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Flies beautifully in the house and causes no damage when it hits anything as it is made of foam. Great price too!

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These planes were fun and easy to fly. The preschoolers had a little trouble throwing them but quickly discovered that they could throw from the top of a slide for more height. The adults love them , too.

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Kids love it

Kids love them

My kids love these.…

Kids love it

This is a great toy for all kids.…

Are little kids will get it fly easily ?

Yes, actually children are very talented at playing toys. My little son got the throwing skills very quickly after getting the plane.

The kids love them!

gifts for a couple of boys and they love them. They real look great as the sun is going down and they get the last couple of flights in for the day.

Great gift to kids

I gave this as a gift to my niece who was around 5 years old. He really enjoyed playing with it. The slingshot plane was light weighted and easy to play with. I would recommend it to anyone.

Kids will love them! Light up

I purchased these planes the other day. I just purchased another 4 more. They are cool! They light up. Highly Recommend Judy M.

Great fun sequined items

Used these for favors at a birthday party and the kids loved them!

Fun for the kids. Good value

Fun product for the kids.…

Kids loved it!

Purchased for my nieces, they loved playing with the kitty ear bands and bows.

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Kids loved it

Flies beautifully in the house and causes no damage when it hits anything as it is made of foam. Great price too!

Lots of fun for the kids

A great gift for my 6yr old. Has had lots of fun flying it. Well made and good customer service from the company.

Great non-electronic toy for kids

Received the gliders yesterday, my son started playing with them this afternoon. So far so good. Arrived on time and seem sturdy. Was happy they had enough give so a child could put the wings through the body without snapping. Cheap enough if they survive the weekend it’s still a good value

My kids really enjoy them!

My boys loved these !! Easy to put together and they just have a great time playing with them.

Easy for little kids to use

These are very durable, and great for little kids to use.…

Buy these!

…My kids love them and they last for a long time.…

Fun for kids, adults and dogs.

Get everyone out of the house do some flying gliders,it was fun when I was a kid and it still is, These survive bad landings,tree strikes and dog retrievals, hold up much better then balsa wood planes.

Decent glider

…Kids had a lot of fun with it.

Hours of Simple Playtime Fun

…And I'm always trying to come up with entertaining things that will keep 4 kids busy but not break the bank.…They were easy to put together and a lot heavier then those old foam planes we had as kids.…I would recommend these very simple airplanes and let the kids come up with some of their own entertainment with them.Hou

Great gliders!

…Much better materials than the ones I had as a kid.…

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Kid fun

My kids love these planes.…

This plane does Loops

My kids loved this plane and it does loops

fun gliders

…They are so fun to play with. my nephew was non stop on playing these gliders. keeps the kids entertain and excited. the size are big enough for young kids. gliders are very light in weigh which are made out of foam that have been coated smoothly finished. with colors that are so lively. it is easy to assemble and play.

Can little child play it fly easily?

I got the ones without the sling shots for my 4 and 6 year old grand kids they had a ball with them,

Would buy again

…Well made, fun colors and entertains the kids.

Worth the price

Super easy to assemble and very sturdy, to be honest I brought it for the kids but I think I am the most excited one to play with it.…

Worth the price

Good for kids my kid likes it and it's easy to fix and it's not plastic I think it's made out of regi form fiber

Great Gliders

The kids had a great time slinging them off our deck, a few landed on the roof, but that;s a tribute to the products gliding ability.

One plane broke in the first 15 minutes of using it, but the seller sent us a replacement.

…I have bought the kids many planes in my day because like kids planes a lot.…

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Great birthday return gift

All the kids loved it.

Good product

Good for the price kids had fun

Kids loved them

Perfect for my 6 year olds goody bags

Good product

My kids love this planes

Great party favors

…The kids love them!…The kids were playing with them for hours and never had any issues with breaking or falling apart.

Good value

These were a hit with kids at my sons birthday party.…

Not your ordinary ‘Paper Airplane’

…The kids found it reall easy to assemble.…Overall, the kids seem to enjoy playing with these planes.

Kids loved them

I got these for my summer camp kids, aged 4-12.…

Awesome decorations and toys!

…The kids and adults played with them!…

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Fun for kids and adults

These planes were fun and easy to fly. The preschoolers had a little trouble throwing them but quickly discovered that they could throw from the top of a slide for more height. The adults love them , too.

Great for kids

Good quality

Get your kids outside!

These were for a young boy who has spent many hours outdoors with them. Well worth the money.

If little kids will get it fly easily?

Yes,actually children are gifted at playing toys.my little nephew get the throwing skill soon after geting this airplane gift,and they are foam maded,security for kids.

Can these be flown safely in the house?

Dear valued customer, It can be flown in the house, since the material of the airplane is EPP foam, it will not damage your furniture, also will not harm your kids. But i thought the space of the house will be little for kids to play, since it will fly far and high, if your kids get the skill to fly it. Anyway, this airplane can be flown in door or outdoor. Hope this helps. And all our BooTaa toys come with 1 year warranty, any problem met within 1 year, please just feel free to contact us via amazon message system. Best regards. BooTaa customer service www.amazon.com/bootaa

Great for the kids

Very nice

Great for the kids

Awsome plane

Great for kids

These things are nearly indestructible. They fly very well, too. My 5 year old spends literally hours flying them around the yard. He's not quite strong enough to do a full loop-de-loop, but he really enjoys trying. Highly recommended.…

In what way is this “eco-friendly”?

the description says "eco-friendly material" and i think they are implying that it's not made from a bunch of BPA plastic however it's probably not compostable. with that said, i've found that its a great gift for kids (i've been buying them for 6 year old birthdays). it needs no batteries and encourages outdoor play.

Keep your kids happy

Great item for the money, fly's like a dream