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Durostar DS4000S Portable Generator, Yellow/Black
$349.99 & FREE Shipping. Details

This has actually been a good generator for us, I own a larger one for my house and ordered this as a back up.…

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Always wanted to have a decent portable power station for future campings and outdoor event. Got the product 2 days after placing the order and I 've been loving this one so far. I have tried charging pretty much all the portable devices and also had no problem connecting my DJ turntable. It is not too heavy and does not look cheap at all. It also has a cooling fan built in the battery so the power station won't get overheated.…

10 others also recommend for houses

Purchased this during a time when power was out at my house - worked flawlessly!…

10 others also recommend for houses

You will not be dissatisfied with this little power house!…

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Love this portable little power house

I love this portable little power house.…

It runs my coffee pot and everything in my house very happy

The power is great

So many uses, just awesome!!!

…I definitely recommend this product if you go out often or need sense of security around the house. Something every house hold should have.…

How much dc current does it draw when plugged into car cigarette lighter socket? & how much ac current does it draw when charging from house outlet?

According to the specs the max input is 100 watts through the 8mm plug. However, I read from one of the reviewers that the DC input was 41 watts; the solar input was 65 watts; and the AC wall input was 81 watts. This seems about right when compared to the recharge times given by Jackery: DC recharge 16 hours; Solar recharge 14 hours; AC wall plug 8 hours. Hope this helps.

We need to be able to power two C-Pap machines at once. Will this machine do that?

Yes. Provided the C-Pap machines can be operated on 12v. I purchased a Y adapter that is inserted into the single DC cigarette lighter receptacle in the 500w Jackery with two female cigarette lighter receptacles and it operates both my wife's and my CPap. Alternately, If the CPaps will operate on 120v, will probably required ordering two 12v cords with male cigarette lighter plugs specific to the Cpap machines to run them on 12v DC. We use it in our motorhome when the house battery is low and it runs both for several nights before recharging. The 120v output could also be used but would not last as long as using the 12v port due to losses inherent to converting 12v DC to 120v AC.

More than just another battery!

…This is a great unit to have around the house if you lose power due to an emergency.…

Solid unit for hurricane preparedness or car camping

…In the past I've used a combination of deep cell marine batteries, an inverter and solar panels to keep modest electrical power in the house.…

Exactly what I was looking for.

…We will use it around the house wherever portable power is needed and during occasional power outages.…

Is there a similar LiFPro battery version by anyone?

There are several other LiFePO4 battery packs, but they are inferior in several ways. The user interface is the most noticeable. On the Jackery, every output can be turned on/off by its' own switch. Those switches also activate/inactivate instantly. (You don't have to press and hold for 3 seconds to enable the function.) Jackery power stations can also be used to provide USB/AC while being charged. The other two brands that sell LiFePO4 style can only be charged or used. They cannot be used while being charged. The Jackery brand has a decent AC receptacle, very similar to an in-house AC outlet. One of the two other brands has an outlet that is so loose, the cord almost falls out - and I have two of that same brand. The second brand has a international style AC outlet. With this style, it is possible to plug in a polarized plug in either orientation. While in most use cases, this is fine, it's just another thing that Jackery does better. The input/output meter on the Jackery is awesome, along with the battery gauge. Neither of the other 2 brands of LiFePO4 models have input/output gauges. Overall, the jackery products user interface is superior to any other that I own. However, the battery longevity will be significantly less because of the battery chemistry used. I have never owned a Jackery product in the past, but have been impressed with forethought put into their 500Wh and 240Wh packs. I purchased this Jackery battery pack with no incentives from Jackery or any other company.

Good Performance

…I haven't had the opportunity to give it a real world, off-grid test, but I have tested it out with various loads and used it away from the house a few times for short periods.…

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Perfect for pretty much anything small just dont try to run a house on it and your good

Small, convenient, powerful and has bright built in lights which come in handy more then not


…We used it for a party outside the house, and really enjoyed it.…

A real Power House.

