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Very easy to use, everything work great, I like this 6 volt 12 volt trickle charger on my cars.

10 others also recommend for cars

Easy to use for kids remote control riding car

10 others also recommend for cars

I love this charger and was so happy to be able to charge my car again, The digital readout make it really easy to keep track of your charging progress.…

10 others also recommend for cars

Easy to install, works great will buy another for my car.

10 others also recommend for cars

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trickle charger for car batteries

Very easy to use, everything work great, I like this 6 volt 12 volt trickle charger on my cars.


Great little charger for my car battery !

Great product

I have used this a few times for a car that I have that sits around mostly and it works great!

Will this work with a 12 volt marine battery?

Thank you for your attention on this trickle battery charger, it can fully drained all 6V&12V pb/sla/gel/agm/lead-acid batteries and automotive, Marine, atv, rv, scooters, golf carts, lawn mowers, motorcycles, cars, boats and More.

Very usefully

Excellent, I charge my dead car battery awesome

Easily hookup and simple design.

Easily hookup and simple design, works effectively to keep my long years car fully charged.

Great Trickle Charger

Great Battery Charger for Cars, ATV’s and Water Toys.…


just what i was looking for - includes a pigtail to install on the battery so can plug the car in easily.

Trickle charger-best bang for buck!

…A must have for your car battery needs.

Must have for battery maintice.

This will maintain the battery life on my car that I store all winter.…

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Compact car charger effective

Worked as advertised....easy to use despite overseas directions.

Use this on your classic car

Great product use it on my antique car keeps the battery up!

The price is right!

It's a very nice charger, I just plug it in and it keeps the battery in the car top off.

can you charge a car battery with this while it's still attached to the car or do you have to remove the battery?

Leave it in the car it works fine

My mom don't use is car often so sometimes we have to boost the car. Can i use this product to keep the battery charge?

I bought the battery charger for a friend so I'm not sure. But I think he uses it on his car.

quality portable battery charger

Worked perfect...charged up car battery in about 2 hrs..charger appears to be durable..


Worked well on my Kia Soul 2010 car battery.…

Worked as expected

Got a new car battery and wanted it fully charged, left this item hooked up to it overnight and worked like a charm.

Must this charger be plugged into 120vAC in order to charge a car battery while it's still in the car or not?

Not sure, I use this on my motorcycle. It has to be plugged into a 110 as far as I know. But it did work well

finding the Ah of your car battery is not an easy thing, so how do i know if this charger will work for the factory battery in a 2014 Ford Edge?

Can only tell you my experience. Have not bought five or them. I use them cointinously cinnected ro five heavy duty marine batteries. They keep the batteries 100% charged and more.

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Battery charger

Easy to use for kids remote control riding car

Works great

Works great for semi-stored car

A Must Have

Great Charger, I use it on my boat & sports car.

Can this be safely used for a 12v 9.5ah “power wheels” toy car battery? This charges at 1amp correct?

The smallest battery I use it for is my lawn tractor and it does great! It is a trickle charge so it should be okay just watch it for signs of bubbleling

Can this be used to charge 2 12v batteries hooked together to run a 24v trolling motor?

Not sure but this trickle can be used to charge a car motor so your best bet is to call the mfg and ask.

Great battery charger for large and small batteries.

…Great for car battery charging!

It charges and maintains the battery

Nice compact unit Use in my 1968 muscle car

Works as advertised

Keeps car battery super charged

What is the wattage eg 100 or 200 watts?

1000mA, sorry, I have not checked the watts. It charges my grand-babies ride on car. No problems.

does it equalize?

I don’t think so I looked every where can’t find any info remember only acid battery’s are good to eqielize agm and deep cylce will damage but this charger for the money is amazing never let me down on a car battery and my xs power car audio battery’s

See what customers said about cars

Worked when my other failed...

I love this charger and was so happy to be able to charge my car again, The digital readout make it really easy to keep track of your charging progress.…

Battery charger

…I use it for all different types of batteries that it charges... marine/gel/and regular car batteries, and it does a good job on all of them... have not had the opportunity to try out the starter boost feature, yet, but I'm thinking it will work well, too.

