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These were the perfect petite dessert cups! It made the dessert table look so modern and classy.…

10 others also recommend for desserts

Perfect size for mini desserts - baby shower looked amazing!…

10 others also recommend for desserts

I like this product i use it make chocolate brownie shooter with rasberry cooliee and white chocolate cheese cake filling.Top with brownie peices and fresh rasberry.

10 others also recommend for desserts

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Sturdy, quality product

Great for small desserts. Guests loved the individual desserts.

Perfect size for kids desserts

My 2nd time ordering these dessert cups. Perfect for bridal showers desserts!!

Love these dessert cups

I recently made S'Mores Pudding Shooters (with vodka!) for a Fourth of July party and these were the perfect size. The matching spoons are so cute. These are sturdy and look great. I am ordering more.

i need some boxes with insert holders for theese glass desserts, can you send me a link for boxes with insert holders

We are very sorry, we don't offer such a product and we couldn't find anyone selling what you are looking for. If you are looking for a solution to transport them, we recommend using a cardboard box and placing the DLux dessert cups stacked tightly one next to the other. This works for pretty much all the DLux Dessert cups products including this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/B078WKXRF1

are the spoons clear or silver plastic?

The spoons are a clear plastic which matches the dessert cups.

Disposable Dessert Cups

I made chocolate mousse parfaits for my daughter's baby shower. They were adorable and a hit with everyone at the shower. The cups were a perfect size for a small portions, and the spoons were also the perfect size for the cups.

Great cups for mini desserts

Used these for mini parfaits at my wedding reception. Good quality and perfect for what I needed!

Perfect Dessert glasses

Great alternative to glass shot glasses

Good product

Dessert cups were great for my dessert table

Fancy dessert containets

I plan to use for pudding and jello desserts and they will be perfect!

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Dessert Shooters

Perfect for little dessert shooters!

Works great for mini desserts

Worked perfect for what we needed at a baby shower

Beautiful little dessert cups

Great little cup for pretty desserts.

Is this the best size for a french toast stick with syrup at bottom, think they'll tip over?

Good question! I used them for parfait desserts, but I don't Dr why you can't use them for French toast sticks. They're pretty sturdy, I don't think they would tip over.

Great quality

Perfect for dessert

Five Stars

The size and durability worked perfectly with my desserts. It complimented my dessert table very well.

Great Size

Perfect dessert cup size.

So cute!

Perfect for mouse dessert

Five Stars

perfect size for assorted mini desserts

my son's baby shower

they were great size for my dessert

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These were the perfect petite dessert cups! It made the dessert table look so modern and classy.…

Great quality for the money and also assorted sizes are convenient for multiple desserts.

Perfect sizes for parties

Elegant disposable dessert cups

Love how it is well packaged with bubble wrap. It is big enough so you dont only get two bites.

Perfect pack

…You get 2 different styles, which is great for presentation to help break up the desserts. Price was very good the number of dessert cups you get. Can't go wrong with the standard square and circle options for desserts.

They need a lid

My dessert shooters look Amazing

So Fun!

This mini shooters were perfect for my dessert bar. My friends loved the desserts.…

Perfect Small bite dessert cups

Just what I expected, packaged well and much less expensive than buying them at the local restaurant supply store or craft store.

Great sturdy cups. They looked great on the dessert table


Perfect Size for Mini Desserts

Just what was needed for mini luncheon desserts.…


Used for dessert table.…

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Fancy desserts!

Perfect size for mini desserts - baby shower looked amazing!…

Dessert shots

Good size for dessert shots

Great for mini trifle desserts

These dessert cups are very nice.…

Does this set come with kids, spoons and the cups? I see differing reviews and answers.

Thank you for your inquiry. The 3.5 oz mini dessert cup comes with lids and spoons.

i like this cups for desserts

…I really like it and it makes my dessert look so pretty.…

Perfect for dessert shooters

Love the size for smaller individual desserts that look so fancy.…

Cute and durable mini desserts!

These are great sized mini dessert cups for any party and very durable.…Guests love them for dessert stations since they can sample many other desserts as well and not feel wasteful.

Great service and quick response.

Have used these before for dessert at bridal shower and they served me well. Will use them again for a rehearsal dinner dessert.

Five Stars

worked beautiful for the special desserts!

Five Stars

Great for mini dessert presentation

See what customers said about desserts

It good to different kind of dessert.

I like this product i use it make chocolate brownie shooter with rasberry cooliee and white chocolate cheese cake filling.Top with brownie peices and fresh rasberry.

These are wonderful for presentation of desserts

…Beautiful presentation for desserts

Five Stars

These were perfect for my dessert shooters. The perfect size for a min dessert.

How many in a pack?

25, they're great dessert cups

The quality

I ordered the Zappy Mini Dessert Appetizer Cup to use for banana pudding , and this was so perfect.…

Loved make the dessert in these!

These are great!!!

worked great for the dessert buffet!

loved the little elegant cups!

Five Stars

These are great dessert cups.…

I like to entertain friends and family and using these mini ...

I like to entertain friends and family and using these mini size desserts helps take away the stress of cutting and serving full size desserts.

Great for dessert shooters!

…They were perfect for our “mini-dessert” buffet.

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perfect dessert size

perfect size for dessert and looks professional

Great deal

Perfect size for this mini desserts and love the small spoons that come with it

Five Stars

Just right for dessert tastings so cute with the spoons

Perfect for desserts!

Used it for many parties. Great presentation!

Love it

Great to use for dessert!!!

Mini dessert cups

I really like these mini dessert cups they are sturdy and exactly what I needed.…

Five Stars

Perfect for desserts.…

Exactly as Pictured

Perfect dessert cups with spoons

Nice presentation

When I make desserts for weddings, rehearsal parties, anniversary parties, birthdays, etc, I use the 3 ounce size shooters for assorted parfait style desserts and everyone loves them.

Great for parties

These disposable shooters are perfect for my mini desserts and for egg nog.…

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