Raymond Scott would be proud. This thing is a real powerhouse. I bought this primarily as insurance against power loss for my sleep as I use a CPAP. Plugged in to AC, I'm able to get 2 days out of it, with half a charge remaining. Plugged in to the optional DC Converter I bought, I'm able to get to that point after 3 days.…

I am really new at all of this can this run a portible refrigerrator in my truck and how do i recharge it

You can use a portable solor panel, ac outlet in your house or cigarette lighter outlet as well. Yes you can use a portable fridge..

Great Power Unit with Superb design

…1) 1/31/19: Initial state = 4 bars: Run-time ~3hrs 45min Load: ~0.5hrs: 40watt led lamp 3hrs 12min 3 laptops, 1 set of head phones & 1 cell phone charging 2) 1/31/19: Recharge Time house current: ~4.0hrs 3) 2/1/19 Run-time: 1hr 49min.…

Works well for CPAP, phone charging and camping.

…We keep this charged and in our house in case of a power outage now.…

Great Entry Point for Consumer Solar - Renter Review

…Inside of the house again, I had two USB LED Light bulbs waiting to be powered up by my Anker power banks (purchased here, previously).…

Work great

…Can even be used daily around the house.…

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This has actually been a good generator for us, I own a larger one for my house and ordered this as a back up.…

Ever since this arrived, the power has not gone out ! :)

…Since i bought this over 2 years ago, we have never lost power to the house :) So I guess it is a lucky charm!

Powered Our House for Seven Days

We lost our power for seven days due to hurricane Sandy. We ran the generator intermittently for five hours a day to maintain a fair level of heat and to keep our refrigerato/freezer cold enough to preserve the food we had on hand. The machine worked perfectly. Usually started with one pull. Couldn't have asked for more.

When using in garage what all do I need to extend the power into the house safely? An extension cord or two?

If the garage is attached to the house do not run the generator in it even with all the doors open. A gas engine needs fresh air to burn efficiently. A 14 gauge extension cord will do just fine. I ran a 100 foot extension to my neighbor's during an outage and it worked fine. Just remember to run the generator first then plug the cord in to the appliance. It provides a cleaner current on start up.

my house is 1800 square feet will this generator support all 1800 square feet

Depends on the amount of items being used while the generator is operational. Overall, the generator was perfect for us during the hurricane and storms of 2018.

I cannot connect all the supplies I have in my house but its been a great relief to use the refrigerator and some light bulbs

…I cannot connect all the supplies I have in my house but its been a great relief to use the refrigerator and some light bulbs.…

Very nice little power house

I purchased this to prepare for whatever may come. I believe the time to prepare is now not later when it's to late. I received it 2 days after ordering it, and found that it was mailed from the company which is not far from me in Northern CA. They had it delivered Fed Ex which is great because they don't sit on freight like UPS does. This is a very nice generator and not as large as I pictured it being.…

Runs well. Solidly Built.

…We don't use it day-to-day like a contractor might on a job site, but it runs well, uses very little gas, and has a good wattage rating for running items (not the whole house) during an outage.…

is it 220 volt

No it is 120 volt. I can tell you it is strong enough to run a furnace, refrigerator and other 120 items in your house with no problem.

It looks Great.

…I bought it in case of a power outage in my apartment house.…

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Also a great replacement of your house power cord :)

Always wanted to have a decent portable power station for future campings and outdoor event. Got the product 2 days after placing the order and I 've been loving this one so far. I have tried charging pretty much all the portable devices and also had no problem connecting my DJ turntable. It is not too heavy and does not look cheap at all. It also has a cooling fan built in the battery so the power station won't get overheated.…

Amazing tool for outdoor living

This little power house tool is one amazing product.…

high quality product and reliable

quality product, good price, reliable, kids love them on road trips or to a friend house. keep up the great work. have other portable jackery chargers which is a bit higher price than others but high quality and reliable product.

What about a house fan?

yes it wil power a house fan.

Can I plug an electric fan inside a mini van?