Exactly what I needed

I charger worked as anticipated I primarily use to to charge deep cycle batteries but also car an lawn tractor batteries works perfectly

Can this charger be used on cars too?

Yes, the SC1281 can be used on any car battery

Will it charge a for expedition car battery?

I haven't needed to use mine yet but if I understand your question "will it charge a Ford Expedition battery ?" my answer is yes it should.This charger should be suitable for most all car batteries and I did some homework before buying. Where I live I can't afford to have a battery problem in my car, tractor,ATV, or truck. I believe this charger is a great deal. Just read the directions and if need be watch youtube videos for assistance. -TLC

Everyone should have one of these.

…I would recommend this for everyone to keep in their car.

Great product

…This makes it easier to get a dead battery going without having to jump start with another car.

Helps keep 5 cars going

Have brought 2 old dead batteries to life so far. A superior unit to my old Schumacher charger.

Will it be good to charge a motorcycle battery?

Definitely, and car batteries also.

Is this a 30 amp charger? It says 30/100 and I don't know what that is. Also will it charge 3 batteries that are hooked together on a boat?

The charger has a dual amperage output. 30 amp for standard charging and 100 amp to jump start a dead car battery. As long as the three are hooked together and its 12v system it should charge all three at the same time.

See what customers said about cars

Comes with everything you'll need!

Easy to install, works great will buy another for my car.

Great value

Works great for my lithium batteries in my car audio system.

Good item

Good for charging the car battery

How long will it take to charge up a car battery?

It's not designed to charge a car battery. Once a battery is charged from either driving or a real battery charger, it maintains the charge.

It it 14 awg or 18 awg?

I don’t have that car any more but I think the leads are 18awg. More than enough for 2 amps

Works well

Hooked these up to two cars that sat for a month and it worked well. Battery was fully charged and didn't have to redo the car electronics due to losing power.

No more dead batteries

Both cars sit out all winter, I hooked one to each car, they work great, no more dead batteries In the morning, I would recommend to anyone whose car sits out!

Great little trickle

Works been using it for a year no problems, lawn mower batteries, car batteries and deep cycle batteries.

Does the lead/lithium version work for lithium iron phosphate battery (lifepo4 battery) as lifepo4 is not the same as li-ion (licoo2)?

I haven't got a clue. Lithium iron, lithium oxide, Lithium whatever. I use it to maintain car batteries in storage, including 2- 1000 amp diesel batteries. works fine.

Best price ever

…It works as well as my $250 car charger.

See what customers said about cars

Working great for car batteries.

Very easy and convenient to use.

charge the car quickly

This car jump starter is very easy to install and use. It is very light and can charge the car fairly quick.…

Good to have in your car.

Good product, I would recommend it to others.

Can i leave this in my hot car in Texas?

If you want to leave it in your car you can. Mi is always inside my car year round in New England and allways works fine

Is it safe to store this item inside a car in a hot climate? 90-100 temps.

I keep mine in the trunk of my car . I haven’t had any problems with it.

Good car jump starter

this is very good investment to carry in your car, good quality car jump starter and it is easy to use, recharge fast!!…

It saves my dead car.

This car jump starter kit is definitely a much better option than the traditional jump starting cables. The jump starting cables not only gets tangled up easily , but also requires another car in order to start your dead car. With this kit, all I need to do is connecting the unit to the car with the blue end and clamps, then start the car. My old dead car has been stuck in my single car garage and this kit makes it so much easier to jump start it quickly.…

Best car jumper

It can handle jumping my car on freezing mornings, it's quick and never allows me to be stranded again.

do i need to verify what kind of battery and car i drive before purchasing this? i am driving hyndai accent 2006, will that work?

It is plenty for your car.

How many chargers come with this? In other words do I get a 120v wall charger? a car charger to charge unit through cigarette lighter while driving?

It comes with all of the above plus mini usb cord and 12v plug and and car adapter so that even if you are not in your car you can pkug your car charger into this battery

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