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I love, love, love, love, love these! Sooooooooo convenient, easy to clean, easy to store, can transport without spills.

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These are superior bottles. Very thick and the lids seal completely. I would recommend purchasing a bottle brush to clean them.

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I was using mason jars but these work much better. Not as large in diameter and take up less space.

10 others also recommend for juices

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For Juicing

Excellent bottles for juicing and water.…

Great for juicing

Perfect size for transferring fresh-pressed juice into. …The black insulation sleeves are made well and do keep my juice cold for a reasonable amount of time after removed from the fridge.

Great for juicing

Great price and quality product. Thanks

Can these be filled with juice and frozen?

Yes!! I do this all the time when I juice.

are these easy to wash by hand? will i be able to stick my hand inside and wipe around? i would like to store juice, milk etc inside

those are easy to clean with hands BUT u cant stick your hand inside it.. u can use bottle sponge with a handle.. i love these ordered 2 sets.. very nice Elegant looking.. anyone wants water in my house looks at them and say very Posh...

Great for juices.

These are great for carry along juices/drinks.…I had a small issue with a couple breaking when I tried to freeze some juices but the company was very customer service oriented and worked out a simple resolution with me.

Perfect for Juicing

Love these jars and the temperature slip covers that came with them! Perfect!

Perfect for juicing

…I love to do the reboot juice cleanse twice a year and these are perfect for it. Keeps my juice fresh!!!!!

So the inside of the cap is plastic? I use these types of bottles for bottling my kombucha and if using stainless steel it has to be a certain grade

It's steel interior of cap ...I have it as a gift so I didn't really examine myself but they use it for their juicing regimen storing their juice for the day

Is it a screw on cap? or snap on??

It's a screw on cap. Stay's on nice and tight to keep juice fresh.

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Perfect for juicing

Excellent jars i use for making my weekly juices.…

Perfect for juicing!

I love these bottles I’m obsessed would absolutely order more!

Great for juicing

Love these! Easy to clean and have no problem with leaking. I will likely purchase more in the future.

Long term storage for fresh juice in the fridge?

The glass bottle are good quality but “fresh” juice usually has a limited shelf life. I cannot speak to how long term any perishable liquid would keep. My purpose was to replace plastic bottles used for keeping water used in home and the office with glass that could be washed easily with no residue left behind.

are these colored bottles or clear?

These bottles are clear. The depictions show bottles with colored juices in them. I hope it helps!


The bottles are excellent for storing juice.

These bottles are fantastic and easy to store freshly juiced juice

These bottles are fantastic and easy to store freshly juiced juice.…

Juice bottles

These bottles have been great for juicing.…They don't leak and they keep the juice fresh!

can you wash lids in dishwasher with bottles?

I don’t see why not. Honestly, I use my bottles to prep juices for the week, and just wash each one as used. They come with a little wired scrubby brush, so you can get down on them to scrub. A very good value.

Great for juicing

Great product

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Perfect for juicing/smoothies

I love, love, love, love, love these! Sooooooooo convenient, easy to clean, easy to store, can transport without spills.

Great bottles for juicing.

Love my bottles, easy to both refrigerate and freeze my juice in for the weeks I don’t have time to juice every day and the wide openings make them easy not to only drink out of but to clean. I would recommend them for anyone who enjoys juicing.

Perfect for juices

Excellent and practical jars. Seem to be well made and good quality.

How long does juice stay fresh in these?

It depends on if your talking about fresh squeezed juice or apple juice from another bottle. Fresh squeezed juice can stay fresh for 3-5 days in these jars.

Love the glass bottles. Does these come in plastic? Would love both glass and plastic. Perfect size.

Hi there! We don’t carry these in plastic. Glass is the ideal jar for juices, smoothies & waters for many reasons. Thanks for the feedback and suggestion :)

Holds lots of Juice

Love these for our juices.…

Perfect for Water Refills and Juice

Love these!