I use a HCMAOE Mini USB Table Desk Personal Portable Air Circulator Fan 3 Speed, Lower Noise, Powered by USB or 4000mAh Rechargeable 18650 Battery, all the time in my Class B camper van. Either running while plugged into my Jackery or just recharging for future use. Large house style fans would probably exceed the output wattage limitation of the Jackery.

Nice Charger all types of uses

Nice portable charger very handy I find myself using this around the house in areas where I don't have access to outlets.…

fantastic unit! Powered/charged right up and put it touse ...

…This is going to be perfect when the lights go out and power goes down again from all these crazy weather storms rocking this nation this summer- Am going to purchase the solar charger next paycheck and will update then on that as well...LOVE THIS, highly encourage everyone in an apt or house get at least ONE type of generator for those SHTF days.....And this one is perfect!

Sleep Apnea

Works great, I take it camping and it gets me around 17hrs with my Resmed 10 Sleep apnea machine on one charge charge time in house is about 7 hrs, in car its about 8hrs.

Can this generator be used indoors?

This can be used anywhere when it has a charge, preferably 100% charge. It's completely portable, so picnics, tailgating, camping, whatever you want. For inside use, it's perfect for when you're without power. It can power lights and a fan, recharge your devices. It will power a small tv, but not a refrigerator or heater or microwave. They require more power than this can provide. This can be recharged by 3 methods. Plugged into a house outlet, plugged into the power port of you car, and by a solar panel. All three methods take about 6 hours to charge when the unit is at 30%. I hope this was helpful.

What attachments do I need for it?

None. It does not require attachments. It comes with a connector to allow it to be charged from your house (115 Volts AC), and another connector (adapter) to connect it to your car's cigarette lighter socket, so that it can be charged from your car. It has a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket so that it can power devices that use 12 volts, two connectors for USB (so you can charge your phone or other devices that can be charged from a USB connection). Finally, it has a regular 115 Volt AC connector, to run devices that use less than 200 Watts (see the label on the device). The only attachments you may require is a USB cable to connect to your phone, ipad, or kindle.

See what customers said about houses

Excellent Product

Purchased this during a time when power was out at my house - worked flawlessly!…

Great portable back up for ALL devices

…This is a great accessory for long car rides and camping trips - I'm also excited to have it during storms if the power goes out at the house.

Great product, great value

Works great for charging you need to bring on a small camping trip, day trip, or even just using around the house.…

can this be used in a house ie closed enviroment?

Yes, it is just battery power, no gas or oil, and it doesn't get get hot at all

Could the jackery 160 blow up an air mattress? the watts are not on the bed to check. it’s a 120v plug

I have used it for its 12v system but I suggest you check how many watts the blower takes....it should state on the motor housing....if less than 100 watts then should be no problem

Great product and customer service

Product works great for charging personal devices; whether camping or just within the house.…

Power everywhere!

…It's very light and easy to just grab and go. with the 60watt jackery solar panel charges very quickly,Power everywhere park,beach, lake even just use around house.…


Very convenient for small out or in the trunk of the vehicle for emergencies, would recommend the 460 jackery for a house.…

is this compatible with Motorola Android mobile phones?

It has USB ports, a 12v port like in a car and a 110v plug like a house. The adapter to use those would be the the same currently used to charge the phone ie. usb or car adapter.. etc

Lots of power in a small package, USB, 12 volts dc and 110 ac all in one!

…I like the battery life meter and shows you how many watts are being used as well as how many taken in while charging. 50 watt solar panel charges the unit just fine but also automobile or house current can be used too!…

See what customers said about houses

Wow, power to go!

You will not be dissatisfied with this little power house!…

One of thee best purchases I’ve ever made

…The reason being is that I wanted a way to use my heating blanket outside of the car or in the house.…

great for camping!!

…I charge it before I leave the house and use it for my air mattress, phones, rechargeable fan, or anything else I want.…

Does this works unplugged right? Also will this work charging 400w speaker box?

It definitely works unplugged. I had it charged up luckily when my house power went out. I used it to charge my phone and run a CPAP machine with no problem for a couple of hours until the power came back on. I don't know about the 400w speaker box though

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