volume

Good sound quality

Though this system is rather inexpensive, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sound, especially with it being such a compact system, goes well with the new PC...thank you very much Amazon

Cyber Acoustics High Power 2.1 - Very nice.

Great 2.1 PC speakers for the money.…

Great speakers for an economical price

…I do a lot of PC gaming and having the volume control right in reach has been a nice bonus

good speakers

These speakers a good sounding with volume control fob in the cord besides being able to control from your PC.…

It's music to my ears....

…These speaker make my PC the 2nd best sound system in my home.…

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Very good PC speakers

The bass, treble , the light are very good

sound quality really blew me away

I liked it because it had LED I thought that was kind of cool and I use it for my PC

Nice looking, weak bass, good price.

I bought this system because I was looking for illuminated LED speakers (to match with my new gaming PC) that don't cost $200 or more like the Logtitechs or Razers.…Here are my thoughts: Pros: - Only $45 - Nice, bright LEDs that match most gaming PC builds - Surprisingly good sound from the satellites - especially in the mid to high frequencies.…

Do the lights pulse to the music? If so, is it just on and off, or are there gradients in the intensity?

No they don’t strobe to music but they do phase colors sound quality is good I use them on my gaming pc

How long are the speaker cables

They’re long enough for a pc setup or tv stand. I personally never felt restricted by their length.

Bluetooth works great! Perfect for the price!

…I have it attached to my pc and ps4. I use a digital optical to rca adapter for the ps4 and the 3.5mm to rca cable that was provided with the speaker to connect to my PC.…

Perfect Setup for My Room - Nice BASS

…For the price and the aesthetics for your room, gaming pc setup, or small apartment...…

Great set of speakers for price.

I use these on my gaming PC and I leave the bass and treble maxed out.…

How long does the music play

I'm just going to plainly state as long as the song lasts I suppose? These are not battery powered speakers. They have an AC outlet you plug into your wall. They also have the Audio adapter cable for your PC so you do not need Bluetooth technology to use them on your PC either. If you are using Bluetooth for these speakers, then I suppose they last until the Bluetooth is disconnected or until the charge from the equipment playing your song runs down.

I want to connect my Echo Dot and my Windows Laptop, is it possible to do that and use both simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible, and very easy to incorporate. Echo has an app you can get on your laptop or PC from the Microsoft Store. Install, log in, and your done. The only drawback is you have to tap a button on your keyboard to let Alexa's ears use the microphone.

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good for the price

they sound good, bass is good, perfect for my pc use and music

The bass is great

…Speakers are thin and easy to mount around PC.

1 surround sound system nor do I expect to sound like one, I just wanted a cheaper alternative to ...

…I had an adapter already for hooking the speakers up to my TV as  there is no Optical for this nor HDMI, (it’s just the little plug in jack that you would plug into your pc  headphone jack.)…I did try these on the computer to make sure it wasn’t an issue with my adapter or something, but it did the same thing plugged into my pc.…

Will this handle more than one input? i have a pc and macbook i would like to switch between.

It accepts inputs from the cable provided that plugs into one machine and it has an out to receive auxiliary feed on a 3.5 mm female input. So you'd need a cable from the second machine to send it into the device, but yeah, you could do that with this device

Can I connect with digital piano to make the sound sorrounded to listen to?

Assuming your piano had a 3.5mm or 6.35mm (1/4") headphone jack you could connect either the main (the line usually used for the PC) or the AUX port on the volume control to the Piano to get your piano's audio out of the speakers. Although, and I'm not sure if this is what you are asking as well, but it won't be in surround sound, this speaker set is only stereo plus base (2.1).

Great Speakers, Pros outweigh cons. Buy this instead of the smaller CA models.

…If you are connected to a PC/TV with these I advise you put your tv no higher than 40% volume and your PC no higher than 70% volume.…

Great compact bass/sub solution for the price

…It is strong enough to induce unwanted noise from things vibrating nearby in the environment so you may need to remove/secure anything that might rattle around your PC.…

The system sounds fantastic on my PC but the back cable is a ...

The system sounds fantastic on my PC but the back cable is a bit problematic.…

would you upgrade 3080 to this model?

Hi Loyang! Without a doubt! The 3080 in a much smaller model - this 3908 is a serious competitor to the top name brand like the bose system it can fill an apartment with crisp high quality sound if your PC has a good sound card. I would hesitate one bit to spend the extra $28 or $30 to get the 3908 instead of the 3080. Now if you have small cubical or office at work and we need some good quality sound you can settle with the 3080 the 3908 would be an overkill in that case. If you blast the 3908 in the office HR will come and get you - trow you through the window with your sound system. lol. Enjoy!

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A Decent PC Speaker Set

I purchased this set for use with a new PC and they work great with good sound quality. I use my PC as a media center frequently and these speakers keep up just fine.…

Good PC speakers for the money

I hooked these up to my PC and it plays great, it's moderately proportion between the Bass and Terrible, but missing midrange... good set of speakers for the money.

Decent Speakers for your PC/Laptop

• Nice bass response • Clear and loud volume • I like the separate volume and power button, which I could put it closer to my hand • I also like the price!

Does this connect to my computer via a USB plug?

No. Thru the standard audio output plug on your PC. The sound is awesome though. Right now I use my PC as my home music player thru these speakers. Love'em.

Is there a way to hook it up to my phone

hello Tamatha, ok here' the deal, if your phone has a headphone-earplugs jack you can certainly and simply plug the cord that comes with the speakers into your headphone space which is a 3.5 mm hole for the cord its very easy and there is directions with the pc speakers that are easy to follow.

Nice looking speakers

…Attached them to my sons pc and he loves them.

This product is amazing!

…I can watch movies and play PC games with an amazing sound.I would recommend it to any other buyer.

good sounds

We bought these for our desktop PC's and the sound is great.…

Good, especially for the price

…. ;) Definitely better than the built-in speakers on my PC.

Sounds great

Just needed something simple for my PC and this is definitely a perfect fit.…

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