Great for juice

Easy to fill. Easy to clean.

Will the glass break in the freezer?

I’m not sure just got these he other day and have only used them for cold juice . Sorry I don’t have a better answer . I love them though

can I use these to torage breast milk?

Hi there, these glasses are excellent, easy to clean, high quality, etc., etc. I ordered these twice because I liked them so much. However, if I were storing breast milk, I would probably store them in sterilized glass canning jars in the fridge. Just saying! I use these glasses to store juice, tea, flavored water, etc.

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JUice bottles

These are superior bottles. Very thick and the lids seal completely. I would recommend purchasing a bottle brush to clean them.

Thick glass and tight lids

These will be amazing for fresh juices my wife will be making to help with our nutrient intake.…

Perfect for my veggie juices

High quality glass bottles and excellent screw down caps w/silicone seals and padded insulated bags for each bottle make this set of six an excellent value.

Perfect for kickstart my juicing diet plan.

Perfect for kickstart my juicing diet plan.…

Good seal

Perfect for homemade juice.…

Best bottles for juicing

Items are perfect for juicing and the sleeves keep them safe from breaking all day.…

Awesome Bottles and Great Value!

…I use them for my juices, so the neoprene sleeves that come with them are wonderful for keeping the juice cold and i like that the sleeve has a handle on it.…

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Great for juicing

I was using mason jars but these work much better. Not as large in diameter and take up less space.

Five Stars

perfect for juicing or water

Five Stars

Great for juicing containers.

Great value

I absolutely love these bottles for juicing, they are big enough, what I love is that you get 12 and you also get the protectors, so it is a great value for your money, if you are into juicing I would definitely recommend this product.

Love them

I love this bottles keep my juices cool fresh I highly recommend them

Awesome glass bottles for your active lifestyle!!!

Great deal for some great glass bottles for juice, smoothies, coffee and tea!…

Great for juicing

Love them

Great for juice and iced tea!

These bottles are exactly what I was looking for in order to prepare a juice fast.…I bought the 12 bottles so I was able to do two entire days of juice and keep it refrigerated. I included a picture of one day’s juices and can say that it was extremely convenient.…I did buy a funnel because it’s not easy to put the juice into the bottles, but that was a quick, easy, and inexpensive fix.... I would recommend something with a wider mouth for that, but for plain water, juice, or iced tea, these are great!…

Good product for the price, kids cheaper than I had hoped.

These were great for my juicing phase!…

Great bottles!

I ordered these bottles to use for juice from our new juicer.…

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excellent purchase

Excellent for juicing or just taking iced tea to go

There the perfect size for the fridge.

Juice and all taste good from the glass.

Love it!

These are perfect for juicing! Keeps juice fresh and glass bottle is easy to hold!…

can you drink right from the bottle?

Yes you can! They are the absolute best! I have been using mine for months now for water and or juicing!

Great bottles

Great bottles perfect for juices , easy to clean.…

Very well made glass reusable bottle with sleeve.

Perfect size and useful for storing my homemade juice for breakfast.…

Love them

…It’s december my husband is still juicing and loving these bottles. They can be daunting to clean bc I just don’t want to do it but he loves his juice and doesn’t drink caffeine anymore. …They are great for juicing and taking your drinks on the go.…I can make 4-5 bottles from one pitcher of pure juice.

Durable for glass

Love the glass bottles and covers, easy to fill up juice or apple cider vinegar drinks and take on the go.…

Excellent bottles to use for Juice without any plastic taste.

My husband wanted to use glass bottles instead of the plastic ones he had been using. I found yours and thought that the size with the wide opening at the top so it is easy to pour drinks in the bottle would be perfect. Since he has started using them he has been very happy. There is no plastic taste and the bottles are the perfect size. We received the bottles the next day after ordering them and they were in perfect condition because of the excellent packing that you used.…


Perfect for juicing